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IT in Private Practice Dr Ritthy Sovann Ryan Tham Definite Web.

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1 IT in Private Practice Dr Ritthy Sovann Ryan Tham Definite Web

2 Benefits of fully computerised Practice Fast access to patient record Faster script writing Save time! Patient recall ability Professional/legible letter writing Space saving (no need for storage of patient files) Internet access, email facility Better patient care (checking of drug interaction through MIMS and eMIMS) Increase income through EPC item numbers (GP)

3 MD2 Lions share GPs desktop market 16,000 GP users Parent company HCN has revamped the database in the coming version (MD3) to raise stability, scalability and data integrity. MD3 will share a database with PracSoft 3. Additional Microsoft SQL licensing fees need to be factored into overall practice IT costs. Costs: 1 part-time doctor$110/year 1 full-time doctor$495/year Min per practice $495 Max charge $3890

4 Genie Developed by Dr Paul Carr since 1995 100s users Target for both Specialist and GPs The system offers integrated billing and a full menu of clinical features, including the ability to write a prescription with one click only (QuickScript). It is compatible with Windows, Macintosh or mixed environments. Costs: $500 per doctor $120/doctor/year ongoing cost

5 IBA Spectrum Medical Spectrum software 800 practices The program operates in a Windows environment on a single machine or scales to a large network using a single SQL database. Spectrum integrates a range of clinical and practice management duties. Initial cost: $3300 full product license + $550 per doctor Ongoing cost: $1320/site/year $120/doctor/year

6 ProMed clinical (formerly Medibase) Acquired by Promedicus 14,500 GP/Specialists ProMed Clinical uses an Interbase database and is designed to handle a large volume of data, multi-site practices and practices with many doctors. Cost similar to MD2

7 MedTec 32 Been in NZ for 20 years 5000 users (NZ, Aust, Asia) The fully integrated system works from an SQL database and incorporates an extensive range of practice management and clinical modules, including billing (approved for use in Australia) as well as clinical recording for plans, diagnoses, prescriptions and referrals. Good for auditing Initial cost: $1500 for server $400/workstation upfront Ongoing cost: $150/server/month $15/station/month

8 Profile IntraHealth Profile 500 clinicians in Aust This integrated clinical and practice management system incorporates the international Good Electronic Health records standard. Allow multiple user to look up single note without locking up Initial costs: $1500 per server and $500 per station Ongoing: $500 per server, $250 per station per year

9 VIP 2000 NZ-based Houston Medical 750 practices internationally (90 in Oz) Fully integrated clinical and practice Mx system; appointments, consultations, prescriptions, and referrals. $3000 and allows for one-at-a-time access to the system by an unlimited number of doctors. Subsequent licences are cheaper.

10 Best Practice Software Developed by Dr Frank Pyefinch No advertising SQL database The Best Practice Clinical application retails for $1100 (inc GST). Annual subscriptions start at $550 (inc GST) for a full-time doctor; $275 (inc GST) for a part-time doctor working less than 25 hours per week. For large practices, the subscription rates are calculated on a sliding scale. Subscriptions cover ALL updates to Best Practice Clinical databases, minor software upgrades and remote software support for the product.

11 Medipak CRS since 1998. The new product is reportedly now installed in 11 practices. It touts a "problem oriented" approach, many features including voice activation, an Interbase backend and the ability to "easy convert" data from Medical Director. It is available from $825 per doctor, but costs vary depending on practice configuration.

12 Cost Comparison Best Practice Initial: $1,100 Ongoing: $550/FT Doctor/Year $275/PT Doctor/Year Genie Initial: $500/Doctor Ongoing: $120/Doctor/Year MD2 Min: $495 Max: $3,890 $495/FT Doctor/Year $110/PT Doctor/Year MedTech32 Initial: $1,500/Server $400/Station Ongoing: $150/Server/Month $15/Station/Month

13 Cost Comparison Medipack $825/Doctor + other costs Profile Initial: $1,500/Server $500/Station Promed Refer to MD2 Spectrum Initial: $3,300 + $550/Doctor Ongoing: $1,320/Practice/Year $120/Doctor/Year VIP 2000 $3,000 + other costs

14 Recommended systems requirement Ability to run most current medical softwares Server Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent w SATA/RAID 1GB of RAM at least (2GB for bigger practices) Fast gigabit Ethernet (for bigger practices) Window server 2003 Workstation Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent 512MB of RAM at least 10/100 Ethernet Window XP Pro Printer Fax Scanner Cables UPS Tape drive/Portable HDD/ DVD writer Antivirus and firewall Network switch Broadband router (wireless optional) Word/Document processing software

15 Schematic Network Diagram

16 Cost Overview of IT Equipment Server SystemFrom $1,600 Workstation SystemFrom $1,200 Win XP Pro$220 Win Server 2003From $720 Portable HDDFrom $140 Security SoftwareFrom $50 + ongoing cost MS Office Basic Suite$250 Adobe Acrobat Pro$450 FaxFrom $300

