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 National CHP Roadmap: Implementation Activities in the Midwest Ted Bronson Associate Director, Distributed Energy Gas Technology Institute Midwest Cogeneration.

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1  National CHP Roadmap: Implementation Activities in the Midwest Ted Bronson Associate Director, Distributed Energy Gas Technology Institute Midwest Cogeneration Association Bi-Monthly Meeting November 28, 2001

2 Distributed Energy 2 Overview Overview of National CHP Roadmap Role of Regional Initiatives in Advancing CHP and DER History of MW CHP Initiative MW CHP Initiative Current Actions The Midwest CHP for Buildings Application Center Regional Requests of National Effort MWCGA’s Support of the National and Regional CHP Activities Summary

3 Distributed Energy 3 National CHP Roadmap “CHP Challenge” issued by U.S. DOE and U.S. EPA in 1998 Double CHP in U.S. from 46 GW to 92 GW by 2010 Capitalize on Billions spent by DOE to develop equipment Stakeholders invited to series of workshops locally and nationally (over 1000) Roadmap issued March 2001: Raising CHP Awareness Eliminating Regulatory and Institutional Barriers Develop markets and technologies Implementation requires leveraging of several organizations across the country MW CHP Initiative and Application Center established to implement Roadmap

4 Distributed Energy 4 Role of Regional Initiatives Bridge the Gap between National Policies and Regional Reality Organize regional stakeholders into powerful coalitions Interface with policy makers and legislatures Provide Education and Outreach / Communications Strategy to key facilitating organizations Architects and Engineers Project Developers

5 Distributed Energy 5 Midwest CHP Initiative Established after two DOE workshops November, 1999, Great Lakes CHP Roadmap October, 2000 National Roadmap Initial Game Plan Mission Statement Expanded membership Consolidated list of Regional Actions from Roadmap workshops Permitting, Interconnection, Education, Market Development, and Policy Establish Baseline Mechanism Train Membership Identify Funding Sources Meet Bi-Monthly: ACTION ORIENTED

6 Distributed Energy 6 Lake Michigan Regional CHP Roadmap Workshop Participants (Nov ’99) USEPACity of Chicago, Dept. of EnvironmentEnergetics, Inc Rolls-RoyceSonnenschien Nath & RosenthalJohnson Boiler Company ABN-AMROOnsite Sycom Energy CorporationInstitute of Gas Tech. Delta InstituteMissouri Dept. of Natural ResourcesEnergy Masters Int’l AEDArgonne National LaboratoryEncorp ACEEERichard Oliver InternationalTurthill Energy Systems ComEdIntl. Union of Oper. Engineers, Local 99Sieben Energy Primary EnergyIndiana Office of Air Management Energy Center of Wisc. U.S DOE OITIndiana Dept. of CommerceNiSource WI DNRMidwest Cogeneration AssociationGRI US EPA Region VIL Dept. of Commerce & Comm. AffairsIllinois EPA Wisconsin Electric Northern Indiana Public Service CompanyPeoples Energy Corp. Baker & McKenzie Jenbacher EnergiesystemeO'Shea and Associates Wisconsin Energy BureauDOE Chicago Regional Office Ballard Engineering IncEnvironmental Law and Policy Center Michigan Public Service CommissionSouth Cook Environmental Action

7 Distributed Energy 7 National CHP Roadmap Workshop Participants (Oct ’00) Solar TurbinesGas Technology Institute Dow Chemical CompanyMichigan Consolidated Gas Company ACEEETrigen Energy Corporation Alliance to Save EnergyEnvironmental Law and Policy Center Oak Ridge National LaboratoryU.S. EPA Energy Recovery InternationalTrigen Energy Corporation WeyerhaeuserNYSERDA Mississippi Valley GasBattelle-Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Onsite EnergyUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Energy Resources Center Northeast Midwest Institute National Park Service, Gateway National Recreation Area American Gas Cooling Center International District Energy Association Keyspan Council of Industrial Boiler Owners Cascade AssociatesHoneywell Power Systems Inc. EXERGY Partners Corp.U.S. Department of Energy – FEMP Southern California Gas Co.Pace University Energy Project Comfort LinkNRDC Delta InstituteThe Energy Network, Inc. Rutgers UniversityNorthwind Boston NiSourceACEEE

