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Future National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)of America SCTA and Pre- service Preparation with National Board Distinction Please introduce yourself.

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1 Future National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)of America SCTA and Pre- service Preparation with National Board Distinction Please introduce yourself in the chat window by sharing: Where you are from What you plan to teach Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?? NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 1

2 Future National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)of America SCTA and Pre- service Preparation with National Board Distinction Presented by, National University School of Education, NBC Leadership Center 2013 Ronarae Adams: NBCT, Program Director and Lead Faculty Sean McCarthy: NBCT, Program Ambassador Joanna Murray, NBCT, Program Ambassador 858-642-8352 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 2

3 Navigating the Webinar Chat Window Set Your Status

4 NU NB Center Vision: Future NBCTs of America Every child has the right to, and deserves to receive instruction from an accomplished teacher who has applies National Standards for the profession, and who produces evidence of student learning gains every day of every year, beginning with the first day on the job, with or without formalized induction services. These beginning teachers are exceptional role models, recognized with distinction in evidenced based teaching, leadership and service to the profession. These beginners set a goal to earn National Board Certification early in their career. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20134

5 Hmmmmm…. There is NO single way to become a teacher or to get THE dream job, but… certain knowledge, skills, experiences, behaviors, and attitudes (dispositions) may influence who “stands out” in the job paper screening and interview process…What makes YOU stand out? NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20135

6 Voluntary Leadership Opportunities Future National Board Certified Teacher Leaders of America National University NBC Leadership Center– (WAVE) Pre service Pathway to NB Distinction ( NBCT online mentor, readings, collaboration-interaction, observations, reflections, modules service, activities, NBCT directed) Student CA Teachers Association Chapter (dues, constitution bylaws, officers, events, meetings, advocacy, news and service, reports, self directed) NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20136

7 GOALS 1. INTRODUCE NU “distinction” opportunities: > National Board Certified Teachers of America, Pathway to NB Distinction (certificate of evidence) > Student California Teachers Association NU SCTA CHAPTER-- Future National Board Certified Teachers of America 2. Access NB WAVE 3. “Next steps” instructions NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 7

8 Outcomes Volunteer to participate in National Board TEACHER LEADER preparation activities Recognize the value of distinction Choose to join the SCTA and NU chapter Choose to participate in the NU Preservice NB Distinction Pathway community Meet new friends and colleagues! NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20138

9 WELCOME Future Teachers! Will you be successful? Will you be employed? Why will someone select YOU? Will YOU have what KIDS need in the 21 st century to make a difference? NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20139

10 A few facts in teacher education: Shortage in some subjects and regions Too many poor performing beginning teachers Too many elementary teachers National Board Certified Teachers are valued Knowledge of diversity/ELL, technology, content, developmental learning, assessment, Common Core standards; interpersonal skills (adults and kids); evidence of professionalism Teacher leaders who advocate for kids and the profession Self directed, self motivated, self reliant, high performing, critical thinkers, problem solvers collaborators, innovators— respectful, driven to excel for the benefit of students NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201310

11 Step up to HIGH Standards of Performance “There are NO excuses for less than exceptional teachers for ALL P12 students. Every educator should welcome the opportunity to demonstrate and provide evidence of HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY their instructional decisions resulted in student learning gains, each and every day.” Intentionally prepare to TEACH, LEAD and SERVE with distinction. Rae Adams, NBCT, 2012 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201311

12 YOU have an advantage…NU! National University Teacher Education Program--associated with EXCELLENCE NU credentials for more teachers in CA than any other university (CDE) Access to NU NBC Leadership Center-- services, programs and opportunities to distinguish your preparation experiences Virtual community of National Board Certified Teachers; FREE and voluntary. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201312

13 What is National Board Certification ? Have you heard of it? Do you have a National Board Certified Teacher at your school? Did YOU have a National Board Teacher Why do you need to know? NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201313

14 Just Like Doctors, Lawyers, Architects… Teachers can earn BOARD certification after 3 years of teaching. Not everyone chooses to earn it. Teachers apply, build a portfolio, take an exam and demonstrate evidence that they increase their students’ achievement. NBCT represents a symbol of the highest level of excellence in the teaching profession. National policies and legislation recognize NBCTs parallel Common Core standards for students. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201314

15 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 Proposition 1: Teachers are Committed to Students and Their Learning Proposition 2: Teachers Know the Subjects They Teach and How to Teach Those Subjects to Students Proposition 3: Teachers are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning Proposition 4: Teachers Think Systematically about Their Practice and Learn from Experience. Proposition 5: Teachers are Members of Learning Communities. 15

16 Why does it matter? Research shows that teachers who earn Board Certification increase student achievement, AND especially for lower performing students. Across the country, there are over 100,000 NBCTs in all different grades and subjects. In many states and school districts, NBCTs get more money and more leadership opportunities. NBCTs takes are respected as experts in their fields—you learn and apply standards that increase your leadership, effectiveness and impact on student learning. NBCT is an indicator of teacher effectiveness NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201316

