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Solidarity Communication over the Internet Stefano Barale ACTRAV Turin ITCILO.

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1 Solidarity Communication over the Internet Stefano Barale ACTRAV Turin ITCILO

2 DEFINITION #1 “Neutral” Technology: a tool used to solve problems DEFINITION #2 “Participatory” Technology: a tool used by groups of people to solve their specific problems

3 The SoliComm Platform provides the following services to single unionists and unions: 1. Collaborative/Community Search Engine 2. SoliComm Union Mail Services 3. Union conferencing system 4. File Library 5. Union Websites hosting 6. Mailing list hosting

4 SoliComm Union Electronic Mail With SoliComm everyone can have an electronic mail like "" free (as in free beer and free speech)‏ for all the time needed with privacy and security (!)‏ free from advertising free from viruses and all “malicious sofware” free from “spam”

5 Conferences The SoliComm Conferences are specially designed by unionists for unionists. The goal of this tool is to build trust and solidarity within the group. The design has evolved during the last 10 years thanks to the feedback of hundreds of unionists from all over the world that have been using union conferences for distance education and communication. A brand new version of the system has recently been finalized in order to make available some new exciting functions into the system, while keeping it extremely simple to learn. Basic use can be learned in a 30 minutes lesson.

6 Decent work for MetalWorker follow-up conference Will take place using the SoliComm union conferencing system Goal of the conference is to allow a deeper and more detailed discussion about the needs of unions in terms of training for the years to come, a discussion that could not take place during residential sessions Added values: the possibility to have the discussion without needing to actually be in the same place and -as a by-product- a hands-on test of union technologies that could start tell us if these can be of use in the union everyday's life.

7 Free and Open Source Software Important consequences: 1. means that all programs that unionists need to participate in the solidarity communication are free and can be legally shared between as much members as needed; 2. allows union programmers to see how the program works and modify to fit local needs; 3. allows organizations that want to develop its own solidarity networks systems to adopt the technology at no cost.

8 Free and Open Source Software Promote a movement for the design of a participatory, inclusive and democratic technology. This movement is realizing part of the democratic reply to globalization through technology. Participating into the movement for free knowledge and software unions can foster the creation of new technology aimed at the goals and methods of the labour movement.

9 This document is © 2008 The International Training Center of the ILO, Turin. It is published under the GNU/GFDL license version 3 or any subsequent version as part of the SoliComm documentation. Written by Marc Bélager, Stefano Barale for more details feel free to write to:

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