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1 S4 - What Next? North Berwick High School Mick Burns Careers Adviser.

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1 1 S4 - What Next? North Berwick High School Mick Burns Careers Adviser

2 2 173 North Berwick High School Leavers 2009/10 86Higher Education 23Further Education 39Employment 2Training 13+7Unemployed 1Unknown 2Volunteering

3 3 Gain experience and possibly qualifications Gain good references Proves good motivation May pay your expenses Helps you meet new people Helps you try new things Can help with career choice.

4 4 How can you get into volunteering? Contact local community groups Contact local agencies – e.g. ELVCELVC Use websites such as Project ScotlandProject Scotland Could be part of a Gap YearGap Year Go along to see what it is all about Try it out! 2

5 5 Get Ready for Work Helps you to get work experience to help you get a job to develop essential skills – e.g. core skills, personal and learning skills and vocational skills to understand more about what employers want and look for with application forms, CV’s and interviews Pays you an allowance while helping you!

6 6 How can you get into a Get Ready for Work Programme? See a Careers Adviser Individual Learning Plan You may need to complete an application form You may be invited for an interview with the training provider Skills Development Scotland can help with all of these! 2

7 7 Paid Employment Can be a good option Can pay well Better than being unemployed May include In House training but not necessarily lead to recognised qualifications Provides experience and can prove employability It is often easier to move on to a better job once you have a good employment record.

8 8 Paid Employment Prepare your CV and cover letterCV and cover letter Respond to advertisements Check company websites – some companies only consider online applications Send in speculative applications Use your network Take your CV in in person if possible Use job hunting websites and consider using recruitment agencies. 39

9 9 Apprenticeships National training programme leading towards nationally recognised qualifications e.g. SVQ3 Training while you work May include day or block release to college or in-house training checked by qualified assessors Designed by employers to provide you with the skills for that industry.

10 10 How can you get into an Apprenticeship? Practical experience Work hard for your exams Research Use websites to find out more Aptitude Tests Personal contacts Yellow Pages etcYellow Pages CV and cover letterCV Keep trying!

11 11 College Wide range of subjects Vocational or general Nationally recognised qualifications Increase your knowledge, understanding and experience May be F/T, P/T, open learning, distance learning, evening classes etc – but check out funding issues!

12 12 How can you get into college? Research courses Decide on which courses suit you Entry requirements Apply in good time – usually December/January for an August/September start course Do good application Prepare well for interview Attend for interview!

13 13 Useful college websites Edinburgh’s Telford College Jewel and Esk College Stevenson College Oatridge College More information on colleges and courses at 23

14 14 Higher Education University entry requires Highers or HN qualifications as entry – so you will need to stay on at school or study for these at college Plan ahead on subjects for S5 Some people go to university later in life – lifelong learning! For more information on this go to 86

15 15 Unemployment Very few people under age of 18 receive Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) If you are able to receive it, it is £51.85 per week You will probably only receive this for a short time It does not increase with time It does not help your future prospects Being unemployed has high links with boredom and depression. The longer it goes on, the harder it is to move on. Don’t let this happen to you! 25

16 16 What should you do next? Think over your ideas Discuss with family and friends See a Careers Adviser Make a plan Ensure you understand the deadlines Have a back up plan!

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