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Corporate Identity Number CIN# U80904MH2012NPL235237.

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2 Corporate Identity Number CIN# U80904MH2012NPL235237

3 For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah. Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron. (11) Surat Ar-Ra`d (The Thunder) - سورة الرعد

4 (O Prophet!) Tell those of My servants who believe that they should establish Prayer and spend out of what We have provided them with, both secretly and openly, before there arrives the Day when there will be no bargaining, nor any mutual befriending. (31) Surat 'Ibrāhīm (Abrahim) - سورة ابراهيم

5 KOKAN DISTRICTS Thane & Mumbai Raigadh Ratnagiri Sindhudurg

6 Hold fast, all together, to the bond with Allah (SWT) and be not divided (Qur’aan 3/103) You are the best community raised up for mankind, you enjoin what is right, forbid what is wrong (Qur’aan 3/110)

7 Detailed Message Detailed Message


9 Ours will be a non-profit organization. No affiliation to any religious group or political party. To respect the law of the land at all times.

10 Let’s join hands. Form unity, form strength. Share your talent, expertise and resources with your dear community.


12 To provide single platform to our Leaders, Intellectuals, Doctors, Professionals, Businessmen, Educationist etc. to share their experience and thereby help community members by their services and knowledge. To identify the talent within our community and help them to reach their full potential. Well planned and strategically located Community Hall to be used for educational, social and recreational purpose. Identify business opportunities and revenue generating avenues for the benefit of the community. Continued

13 In every country there are Kokanies with their independent communities and agendas. Every Committee is doing an excellent job. Unity of all committee can result in Major Projects to Benefit our Community Like: Universities Hospitals Hostels & many more There are many other committees of communities like Parsees, Bohras, Gujaratis etc. having facilities for their community. We kokanies don’t have as of now. Few local kokani committees in GCC started sharing their achievements and views. And idea started emerging for getting united globally. HAK Qatar team with Kokan Committee Eastern Province(KSA) decided of uniting GCC committees first.

14 21 st Jan 2011, HAKQ AGM Halqa-e-Ahbab-e-Kokan, Qatar (HAKQ) invited all the GCC local committees to attend their AGM. A brainstorming session was conducted for bringing all the different Kokan Committees under one umbrella. All those who attended the AGM, agreed unanimously to go ahead and unite GCC committees and bring them on one platform.

15 25 th Feb 2011, Kokan Committee Dammam (KCD) Annual General Meeting (AGM) During Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Kokan Committee Eastern Province, an Adhoc committee was formed to move towards the goal of forming a council. The interm leadership was handed to brother Mojibullah Duste. Task was assigned to brother Mojibullah Duste to talk to all GCC committees and arrange a meeting to form a united GCC committee. Primarily the name Kokan Committees Gulf Countries (KCGC) was decided and Adhoc committee started working.

16 Different Committees attended these 2 day meeting / brainstorming workshop. Executives from different committees came to Madina for meeting. The Adhoc committee of KCGC was dissolved. Each committee nominated 2 members to represent in the parent council. Among the members the Excom Committee was formed. Brother Mojibullah Duste was elected President by majority of votes. The official launch of Kokan Council (KC) was done in the holy city of Madinah. This event was not possible without support from Kokan Committee Madina, Our on board partner. 28th July 2011, 1st Kokan Council Meet

17 Kokan Council Launched: The official launch of Kokan Council (KC) was done in the holy city of Madinah in 28th July 2011, 1st Kokan Council Meet.

18 Agenda / Action Task for KOKAN COUNCIL was also finalized and council decided to start work on the following areas: 29 th July 2011, 1 st Kokan Council Meeting (2 nd Day) Education Medical Hostel Hotel Accommodation (In Madina & Makkah, with affiliation with Kokan Committee Madina).

19 All the ex-com members are located in far off places or different countries; it was difficult to have physical meetings. Since the work had to progress, people had to meet… An alternative solution was thought and Internet meeting was setup using of Messenger Service (Beyluxe Software). First official e-meeting of all the EX-COM members of Kokan Council was held online on OCT 2011. To get work done quicker it was decided to initially have meetings every week. Since then its continued to date. MEETINGS 05 th October, 2011, Kokan Council Internet Meet

20 APLO LOGO 17 th November, 2011 Our Logo was Designed Lot of logos were suggested and one logo designed by Mohsin Rakhangi (Abu Yasser from Dapoli working in Kuwait) was selected by majority. The three petals of leaves is a generic symbol of development, enthusiasm and spirit. The bottom blue color symbolizes the deepness factor and the color of vast Arabian sea that touches the coastal region of Kokan region. The color scheme selected for the top most green symbolizes the development and growth found in natural greenery of Kokan region. The brown color symbolizes the stability and the color of earth of Kokan which has reddish brown soil.

