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Noor Aftab - Co-Founder & Finance Director. Meet The Woman! Who is a Woman?It’s a Woman who… 2 “Mother” God’s greatest gift:“Mother” “Sister ” No blessing.

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1 Noor Aftab - Co-Founder & Finance Director

2 Meet The Woman! Who is a Woman?It’s a Woman who… 2 “Mother” God’s greatest gift:“Mother” “Sister ” No blessing like her : “Sister ” “Wife ” Greatest Support : “Wife ” “Daughter ” Greatest Joy : “Daughter ” “ The Home Maker” “ The Educationist” “ The Social Worker” “ The Business Leader” “Noble” Made a profession “Noble” “Revolution” Led a “Revolution” “Industry” Pioneered an “Industry” Led from the front “Indra Nooyi” Invented Fashion “Coco Chanel” Defined Elegance “Audrey Hepburn”

3 Women Power World Over! 3 Only 57 million more men than women A surplus of men mainly characterizes the world’s most populous countries – China and India – hence the surplus. In most other countries, there are more women than men. 14 Million daily viewers Airing: 140 countries Net Worth : US$2.4 Bln Richest Black person on the planet! Started business to provide for herself & daughters Sold business for £ 625 Million Over 700 branches Over 77 Million customers Changed lives of women across USA Businesses: merchandizing, publishing & broadcasting Net Worth : US$1 Bln Those who Got It made It! How helping women, helps your business---- Since 1970 Women have held two out of every three new jobs created. — Financial Times, October 3, 2006

4 The Girl Dividend! Mukhtar Mai 4

5 Pakistan’s Case Women Market Potential 5 Total Population of Pakistan (Million) 158.17 MaleFemale Population (Million)80.82 (51.10%) 77.53 (48.90%) Labor Force (%)40.42%10.07% Literacy Rate (%)67.00%42.00% Labor Force Participation Rate (“RAR”) 69.20%18.04% Idle Population29.70%85.90% INSTITUTIONMALEFEMALE First Microfinance Bank88.0%12.0% Khushali Bank65.0%35.0% Agha Khan Rural Support Program91.0% 9.0% National Rural Support Program80.0%20.0% Punjab Rural Support Program77.0%23.0% Bank of Khyber90.4% 9.6% Orangi Pilot Project91.7% 8.3% Sind Agricultural and Forestry Workers’ Coordination Organization 52.3%41.7% SHAHINA AFTAB FOUNDATION (SAF) 5.0%95%

6 Women have dramatically less access to the financial sector, with the exception of formal borrowing. There are fewer women with access to Banking services (5.5 percent vs. 21.1 percent men), Money transfers (1.4 percent vs. 3.3 percent men) INSURANCE (0.6 percent vs. 0.21 percent men) 6 Source: World Bank Report, Access to Finance, 2009 A Snapshot of Pakistan! Women Market Potential Share of women in employment is only 17% : Only 8% of Urban Pakistan 17% employed from rural Pakistan 67.4% women in agricultural business 15.8% involved in services.

7 Microfinance Services in Pakistan! 40% p.a. growth in Microfinance Sector Yet microfinance access extends to only 1.7 Mln out of an adult population of about 80 Mln or only 2% penetration. 7 Source: World Bank Report, Access to Finance, 2009 Microfinance in Pakistan represents a low 0.2 percent of total financial assets, though formal markets growth is second fastest in South Asia (after Afghanistan). The formal microfinance sector reaches less than 2 percent of the poor, as opposed to over a quarter in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. The informal sector can be competitive, and has good lessons to offer to its formal counterpart. There is still considerable room for growth of microfinance in Pakistan the estimated potential market size is in the range of 10-20 million active borrowers, and some estimates place the number as high as 35 million. Women are a poorly explored clientele with tremendous potential. While microfinance policy and services have focused on credit, there is a considerable potential for other products, especially savings.

