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1 ACM/IEEE/IFAC/TRB International Conference On Connected Vehicles December 12-16, 2012 Beijing, China

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1 1 ACM/IEEE/IFAC/TRB International Conference On Connected Vehicles December 12-16, 2012 Beijing, China

2 2 My Car, My Way? Why Not, I Paid for It!! Mr. Joseph F. Ziomek, Fellow SAE JFZ and Associates Islamorada, FL Dr. Tom Coughlin, President Coughlin and Associates Atascadero, CA, Presenter Dr. James Gover, Fellow IEEE Kettering University, Flint MI Len Tedesco, Fellow SAE President, Oakshott Engineering, LLC, Northville, MI

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6 6 My Car, My Way Automobile Magazine Review of Touch Screen Features on Six 2012 Vehicles: Cadillac Cue, Audi MMI Touch, My Ford Touch, BMW IDrive, Toyota Entune and Hyundai Blue Link.

7 7 MY WAY

8 Cadillac XTS with Cue 7 8 With CUE7, the Cadillac User Experience, you’re connected to a world of content. Pair up to ten Bluetooth®-enabled smartphones and effortlessly access all your contacts and wirelessly stream music. Then, place a call or select a song on command with CUE’s Natural Voice Recognition.

9 9 Positive: Played Song on Docked I Phone, Quick Climate Control Inputs, Voice Phone Book, Navigation Input, Tuned Radio, Phone Book Call. Negative: Voice Operation of Climate Control, Play Song on Docked IPhone, Voice Operation of Climate Control, Voice Tuned Radio, Navigation Input On all six vehicles the software was not functioning to satisfy My Way even after the customer spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on the latest vehicle product. Magazine Comments:

10 10 Pay More, Get Less The I Pad, I Phone, Surface etc. Come with the Ability to Serve Me My Way. At $15,000 to $50,000 modern automobiles do not meet the standard of personal electronic devices. The software (and hardware) in the vehicle is at least 18 to 24 months old due to the nature of vehicle production engineering.

11 11 SEMA The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) represents a $2B annual after-market business. SEMA focuses on the creation of a vehicle to meet the individual’s preferences including powertrain, styling, interior trim, interior electronics and entertainment. Custom homes also reflect the owners personal style and in either case the customer is paying and wants it His/Her Way. Today we see the desire for personalization in our vehicles, electronics devices, homes, mortgages, etc.

12 12 Meeting our Needs Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity is Near”: We are at the singularity point where any software driven product can meet literally any product feature we desire. Most operative features of modern vehicles are controlled by or enabled by electronics. Electronically customized features include the entertainment and information systems.

13 13 I Want to Also Control : Other vehicle functions not normally thought of being electronically controlled Steering Suspension Braking Engine power Transmission shift Climate control Vehicle Handling Fuel economy Seating comfort Instrument panel displays Control location and function Tire inflation Route guidance

14 14 Automobile Applications (AutoApps) New Vehicle Features in Development or Planned: –Automated driving or Autonomous vehicles (Google ) –Automatic vehicle delivery (rental fleets) –Other Vehicle Sub-Systems That Can Be Software Driven or App Altered for My Way: –My Steering My Way –BMW currently offers variable ratio steering based on vehicles’ handling needs, road conditions and performance. This feature could be software altered to change the vehicle from Ferrari to Rolls Royce depending on the needs and wants of the driver. Ferrari on the way to the office and rolls Royce after a hard day at the office.

15 I want it My Way 15

16 16 My Way (1) My Suspension My Way: Vehicle suspensions are electronically controlled for stability and ride quality. The Suspension App can firm up the suspension for the ride to the office and soften it for the ride home. Braking Performance My Way: Current braking systems are pre-calibrated for pedal feel that appeals to young and older drivers. Brake pedal feel can be altered with electronically controlled braking systems to be aggressive, as well as linear to satisfy gender and physiological requirements.

17 17 My Way (2) Engine Power My Way: Modern direct injected, supercharged and turbocharged engines are capable of delivering power below, at or above (for a short period of time) output power. Two to one horsepower variability is possible using existing engine controllers without compromising emissions requirements. The Maserati Normal versus Sport settings illustrate this capability. We can aggressively drive into the office in the AM and leisurely drive home in the PM, A chameleon capability.

18 18 My Way (3) Transmission Shift Quality: The Maserati again with its Normal versus Sport mode shows the capability for smooth seamless shifting in Normal and head snapping shift points in Sport mode. Again My Car My Way. Climate Control My Way: Gender and age differences result in “I’m too hot, I’m too Cold, Air in my face complaints” from the passenger and rear seat occupants. Factory programming of the Climate Control system, now completely electronically controlled can be App- controlled to provide comfort to the front seat passenger as well as the rear seat occupants.

19 19 My Way (4) Vehicle Handling My Way: Modern vehicles have handling capabilities many times in excess of the normal drivers capability. Modern vehicles can respond in steering and braking in the one to two second range while most drivers respond in the three to five second range. Sharpening the response of the steering, suspension and power can move the vehicle to 50 to 75% of a Ferrari/Corvette while allowing the vehicle stability control to ensure safety. This allows Luxo Barge to Ferrari/Corvette performance in handling.

20 20 My Way (5) Fuel Economy My Way: We can alter the driving range of our vehicle and reach the desired location without a fuel stop. Hybrid owners are Hi-Mile-ing their vehicles to extract maximum electric range. With a high mileage App we can extend our driving range for safety, economy or a fueling station that offers a significant cost savings.

21 21 My Way (6) Seating Comfort My Way: Seat comfort is very subjective due to our individual physiology, gender and driving task. A soft seat is good for short trips but longer trips usually require a firm seat. Seat cushion massaging also allows improved comfort for long trips. My Seat My Way would allow App modification of the seats attributes with air cushioning, massaging, stiffness etc. to have it My Way.

22 22 My Way (7) Instrument Panel Controls and Displays: Tesla features a center mounted, 15 inch display that operates the vehicle’s climate control, information etc. This touch panel provide the basis for My Car My Way customization of the vehicle. A smaller driver side display also mimics or controls the center mounted display allowing customization. Touch Screen input allows the My Car My Way.

23 23 My Way (8) Tire Inflation: My Way Tire inflation is now possible with the new side wall tire pressure pump recently patented by a major tire manufacturer. The side wall pump can maintain pressure and overcome a small leak. It can also reduce pressure for snow and mud operation to help in less than optimal operation. My Tire Pressure My Way can also inflate the tire for optimum mileage and minimum wear.

24 24 My Way (9) Route Guidance: My Way Maps or GPS driven devices with the passengers providing the route guidance can be emotionally straining, if the suggested route is less than optimal in the eyes of the driver. This driver App can be used to meet time, mileage, convenience or bodily function needs of the driver. The modern vehicle with its voice input and output capability can be a plus for the driver as well as be informative. My Directions My Way would reduce the frazzled outcome of routing directions that are not supportive.

25 Automobile Apps 25

26 Automobile Apps (2) 26

27 27 Conclusions Fixed feature cars are a thing of the past— we want to change features as we wish My Car My Way is the modern vehicular equivalent of today’s iPhone and iPad. OEM manufacturers will be pressed to allow the vehicles purchaser to buy His Car, His Way Her Car, Her Way

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