21 GETTING INCORPORATED 10 th December 2011, Registration of KC in India Began Process of KC registration and registered office The very important decision to make was on the registration of KOKAN COUNCIL. Whether to register as Trust, Committee or Council. Advice from experts was taken and after analysing the pros and cons of all sides it was decided that KOKAN COUNCIL will be registered as a Foundation body. Fees were paid and the process of registration commenced. Registered office was decided MUMBAI. As Mumbai is a hub for every kokani be it from Raigad, Ratnagiri, Thane or Sindhudurg. Every individual visits MUMBAI. The address for registration was offered by brother Daanish Lambe: Office No. 31, Level 1, Dewan Centre, SV Road, Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai 400 102, Maharashtra, India.

22 APLI WEBSITE 10 th December 2011, KC Website Designed Our Website is made is CMS (content management system) named word press. We have selected and purchased the portal theme for our website: The website has basic web pages and information about Kokan Council. The website has event management system for Nikaah, Chapan, Jalsaa, etc... The website has module of job listing for our kokanees brothers including (Employers & Employees). The website has modules of business directory. The website has kids corner and women's corner. The website has option to provide info district wise. The website has Announcement and Organizations corner where any kokani organization can put there activity details and use it for their own (non religious) promotions. Visit our website to explore more and more features of the website.

23 Established Kokan House at Madina Munawwara in coordination with Kokan Committee Madina (KCM) on 30th January 2012 (inaugurated by Dr. Shakir Hussain CEO Hajj Committee India). Free stay to all Kokani visitors to Madinah. Available 2 rooms each for families and bachelors and one majlis. MAJLIS BEDROOM HOME APPLIANCES

24 Arranged first ever Iftar Sufra at Masjid-e-Nabawi in 1433H (2012G) managed by KCM.

25 Completed registration of Kokan Council Foundation in Mumbai in August 2012.

26 Launched and distributed Tarraqiyaati Scheme Book in whole Kokan in December 2012.

27 Established Coaching and Training Center Head Quarter in Sindhudurg District in January 2013.

28 GMKC Published Book “Risala” Launched and Distributed in whole Kokan in January 2013,.

29 Established Coaching and Training Center Head Quarter in Ratnagiri District in February 2013.

30 “Enhance Your Parenting Skills” Lecture by Dr. Imtiyaz Kondkari in Qatar in 02 nd March, 2013 managed by Halqa-e- Ahbab-e-Kokan, Qatar (HAKQ).

31 Arranged Meeting at Qatar in 03 rd March, 2013 managed by Halqa-e-Ahbab-e-Kokan, Qatar (HAKQ).

32 Arranged Dr. Imtiyaz Kondkari Lecture on “Enhance Your Parenting Skills” at Madinah Munawarah in 08 th March, 2013.

33 Arranged Scholarship Workshop for Std. IVth & Vth Students at Aadersh High School & Jr. College, Karji in 10 th March, 2013.



36 By your talents, skills, Ideas and suggestions By your resources & contacts By financial support By voluntary services By becoming active member


38 (Bi Iznillaah & With Your Cooperation) Affordable medical facility to community members (Maternity homes to be the top priority). To bring next generation leaders/professionals on one platform, creating second tier leadership, In Sha Allah. Well planned and strategically located Community Hall. The facility is expected to be used for educational as well as recreational purpose (including marriage hall). Try to bring our community members from various school of thoughts together to foster good & healthy relationship within our society (Removal of inter rivalry between various sects of Muslims). KC Global Convention (every 3 years). KC Aid (Widow, Orphans and Medical). KC Community Center. KC Technical Institute.

39 PresidentMojibullah Omar Duste Vice PresidentAbdulsattar Surve General SecretaryAshfaq Desai Joint SecretaryNadeem Pathan TreasurerHafizullah Dandekar Chief CoordinatorSameer Ubharay Deputy Chief CoordinatorAbid Imam Khawar Advisors Siraj Gitay and Zahid Jamadar

40 Chief CoordinatorSameer Ubharay+974 55864432 QatarAbdulsattar Surve+974 55207063 Saudi Arabia: DammamMuzaffar Mulla+966 590608025 JubailAslam Pansare+966 502297789 MakkahShamim Chougle+966 551224877 MadinaSajid Sahibole+966 502310809 RabighHussain Mulla+966 556629714 TabukSameer Ahmed+966 553192633 JeddahHussain Khatib+966 568381420 RiyadhMuzaffar Alsulkar+966 502973173