17 Costs of IT Equipment Estimated cost of IT hardware for 10 workstation: –$ 32,260 Upgrade system every 2-3 years due to evolving new software. Laser PrinterFrom $500 ScannerFrom $112 Broadband RouterFrom $150 UPSFrom $60 Tape DriveFrom $320 Tape CartridgesFrom $30

18 Legal Requirement for Electronic Record Keeping On site or/and remote Ability to be reinstalled onto your computer Have a consistent backup policy (Eg: every night on tape drive; weekly on a re-rewritable medium) Rewritable medium has to be dated and signed

19 Different medium MediumCostsProsCons CD50cents (800MB)Cheap Best used as legal evidence Limited capacity Can be difficult to operate and slow DVD$1 (4.7GB) $9 (8.5GB) Cheap Best used as legal evidence Limited capacity Can be difficult to operate and slow Zip$160 /drive (250MB) $21 per disc (250MB) PortableOutdated. Replaced by flash drive. System must have zip drive Tapes$400 per drive $40 per tape Can backup entire drive Portable Cant verify backup data External HDD$140/HDD (80GB)Can store large amount of data Portable Fast (Plug & Play) Cannot schedule backup w/o third party scheduling software

20 Backup softwares Softwares such as Retrospect CD Burning softwares such as Nero and Toast Automated backup software such as Back Up Magic and grbackpro

21 Tips Automated backup can create a false sense of security, so verify data regularly You are responsible for you own data, not the software company Delegate the backup task to someone capable and confident in performing it Disaster is a result of a series of unrecognised minor mistakes

22 More Tips Store backups in a safe but easy to retrieve place Ensure backups are also stored off site (in case of fire or explosion) Do not write on the CD/DVD with an oil pen, it will soak through and destroy the media (also biro will scratch reflective surface)

23 RACGP Practice Standards 1.Recall system 2.IT requirement (passwords, virus protection, firewalls, screensavers, backing up, disaster recovery plan) 3.Human resource management (induction, staff roles, person leading clinical improvement) 4.Patient feedbacks 5.Health summaries 6.Practice improvement (Plan, Do, Study, Act)

24 Recall system Different software has different built in Recall system

25 IT Security Password Be aware of social engineering Avoid using passwords that are associated with our lives (telephone number/DOB/car rego number) Important to choose difficult and unrelated passwords Screen Saver Remember to log out of your computer when you are away from it, or to configure the computer to lock the system without logging out after a certain time of inactivity - Screen Saver function In desktop mode right click on the background/properties/screen saver Locking computer Window Key + L

26 Protect your computer Enable auto-update function of your anti- virus software Do not open any email attachments if you dont know the sender Secure external drives/devices when not in use.

27 Optional Hardware External HDD USB Flash drive PDA (interfacing with Best Practice) Multifunction printer (Fax,scanner,copier all in one) UPS

28 Other software Adobe reader Open Office Mozilla Firefox

29 Adobe Acrobat Pro Create PDF files from a scanner Covert Microsoft Word file to PDF file Covert multiple PDF files into one file Create a web page into PDF file Create PDF file from clipboard images Add comments to PDF files or images Add stamps to documents (approved, sign here, witness) Editing functions (eg cross out texts) Add digital signature on to the document Select text from PDF document and has copy and past function Quickly email the PDF file to someone quickly using an email software (eg Outlook, outlook express, PDA) Search for a PDF file on the computer Plus MUCH MORE!




33 Internet Browsing –Most popular internet browser is Internet Explorer –New browser in the market is Mozilla Firefox –Firefox is currently 8% of the market and growing –Better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds. - Forbes –Download for free from


35 Whats so good about Firefox? Popup Blocking –Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox's built in popup blocker. Tabbed Browsing –View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they're ready for viewing when you're ready to read them. Privacy and Security –Built with your security in mind, Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. A comprehensive set of privacy tools keep your online activity your business. Smarter Search –Google Search is built right into the toolbar, and there is a plethora of other search tools Live Bookmarks Hassle-Free Downloading –Files you download are automatically saved to your Desktop so they're easy to find. Fewer prompts mean files download quicker.

36 Beware of the WWW Your computer can get infected with Spyware and viruses from the internet. **Tip: If your internet connection is unusually slow, your computer probably has spyware. Get a spyware cleaner to rid your computer of spyware. Download for free from Destroy/3000-8022_4-10122137.html Destroy/3000-8022_4-10122137.html

37 IT Support for Practices Web page design IT setup (all kind businesses; we supply the computers) Medical practice network/server setup and maintenance IT technical support/upgrade for offices/practices (experience with MD, Genie, Best Practice) Data backup/protection/recovery Quality repairs and backup service Desktop and laptop computer retail

38 Staffs Lester Boey Web page designer Adrian Kok Web page designer Ryan Tham IT engineer Ritthy SovannGP Registrar, medical software specialist Tel: 9262 0471

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