8 Distributed Energy 8 Midwest CHP Initiative: Membership Industry Gas Technology InstituteNiSource Peoples EnergyBOMA, Chicago Environmental Environmental Law and Policy Center Delta InstituteNortheast-Midwest Institute Educational University of Illinois at Chicago, Energy Resources Center Government Organizations U.S DOE, Chicago Regional OfficeU.S. EPA (Headquarters and Region 5) Indiana Department of CommerceIllinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs Michigan Department of CommerceMichigan Public Service Commission Minnesota Department of CommerceWisconsin Bureau of Energy Wisconsin Energy CenterWisconsin Public Service Commission

9 Distributed Energy 9 Midwest CHP Initiative Mission: Lead the Region in encouraging the use of and in implementation of CHP technologies; Drive CHP roadmap actions items for the MW Region in support of DOE’s goal of doubling CHP use by 2010, and; Provide a central point for coordination and communications among the various stakeholder organizations in the region (BCHP AC; RP MW,etc)

10 Distributed Energy 10 Midwest CHP Initiative Subcommitees and Action Plans for 5 elements of CHP market transformation Policy Permitting Education and Outreach Interconnection Market Development Focusing on Implementation in WI, IL, IN, MI – Expanding to Minnesota and Ohio

11 Distributed Energy 11 Midwest CHP Initiative Current Actions Organizing 8 State Interconnection Workshop State presentations – PUC working groups Industry Experts (Galdo, DeBlasio, Ethridge) Engaging State PUCs Create new thinking / overcome myths Policy Platform Development Permitting Guideline Baseline Study Marketing Plan Input to Illinois Energy Policy and Michigan Interconnection Proposals Working closely with MW CHP Application Center

12 Distributed Energy 12 Midwest CHP for Buildings Application Center Mission: Develop Technology Application Knowledge and the Educational Infrastructure Necessary to: Reduce Any Perceived Risks Foster BCHP as a Viable Option Technical and Financial Energy and Environmental Focus: Education Information Project Assistance

13 Distributed Energy 13 Midwest CHP for Buildings Application Center Partnership: University of Illinois at Chicago Energy Resources Center --- UIC/ERC and Gas Technology Institute --- GTI Sponsorship: DOE Office of Power Technologies Oak Ridge National Laboratory --- ORNL

14 Distributed Energy 14 Midwest CHP for Buildings Application Center

15 Distributed Energy 15 Midwest CHP for Buildings Application Center Project Elements Baseline Assessment / Characterization Plan Development Case Studies Information Repository Project Support – SWAT TEAMS Provide Expert Assistance to “Close the Deal” Provide Expert Assistance to “Provide Technical Solutions”

16 Distributed Energy 16 Regional Requests of National Effort Creation of a National CHP Guidebook Generic Tariff Guidance Interconnection Guideline elements Define “reasonable and just standby charges and exit fees” Examples of Best Practices Legislation (i.e. Texas, New York) Easy access to educational presentations to Utility Commissions, A/Es, Developers and prospective end users Model Letters to PUCs and other stakeholders Centralized, coordinated communication strategy Funding for Regional Activities To Manage and Execute Regional Coalitions Expansion and Continued Support of Application Centers

17 Distributed Energy 17 MWCGA support of Regional and National CHP Efforts Midwest CHP Initiative Get involved – Bi-Monthly meetings and National Effort (US DOE, US EPA, USCHPA) Support State PUC presentations Identify specific examples of roadblocks Support comments on State Programs Support Education Activities to key groups Support permitting guideline efforts Support market development efforts MW CHP Application Center Identify candidates for Case Studies Expand database of CHP applications Support baseline study development

18 Distributed Energy 18 Summary Regional ‘Action Oriented’ Coalitions & ACs required to change DER market Regulatory and Policy Changes Coordinating Actions of Stakeholders to build power on regional levels Education and Outreach to Regional firms to increase awareness Midwest positioned well to expand market in next 2-3 years MW CHP Initiative and Application Center will create policy infrastructure condusive to CHP MW CGA members will need to carry torch to “Double CHP in Region”

19 Distributed Energy 19 For Information Contact: Midwest CHP Initiative: Ted Bronson, GTI 847-768-0637 John Moore, ELPC312-795-3706 Gary Nowakowski, DOE CRO312-886-8575 Midwest CHP for Buildings Application Center: John Cuttica, UIC ERC312-996-4382 Leslie Farrar, UIC ERC312-413-3835 John Kelly, GTI847-768-0637

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