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The Unvarnished Truth Adventures of a P-Card Administrator.

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1 The Unvarnished Truth Adventures of a P-Card Administrator

2 CLV Card Program  Est. 1998  Using present supplier since Spring 2009  Total cardholders – 281  FY 2012 projected spend: $2.5M  Percent of small dollar (under $1,000) purchases made with P-Card – 83%

3 Why P-Card?  To eliminate the need for petty cash – helps prevent theft, errors  To exercise better control over expenses  Quicker and more efficient than purchase orders for low dollar purchases  Cost savings from shorter processing time  Rebates help offset program costs

4 How We Do the Things We Do  P-Card Administration Team  State of the art software  Thorough training  Multiple layers of approval for P-Card transactions to keep honest people honest  Strike program

5 Our Team! P-Card Administrator - Purchasing Accounting Operations Computer Trainer - IT City Auditor’s Office

6 Technology is a Good Thing  Banks are banks but choosing the right technology for your needs is key to the program’s success  Features to look for:  Ease of use – a user-friendly system will make for a smooth transition and a minimum of complaining by cardholders, reconcilers, etc.  Reporting – a good system will include ad-hoc reporting capabilities so that you (and your Finance and Audit departments) can report on cardholder activity by cardholder, division, department, merchant, transaction type, date, billing cycle, etc.  The ability to order and cancel cards online, change limits and MCC groups real-time

7 Training  Training held quarterly  All cardholders must take training class prior to receiving their card  Training also required for reconcilers and approvers  Four-part training – Rules, Accounting Procedure, Fraud and Accountability, and Use of ActivePay software

8 I Approve!  Multi-level approval guards against fraud  Cardholders must sign Expense Log accepting responsibility for their charges  Approvers must be Manager level and above and must physically sign Expense Log accepting responsibility for legitimacy of expenses  Accounting Services spot checks for issues  PA spot checks for violations of policy and procedure

9 Just Like Baseball…  Strikes are given for violations of policy and procedure  Strikes remain on record for one year  Three strikes in a rolling one year period and card is lost for one year  Card must be reapplied for and training retaken if card is to be reissued

10 Starting Your Program  Allow at least four months for implementation  CLV Implementation Team: IT, Accounting, Purchasing  Weekly Calls with P-Card Supplier  Received cards three weeks ahead of go-live  Four days of training for trainers week prior to go-live  First training for cardholders – week of distribution  Nine training sessions during initial month  Deactivation of any cardholders, reconcilers or approvers not trained during the implementation period

11 Yes, It’s Almost Over Thanks for your kind attention… any questions?

12 Niki Johns Gomoluh Purchasing Card Administrator City of Las Vegas 495 South Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 229-6020

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