8 Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) Community DevelopmentMicro-finance Primary Schools Community Centers Dispensaries Health centers Mobile Units Skills Training Vocational Training Centers Business Loans Social Loans House Loans Health Loans Program development for Donors/Investors/Corporates Business Advisory to Micro- enterprises Industry Linkages Market Research Marketing of Products

9 Pioneering in Financial Services by: Participating in international conference and events--- Pakistan’s success story for women empowerment, economic development & financial innovation Formed the Women Economic Council to promote women leadership. First linkage in the world to harness the power of social media as facebook and twitter to attract customers and increase its outreach to partners, donors and women at large. 9 Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) Breaking New Grounds-State of the Art Linkages! Industry Connections-Understanding the importance of industry partnerships SAF is on its way to partnering with : Micro Finance Institutions Non Banking Financial Institutions Chambers of commerce Development Agencies International Financial Institutions

10 SAF Experiences ILO-IPIC Project  Financed women micro- borrowers in 162 villages  830 new micro-business units,  Skilled training: 1,594 rural women  Disbursements: Rs. 30.78 Mln  100% recovery rate  ROI: 10%  5,842 children weaned out from child labour and educated through non-formal educational centres of which 80% are females Asian Banking Award Runners-up Award FWBL/ILO-IPEC Micro Credit Programme. June 17, 2005 Global Micro Entrepreneur Award ( ( Nasim Bibi) of FWBL/ILO-IPEC Carpet Project. December 31, 2005 Citi PPAF Micro-Entrepreneurship Award 2008 Ms. Kubra Asghar received two awards from the Government of Pakistan.

11 SAF Experiences Jafakash Aurat  Financing to : Women borrowers in 102 villages  Employment created for : 13,398 (90% women)  Skilled training to : 2,230 rural women  Total Credit Disbursement : Rs 58.47 Million to 5,395 Women  100% recovery rate

12 Key Issues and Solutions Transition from Micro to SMEs  Linkages for A2F  Credit Management  Industry Linkages  Financial & Business Advice  Micro Insurance  Product Marketing  Legal & Regulatory Advice  Tax Consultancy

13 How to Make it Happen  Enabling Regulations and Policy Making  Stakeholder Engagement  Stay away from owning an MFI; distinction from public sector social services  Credit Bureaus for Micro & SME Borrowers  Encourage and enable pooling of funds from donors, investors and corporates through regulations  Partner with NGOs/ MFI that offer holistic solutions  Understand and bear credit risk; credit guarantee facilities  Focus on development impact; MF is more passion than returns  Allocate CSR budget to create “lasting change” for own businesses and communities  Research, Research and Research by Academia  Media Coverage of MF sector to ensure impact along with transparency and accountability. MF Awards? Celebrity Endoresements?  MF Training Institutes; it’s a critical mass game! Transition from Micro to SMEs

14 Media Coverage & Testimonials Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) MEDIA LINKS BBC’s article: Aug 26, 2010: Pakistan Floods: the worst is yet to come: REPRODUCED BY USA Today: Forbes Newsvine: Curtin University: ‘Banking on Social Change’ ACCA Pakistan: ‘An Exclusive Interview with Noor Aftab’

15 Get Involved 1) Fund community development projects ( Ranges: US $18,000- US$50,000) 2) Fund Micro-financing projects ( Ranges: US $18,000- US$500,000) 3) Get your global replication Contact us for turn-key solutions

16 SAF Micro-finance Advisory & Expert Groups DatesTopicOrganizer June, 2010; Islamabad Climate Change & Micro-financeCommon Wealth Nov, 2010; Dubai Trends worth trillions: Investing in WomenAbraaj: Celebration of Entrepreneurship Dec, 2010; Hong Kong Gender Based Micro-financingC5’s Micro Investment Summit May, 2011; Turkey Growing Micro-enterprises into mainstream economy Global Women Summit May, 2011; New York Impact of Political Risk in Micro-financeAmerican Conference Institute July, 2011; Geneva Future of MicrofinanceC5’s Micro finance Summit July, 2011; Geneva Judging for Microfinance AwardsC5’s Micro finance Summit

17 Contact Information Email Address: Mailing Address: 209, Golden Heights, F-11/1, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan Phone: +92 (0) 51 221 2985 +92 (0) 321 5159988

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