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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Feedlot Program.

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1 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Feedlot Program

2 Jim Sullivan Project Leader 651-296-8632 Environmental Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion

3 l Overview of Digestion l Energy Balance and Distribution l Reduction of Fossil Fuels and Greenhouse Emissions l Improved Waste Management l Odor Reduction l Reduction of Weeds and Disease l Financial Benefits

4 Digestion Overview Pretty much know it by now…...

5 Energy Balance and Distribution Consumes less energy per delivered unit of electricity Transmission loss of electricity is significantly reduced (conventional loss is 7%).

6 Fossil Fuels and Greenhouse Gas l CO 2 produced from AD is from “short cycle” carbon. l AD contains methane emissions l Use of digestate as a contribution to fertiliser offsets fossil fuel consumption in the production of synthetic fertiliser. l Decreased synthetic fertilizer use also reduces N 2 O emissions

7 Improved Waste Management l Waste easier to manage l Reduction in BOD l Reduction in VFA (Important for Swine Waste) l Reduced handling cost - solids separated and sold/used (“fibre” replaces strategic peat reserves) l “Better” Crop Response

8 Odor Reduction l Up to 80% reduction in odor based on data from various sources l Beats litigation! (Retainers on this issue vary between $10K and $50K)

9 Weeds and Seeds l Partial to complete destruction of weed seeds and various disease l Need to be careful with digester inputs (i.e. no antibiotics or other chemicals)

10 Financial Benefits l Byproducts –Liquids (crop response) –“Fibre” (Solids) l Electricity –depending on Co-op - may be able to sell power l Thermal Recovery –Offset heating costs

11 Regulatory Benefits l Considered a mitigation measure under the environmental review process l NPDES Permits - Case by Case Basis (General v. Individual)

12 Conclusions l Substantial and quantifiable environmental benefits are achievable with AD l Design and Construction Costs can be offset by benefits with the right system l Still an emerging technology despite nearly 50 years of experience l Public Perception is a major benefit!

13 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Control Agency 1-800-657-3864

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