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Pre-service Preparation with Voluntary National Board Distinction Pathway: Future National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)of America Presented by, National.

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1 Pre-service Preparation with Voluntary National Board Distinction Pathway: Future National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)of America Presented by, National University School of Education, NBC Leadership Center 2013 Ronarae Adams: NBCT, Program Director and Lead Faculty Sean McCarthy: NBCT, Program Ambassador Joanna Murray, NBCT, Program Ambassador Amanda Trimillos, NBCT Ambassador 858-642-8352 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 1

2 GOALS Introduce NB Distinction Pathway Initiative Explore NB Distinction Menu Volunteer to register for NB Distinction Pathway Preview NB Distinction community (NB Educators Alliance) Collaborate with NU SCTA – (FNEA) Preview a Task Know how to enroll for credential program NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 2

3 Step up to HIGH Standards of Performance “There are NO excuses for less than exceptional teachers for ALL P12 students. Every educator should welcome the opportunity to demonstrate and provide evidence of HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY their instructional decisions resulted in student learning gains, each and every day.” Intentionally prepare to TEACH, LEAD and SERVE with distinction. Rae Adams, NBCT, 2012 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20133

4 Background National University founded NBCT Leadership Center (NU-PTDC; 2004): Network for National Board Certified Teachers graduate degree programs with NBCT standards support for NBCT candidates grants leadership and service opportunities for NBCTs voluntary service to pre-service teachers SCTA Future NBCTs of America Chapter professional development for teachers, schools, districts NBCT faculty, ambassadors, state liaisons NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20134

5 Common Sense Provide systematic opportunities for aspiring and beginning teachers to be introduced to National Board Standards and the assessment process as part of their teacher preparation program for licensure. If coursework and programs do not provide NBC content, shape options for individuals to pursue. Engage National Board Certified Teachers to serve as mentors and coaches for future NBCTs of America. Provide services that are cost efficient; free to pre- service teachers. Collect evidence of interactions and results on teaching and P12 learning (into, through and beyond induction) NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20135

6 Intentionally develop Future NBCTs of America “Every child has the right to, and deserves to receive instruction from an accomplished teacher who applies National Standards for the profession, and who produces evidence of student learning gains every day of every year, beginning with the first day on the job, with or without formalized induction services. These accomplished beginning teachers are exceptional role models, recognized with distinction in evidenced based teaching, leadership and service to the profession. These beginners set a goal to earn National Board Certification in their forth year of teaching.” NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20136

7 Voluntary DISTINCTION Opportunities Future National Board Certified Teacher Leaders of America National University NBC Leadership Center– (WAVE) Pathway to NB Distinction ( NBCT online mentor, readings, collaboration-interaction, observations, reflections, modules, service, activities, NBCT directed, certificate) Student CA Teachers Association Chapter (dues, constitution bylaws, officers, events, meetings, advocacy, news and service, reports, self directed) NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20137

8 Earn a Credential/vs. NB Distinction When you take courses at a university to become a teacher, you are considered a pre-service teacher candidate (you want to earn a preliminary license to teach). You meet accreditation requirements and you pay fees. “NU-NB Distinction Pathway” was shaped to provide VOLUNTARY, supplemental learning experiences for pre-service teachers (service, vs. fees) who desire knowledge about National Board Standards—no fees, no grades, no courses. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20138

9 We want children to experience the BEST teachers on the planet So… we provide a place and resources for you learn about National Board Standards as part of your introduction to teaching, leadership and service to the profession. The options we provide are for those who SEEK challenges, hard work and continuous learning opportunities that help to distinguish your professional development as a future teacher leader. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA20139

10 National University Pre service Pathway to NBC Distinction National Board Certification Pathway is designed specifically for pre-service and aspiring teacher leaders. Free, voluntary, online and onsite options and interactions with National Board Certified Teachers Evidence of added value and distinction on your resume and impact on student learning. Employers value NBCTs, nationwide NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201310

11 You choose When, where, and how often you want to participate to earn a certificate of accomplishment Start in May, 2013– finish up whenever you want to, prior to the end of your first year of teaching. Selections help to align with your current obligations. YOU show US how you integrate NB knowledge along your preparation journey. WE supply the tools and resources; YOU determine how and when to use them. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201311

12 Why volunteer? Demonstrate commitment to students and the profession “above and beyond” routine resourcefulness; initiative; self directedness; self reliance continuous learning exemplarily teaching and student learning collaboration leadership NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201312

13 Just Like Doctors, Lawyers, Architects… Teachers can earn BOARD certification after 3 years of teaching. Not everyone chooses to earn it. Teachers apply, build a portfolio, take an exam and demonstrate evidence that they increase their students’ achievement. NBCT represents a symbol of the highest level of excellence in the teaching profession. National policies and legislation recognize NBCTs parallel Common Core standards for students. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201313

14 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 Proposition 1: Teachers are Committed to Students and Their Learning Proposition 2: Teachers Know the Subjects They Teach and How to Teach Those Subjects to Students Proposition 3: Teachers are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning Proposition 4: Teachers Think Systematically about Their Practice and Learn from Experience. Proposition 5: Teachers are Members of Learning Communities. 14

