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2 Introducing SammaaN Health Services
SammaaN Foundation established in 2007 works to systematize the working of Rickshaw pullers by bringing them under one roof and modernize the sector with small, innovative and meaningful changes helping the rickshaw puller to increase their earnings. Area of Activities : Training & Development Livelihood Health Services ''SammaaN Foundation"

3 Mission: Our efforts revolve around an indispensable guiding light. It underlines our motive as a social enterprise and serves as a benchmark for assessing our approach and actions. Our mission is to: Empower the downtrodden Create income opportunities for the unskilled Vision: This is the framework of our mission and describes what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving the desired change for different stakeholders. People: Be an amazing place to work where people are self motivated to pull out the best of them. ''SammaaN Foundation"

4 Rickshaw pullers Industry Scenario:
More than 10 million Rickshaws are in operation, 1% of India’s population Everyone is feeding a family of at least five members. 5% of India’s total population (Including dependents) Contributes 30% in Urban Transport Most of them are seasonal migrants. Issues: Rickshaw the last means of livelihood and hence migratory. Not by choice. With financial exclusion these subsidies are pronounced No education and little skills Lack of participation in public processes They are surviving on bare minimum resources. ''SammaaN Foundation"

5 Roles & Needs Stakeholders Roles Needs
. Stakeholders Roles Needs Rickshaw Operators and their family Driving force Participation in Decision making -New design development -Area of operation Dignified life Social Security Financial security Hygienic and nutritious food Opportunities to develop Society /Community Acceptance of operators and new model of rickshaws Creating space for operators in the society Safer and comfortable medium of local transport Value for money Supply chain that can provide services at their doorsteps. Government Acts and regulations Affecting socio-political environment Competent & responsible citizen Active participation of rickshaw pullers community in development activities Business Partners (Advertisers, insurance companies, banks etc.) Acceptance of the medium Active participation – in developing the business model Joint decision making Medium to reach bottom of the pyramid Low cost medium of communication Direct Participation in the social cause or society development ''SammaaN Foundation"

6 Beginning of a New Relationship
Experiment with Work Model Invitation SammaaN “karyakarta” mobilizes & approaches the rickshaw pullers By organizing community gathering Meeting at their shelters or place they live Talks & share about SammaaN model and offers them our benefits SammaaN invites their opinion and assist as one of their own Inclusion Interested operators are invited at our center at specified time Methodologies are explained in details We educate them the importance of being a member of SammaaN family We as an agency try to bridge the gaps between the Rickshaw pullers, Bankers, Government bodies & Corporates Beginning of a New Relationship ''SammaaN Foundation"

7 How we do it After identification of the beneficiaries we engage in identifying various financing opportunities like: Leverage Government policies which provide support to our model Leverage Banking facilities Direct intervention Accordingly we initiate and engage Rickshaw pullers with Bankers in getting Bank loan for the Rickshaw Our Banking Partners: ''SammaaN Foundation"

8 Managing the Repayment
How we do it The Process Rickshaws are parked at SammaaN rickshaw Yards managed by Yard manager Maintenance of Rickshaw is taken care of at the Yard, where we hire Yard Mechanic Log Book Maintenance The process begins with daily log book entry at the SammaaN yard The log book records the IN time & OUT time of the Rickshaw pullers It also records the consumption of inventory of goods which are carried by the rickshaw puller daily and is put up for a weekly review to the panel Managing the Repayment Our Separate team mobilizes in the installment collection process They educate them the importance of EMI payment by which only they can own the rickshaw We assist banks in all possible ways in managing the repayment ''SammaaN Foundation"

9 How we do it Inspiring Be a owner of his own rickshaw
SammaaN provides : Uniform, an identity card, Shoes ,First Aid Kit It make them more presentable and learns to carry their pride SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Traffic Sense Customer Service Orientation Minor Repairs & Minor First Aid Adding Value Beyond Financial Capabilities ''SammaaN Foundation"

10 How we do it Earn more through value addition strategies like
Turning Rickshaws into mobile advertising medium and marketing vehicles promises new earning avenues Offering services like mobile recharge, newspaper or water to quench thirst builds loyalty from passengers Committed Advertising, selling and Distribution contracts from etc. ''SammaaN Foundation"