41 KuwaitIqbal Vanoo+965 66773340 OmanMuzaffar Usman+968 99154907 UAEMuzaffar Sahibole+971 502881617 AustraliaShakur Tisekar+614 25242981 UKMustaqim Gaibi+44 7882169244 India: MumbaiDanish Lambe+91 8097381503 RaigadhMubashir Jamadar+91 9423241784 RatnagiriAbdul Rauf Khatib+91 9422637292 SindhudurgDr. Ejaz Thakur+91 9820331797 FB: Global Muslim Kokan Community (GMKC) Abid Imam Khawar+966 504840255


43 KOKAN COUNCIL FOUNDATION A/C# 119405000189 ICICI Bank, Jogeshwari Branch RTGS/NEFT IFSC Code: ICIC0001194

44 Registered Office in India Kokan Council Foundation L1, 31, Dewan Centre S.V. Road Jogeshwari West, Mumbai - 400102 Tel : +91 22 26778644 Corporate Identity Number CIN# U80904MH2012NPL235237 Overseas Administrative Office Madina Al-Munawwara +966 563131200 Website: Email:

45 Designed By: Muzaffar Ibrahim AlsulkarDesigned By: Muzaffar Ibrahim Alsulkar MOJIBULLAH OMAR DUSTE (Madinah) KCF PRESIDENT Mobile: +966 563131200 Email:

46 THE KEY TO CREATING NEW VALUE IS ALWAYS STARTING FROM ZERO On behalf of the entire Kokan Council Foundation (KCF) family, I am pleased to introduce you the Kokan Council Foundation’s Coaching Centers and forward my vision for entire Kokan region KCF’s Coaching Centers. The history of the Kokan Council Foundation is narrative of response to communities call and interest of likeminded peoples. The call came from Kokan Community at Qatar i.e. Halqa-e-Ahbab-e-Kokan, Qatar (HAKQ) and they invite to integrate the Kokani Brotherhood under one roof. The interest of Kokani Community as whole coordinated the like minded people and committees together and founded the KCF. Today the call coming from the worldwide Konkani brotherhood and their wish, interest and storm of knowledge linked the Kokani MANUS and became the strong KCF Family, and disappeared clouds of unfaith and lack of trust. NEXT HOME

47 KCF is accepting unique challenges and strongly capable to safeguard from the blunders of the falsehood. In Sha Allah as an Institution of Education, KCF is committed to discover and transmit the knowledge to uplift the community. To preserve Islamic heritage, seeking to integrate the excellence in worldly and religious education for both inform and form. KCF assures to educate the new generation of leaders (men and women) who will make difference and shape the future of nation with their soul, capability, vision, justice and charity in favor of community and interest of the nation as whole. An academic institution “KCF Coaching Centers” uniquely suited to be a beacon of hope and light for all. I invite you all to join us, as a prospective student, parent or friend. MOJIBULLAH OMAR DUSTE President Continued NEXT PREVIOUS HOME

48 DEAR COMMUNITY MEMBERS, PARENTS AND STUDENTS Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this occasion of inaugurating the Kokan Council Foundation (KCF’s) coaching and training center head quarter in your locality. KCF takes this opportunity to dedicate this facility to the entire community of the Kokan region. I hope that its full utilization by our students here will help us achieve the desired results. And your cooperation particularly the parents will motivate us to do even more. You may be aware that the main objective of KCF is the general welfare and development of the entire community. And to make any development possible, we must acquire knowledge and that very knowledge comes only thru education. Therefore, my dear parents and students, educating ourselves both religiously and academically is of prime importance. Because that is the only tool that guarantees us success in this world and the next. Consequently, when one acquires knowledge, other successes follow automatically including the welfare. NEXT PREVIOUS HOME

49 Opening of the coaching classes is one such step in the thousand miles journey we have embarked on. We aspire to open such centers in each major town of Kokan region in order to harness our talents. The main aim is to help our current as well as future generations to realize their full potential. Infusing knowledge in them, will also make them competitive and confident individuals to face the numerous challenges of this acutely complex world besides being better citizens. By the grace of Allah, we are immensely fortunate that we belong to a community which is spiritually far superior, morally far excellent and intellectually far outstanding! Hence, opening of such facilities have a clear purpose and importance attached to it. But sustaining them is even more important and that is possible only thru your cooperation and support. I therefore appeal to all of you to “Let us join hands with each other, form unity and form strength”. With best regards and Salaam. ABDUL SATTAR SURVE Vice President Continued PREVIOUS HOME

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