15 Why does NB matter? Research shows that teachers who earn Board Certification increase student achievement, AND especially for lower performing students. Across the country, there are over 100,000 NBCTs in all different grades and subjects. In many states and school districts, NBCTs get more money and more leadership opportunities. NBCTs takes are respected as experts in their fields—you learn and apply standards that increase your leadership, effectiveness and impact on student learning. NBCT is an indicator of teacher effectiveness NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201315

16 FUTURE NBCTs of AMERICA- A Distinction that Matters Shape a “distinguished teacher” road map Learn about National Board Teacher Leaders. Learn how to differentiate pre-service experiences and add value for employment Access online NBCT Mentors BE willing and able to voluntarily shape extraordinary “readiness” to teach and lead at distinguished levels on day one of the job, and to earn NBCT along your career path. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201316

17 YOU design your DP map You will be guided to explore and complete various tasks related to the three tiers of NB Knowledge. You may want a single badge or all three, at some point before your second year of teaching. To earn the certificate of Distinction with NB Preparation, you will provide evidence in the NBC Leadership portfolio site. “Exercises” will be provided and dates for webinars and events will be posted NBCTs will comment on your understandings You will receive a badge (Tier level ) upon completion of your exploration tasks (no pass or fail) NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201317

18 I make an evidence based difference for students I serve each day… NB Core Beliefs I’m committed to students and their learning. I know my subjects and how to teach them. I know how to systematically monitor and assess learning. I continuously learn and improve with reflection and data. I contribute in a professional learning community. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201318

19 Foundation Tasks Earn three NB Badges for one certificate of Accomplished Pre-service NB Distinction Tier 1 ( 1-3): Provide Evidence Tier 2 ( 4-6): Provide Evidence Tier 3 ( 7-9): Provide Evidence Tier 4 ( certificate of distinction) NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201319

20 Volunteer MENU = Choices Tiers of NB Distinction: Performance Evidence  Awareness  Knowledge  Interaction/Collaboration  Application/Analysis  Reflection  Impact on Student Learning  Leadership  Professionalism  Service NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201320

21 NU Preparation with NB Distinction #1 Awareness Knowledge Interaction/Collaboration #2 Application/Analysis Reflection Impact on Student Learning #3 Leadership Professionalism Service NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201321

22 I am aware and knowledgeable about National Board tools, resources and processes. I have interacted and collaborated with National Board Certified Teachers to NB evidence: modules, readings, email communication, lesson design, collaboration with NB mentors and colleagues, peers, faculty, journal writing; your innovations… NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201322

23 I can apply, analyze, and reflect upon National Board Core Propositions, standards, AAT and impact on student learning. Evidence Journal pages; evidence of applying NB core propositions when shaping a lesson or assessment; use of the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching to guide your planning; reflections on your conversations and observations of teaching and teachers; a choice you made that made a difference in a student’s increased learning; application of NBCT advisement or suggestions. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201323

24 I can demonstrate leadership, professionalism and service to others as I parallel National Board core propositions and standards Evidence: Professional association membership, other leadership you demonstrate for the profession; collaboration that impacts students and teachers; articles and resources that parallel NB core propositions; your interactions with colleagues and the community; NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201324

25 Your 40 hours of volunteer work: Menu: “Splash” NBCT Orientation Attendance (onsite or webinar) Collaboration with NBCT mentor Reflection on NB Knowledge and interactions Resume development that integrates your National Board Foundation Tasks Participation in NB events, webinars, NU NBTA NB Evidence Portfolio Completion of Core Proposition Online Exploration Modules YOUR projects, commentaries, NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201325

26 Your DISTINGUISHED teaching career continuum… Earn your BA and INITIAL teaching license –each state has different requirements Get your first job and with NU NBCT support; consider Masters with NB prep); continue virtual NB interactions Stay connected with NU NBC Leadership center career goal to earn National Board Certification and to be a teacher leader in the profession, after year 3 NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA2013 Voluntary membership in NU SCTA Future NBCTs of America Voluntary participation and certificate of pre service preparation distinction in NU Future NBCTs of America Prepared with NB knowledge and application: evidence of student learning, leadership and NB pre- service mentorship: NU NBC Leadership Support Service 26 VOLUNTEER to gain NB knowledge to support preparation to teach and declare intent to earn NBCT beyond year 3.

27 BE SMART! Get access to BOTH: SCTA and NB tools and resources NOW. Develop your knowledge, skills and dispositions to to teach anywhere in the country and to add value to your resume. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201327

28 NEXT STEPS? Email Rae Adams at the NBC Center directly with your intention to register and engage in the NB Distinguished Pathway. Request instructions to get your NB EDGE Alliance Password, and steps to view the tiered volunteer task site Get instructions to save your evidence in a distinction portfolio (Tier 1, 2, 3 responses) Begin Tier I activities as you please Complete NB Tasks between May 1, 2013 and year 1 of full time teaching. NU NBcentercopyrightversionRA201328

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