11 How we do it Impact Additional savings by sharing the income from value added activities Providing free insurance and other medical care facilities Health and Hygiene: Special arrangement with Local Doctors Saving Habits : ‘Initiating & Inculcating small savings’ Education : Introducing ‘SammaaN Gyan’ ''SammaaN Foundation"

''SammaaN Foundation"

13 Experiment with Rickshaws
SammaaN Research team in Co-ordination with the Marketing team works for expansive Rickshaw variety Our Marketing team travel across different geographies to study The types of Roads which vary from place to place Popular transport model of the area Requirement of spaces in the Rickshaw according to the commuters luggage Design and weight of the Rickshaws as per the Indian passenger nature Then the Research cum Technical team, design the customized Rickshaws accordingly We then roll out few models of the same for a pilot and monitor the responses of the rickshaw pullers as well as the commuters We attempt to create beautiful things which pleases the commuters as well as operators ''SammaaN Foundation"

14 Battery operated Rickshaw
SammaaN Rickshaw Battery operated Rickshaw ''SammaaN Foundation"

15 Experiment with Value Creation
We works for the community for value creation which are intangibles SammaaN organizes “SammaaN Sabha” for the Rickshaw pullers and their families We educate them and invites local MLA’s and other government official for open discussion People get chance to raise their queries and have clarity of thoughts This helps them in instilling new confidence SammaaN Sabha ''SammaaN Foundation"

16 SammaaN Milestones 2013 – SammaaN’s founder & Chairman selected as Mason MPA Candidate Class 2014 at HARVARD Kennedy School, HARVARD University 2013 – SammaaN achieved 5 Lakh registered Rickshaw pullers across India 2013 – 25 battery-operated rickshaws hit the roads of Greater Noida on the 26th January 2013 in association with Greater Noida Development Authority 2013 – Diversified its health services by entering in an agreement with NAS under NRHM for Advance Life Support Ambulances in Bihar 2012 – Vertical Diversification by incorporating health services and running Mobile Medical unit in various cities 2011 – Ashoka Fellowship USA 2011 – FORD Motor International Fellowship 2011 – Part of small delegation whom US President Obama meet during his India Visit to exchange views on Indo-US relation and business 2010 – CNN IBN Young Indian Leader Award 2010 – Invited for Presidential Summit scheduled on April 26 – 27, 2010 at Washington by the US President Barack Obama 2010 – Winner Business World “Most Promising Entrepreneur Award” 2010 – Case shared with Harvard Business School USA 2010 – Case shared with Stanford University USA 2009 – Winner USIBC Award Washington, USA 2009 – Founder has been selected for “TED Fellowship, U.S.A 2009” 2009 – Founder has been selected for ”Asia Pacific Future 100 – Asia’s Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs and Social Change makers by FYSE, Beijing China” ''SammaaN Foundation"

17 Continue>> 2009 – Featured in the famous CNBC show “Young Turks Innovators” 2009 – Founder has been selected among 40 Youth icons of India by India Today 2009 – Founder has been selected among 24 youth icons of India by India Today Aspire 2009 – Featured in “The Guardian, London” 2008 – Appeared in “The Economist” dated 20th Dec. 2008 2008 – Finalist for TATA NEN “Hottest Startups Awards” 2008 – Prabhat Khabar has listed founder among 12 youth icons and featured in their annual calendar 2007 – Winner World Bank Innovation Award 2007 – Project has been supported by American India Foundation, U.S.A 2007 – Project has been supported by Friends for Women World Banking , Ahmedabad under LEAD program. 2007 – Times of India has listed founder among “India’s Best 30 youths”. 2007 – Nomination for Tech Museum Award in Economic Development category promoted by Applied Materials Inc., U.S.A, World Bank Institute, Microsoft, Santa Clara University, California U.S.A, Accenture etc. 2007 – Finalist Change Looms Award for Social Entrepreneurs promoted by Ashoka: Innovators for the public, U.S.A and Sir Ratan Tata Trust 2006 – Project has been selected Winner ZEE T.V reality show “Business Baazigar” (First ever Entrepreneur Hunt). 2006 – Case shared with students at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad ''SammaaN Foundation"


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