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Webinar Transforming the Chat Customer Experience for Online Sales Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC1 SpeakersKim Keating VP Client Services SPOT Consulting.

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1 Webinar Transforming the Chat Customer Experience for Online Sales Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC1 SpeakersKim Keating VP Client Services SPOT Consulting LLC 512-422-2259 Emily Millar VP Client Relationship Management TELUS International 425-378-1115

2 Executive Summary Chat channel is still immature, but growing – Sales chat is not widely available – Performance varies widely throughout industries – Overall performance scores are similar Customer Experience (CE) based on three major criteria – Agent Knowledge and Abilities – Customer-Facing Chat Features – Agent Writing Skills 2Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC

3 Webinar Objectives and Research Methodology Webinar Objectives – Showcase insights into sales chat research – Provide a qualitative assessment framework Research Methodology – Assembled subject matter experts in the fields of contact center excellence, editorial, marketing and communications – Conduct 80 chat sessions with sales agents – Reviewed 150 chat transcript Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC3

4 4 Why this is important… Disappointing Responses Customer: Are you still there? Agent: I apologize for any delay on my responses as I may be engaged in multiple chat sessions with different customers at a time. Platform Failures Customer Experience: First chat session failed, because the chat initiation page froze and the session never loaded. Tried reaching a sales agent repeatedly over 24 hours, but chat option didn’t function and was removed from the site. Flawed Writing Approaches Agent typed 24 emoticons, lols and exclamation marks in 20 short responses during a single chat session.

5 Agent Skills Agent’s knowledge and abilities are critical to solving customer issues quickly For assessment purposes, six variables were evaluated 1. Average Response Time (ART) 2. Expectation setting 3. Accuracy of responses 4. Direct objective responses 5. Conversation flow 6. Patience 5Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC

6 Agent Knowledge and Abilities Examples 6 Direct, accurate written responses are essential for rapid-fire chat interactions – Canned responses should be well-written and informative Customer: do you guys finance? Retailer: Our Platinum Account is a revolving line of credit that gives customers the flexibility to make monthly payments or pay for their purchase all at once. Your first statement will come in the mail about 30-45 days after the order is shipped. Is this something you would be interested in? – Pricing accuracy and knowledge of corporate website is critical Customer: What's the price? Retailer: 322 Customer: You just sent me a URL that says: Customer: Retail: $235 USD Upgrade: $176 USD Customer: What is 322 all about? Retailer: Click here please Retailer: great question, I am not sure about this. SorryClick here please Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC

7 Customer-Facing Chat Features Chat features are critical to enabling customer and agent interactions For benchmarking purposes, nine variables were evaluated 1. Hours of operation 2. Chat transcripts obtainable 3. Typing notification 4. Queue position 5. Wait time 6. Entitlement process 7. Encryption of sensitive information 8. Added features 9. System availability 7Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC

8 Example of Data Security Excerpt from Chat Transcript Retailer: Thank you for your question! For your security, some numbers submitted during this chat session will be visible only to me. Customer: I’d like to make sure the numbers I enter are secure and masked. I’ll enter my phone number now. ###-###-###9. Do you see my number? Retailer: Yes, I do. Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC8 Securing private data is important: 1.Lead with security messaging in opening welcome statement 2.Ensure customers see their private information being masked Numbers were immediately masked while being typed in chat window.

9 Agent Writing Skills Strong writing skills are critical to conveying an accurate message and upholding the company brand For benchmarking purposes, five variables were evaluated 1. Brevity and staying on point 2. Grammar, spelling and sentence structure 3. Voice and tone 4. Terminology 5. Personalization 9Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC

10 Agent Writing Skills Examples Most online readers scan to find information – Good grammar facilitates quick reading and sets a professional tone Agent: Thank you for your patience, Lanie. I would be happy to send you the link to the petite size 8 pants in black and brown. Will this be okay? – Lack of capitalization and punctuation slows reading and causes confusion Customer: Where can I find the differences in the new Intel Core processors written down? Agent: we do not have any specification on that we have done the research on it the best will be the i7 but if you want to know more in detail about it you may call the tech team for it 10Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC

11 Chat Maturity Model Example Criteria Rank ◊ Target  1 Extremely Poor 2 Poor 3 Meets Standards 4 Above Average 5 Best Practice Agent Knowledge and Abilities Average Response Time (ART)23◊  Expectation setting33  Accuracy of responses25◊  Direct objective responses35◊  Conversation flow24◊  Patience33  Agent Writing Skills Brevity and staying on point35◊  Grammar, spelling & sentence structure14◊  Voice and tone24◊  Terminology34◊  Personalization33  Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC11 High ImpactMedium ImpactLow Impact On Target

12 TELUS Insights Chat is an important channel for TELUS – Cost and revenue advantages for our customers – Top performing programs within our contact center operations TELUS investing on behalf of our clients – Industry not rich in channel business intelligence – Study orientation was ‘actionable data’ – Next step is quantitative analysis to validate assessment Quantitative analysis – Focus on agent skills – Completed internal benchmarking analysis on 150 chats for a blue chip client – Queues with highest agent skills also delivered highest contribution margin, total revenue and total contract value per interaction Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC12

13 Thank You for Attending Need assistance or have questions? – Contact Kim at or – Contact Emily at or Confidential, © SPOT Consulting LLC13

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