17 National University Pre service Pathway to NBC Distinction National Board Certification Pathway is designed specifically for pre-service and aspiring teacher leaders. Free, voluntary, online and onsite options and interactions with National Board Certified Teachers Evidence of added value and distinction on your resume and impact on student learning. Employers value NBCTs, nationwide NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201317

18 Research and Communication: Rationale, requirements, models; Approval to initiate action; shape steps to implement with committed PRESERVICE TEACHER Candidates Identified “members” complete chapter start up requirements procedural guidelines Faculty leaders hold webinar to develop constitution, bylaws, standing rules and elect officers Student members and officers develop timeline of online meetings, goals, target outcomes for year 1 Determine Interest level: send mass email letter of intent and instructions to respond Interested “members" join online webinar for info orientation of SCTA opportunities an obligations National University, School of Education, Request for SCTA Chapter Student California Teacher Association Chapter: “NU Future NBCTs of America ” NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201318

19 Student CA Teacher’s Association (SCTA): “The purpose of this association shall be to offer the tools necessary to foster interest in the education profession by providing pre- professionals information about their rights, responsibilities and vital support systems necessary to become a committed part of the education profession. In addition members shall be advocates for the California Teachers Association (CTA).” NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201319

20 EMPOWER STUDENTS…INSPIRE CHANGE. Student CTA : strives to be a recognized and collaborative organization that inspires and fosters exemplary future leaders in education. 1. We believe in developing qualified, skilled and passionate future educators prepared to address evolving challenges in the profession. 2. We believe political action is a way to be proactive and informed to gain a personal understanding of the issues that concern your profession in order to publicly influence positive change. 3. We believe community service helps future educators develop, foster and improve the community and creates positive relationships. 4. We believe in supporting a diverse membership and working together to promote a public education system that values the diversity of our state. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201320

21 Benefits of SCTA membership dues low-interest credit cards car rentals mortgage plan with low down payment options early-start investment plan for retirement life insurance accidental death and dismemberment insurance magazine subscriptions Rebates, conferences, scholarships, and more … professional distinction and leadership NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201321

22 Jump into NU-SCTA LEADERSHIP ! Time commitment may vary across the year. Faculty advisors will assist and facilitate your meetings and events For the NU Chapter to launch, apply to SCTA ($30) by FEB 28, 2013. Officers will be selected in March, 2013. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201322

23 How to Apply for SCTA Online with a credit or debit card: Visit the NEA Student Program section of the NEA website. NEA Student Program Print and mail: Download our PDF application form and fax or mail it in.PDF application form Upon completion and payment of SCTA dues, email 858-642-8352 to be added to the National University Future NBCTs of America SCTA NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201323

24 FUTURE NBCTs of AMERICA Shape a “distinguished teacher” road map Learn about National Board Teacher Leaders. Learn how to differentiate pre-service experiences and add value for employment Access online NBCT Mentors BE willing and able to voluntarily shape extraordinary “readiness” to teach and lead at distinguished levels on day one of the job, and to earn NBCT along your career path. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201324

25 Your DISTINGUISHED teaching career continuum… Get a BA and INITIAL teaching license –each state has different requirements Get your first job and INDUCTION support; prepare to get your permanent credential by taking more college courses (Masters with NB prep) Set a career goal to earn National Board Certification and to be a teacher leader in the profession, after year 3 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 Voluntary membership in NU SCTA Future NBCTs of America Voluntary participation and certificate of pre service preparation distinction in NU Future NBCTs of America Prepared with NB evidence of student learning, leadership and NB pre- service mentorship: NU NBC Leadership Support Service 25

26 I make an evidence based difference for students I serve each day… NB Core Beliefs I’m committed to students and their learning. I know my subjects and how to teach them. I know how to systematically monitor and assess learning. I continuously learn and improve with reflection and data. I contribute in a professional learning community. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201326

27 BE SMART! Get access to BOTH: SCTA and NB tools and resources NOW. Develop your knowledge, skills and dispositions to to teach anywhere in the country and to add value to your resume. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201327

28 The Results? Through intentional, voluntary approaches, NU NB Leadership Center offers future teachers advantages in adding distinction to preparation and clinical experiences. Be prepared to teach at a novice, “accomplished” level in year one, as measured by your students’ achievement gains. WE WANT YOU! NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201328

29 Your next steps 1. Get you NB WAVE password to access resources and to join 2. Complete the SCTA application—EMAIL Rae Adams to be included in the Chapter by FEB 15, 2013. 3. Request first Chapter meeting invitation; and NB Distinction Pathway Orientation Start up:, April 18 th. 4. Shape extraordinary knowledge, skills and dispositions of highly effective, accomplished teacher leaders! NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201329

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