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2 Greeting – Hi!

3 Metamessages Understated message underneath our words I did not say he stole the money...\Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.docx

4 Nonverbal Communication Valuable and Profitable  Mehrabian = 7%, 38%, 55%  1 st Impression = 30/20  Handshake ..\History Channel - Secrets of Body Language.flv..\History Channel - Secrets of Body Language.flv

5 Nonverbal Communication  Functions / Characteristics complementing, contradicting, etc.  Principles can’t not communicate, ambiguous, etc.  Abilities encoding, decoding, regulating or controlling NV comm.  Rules read in clusters, culture specific, etc.

6 Nonverbal Communication  Categories Kinesics (body)  Body movement  Facial expression  Eye contact & gaze Oculesics (eyes)  Lying, flirting, ashamed, etc. Proxemics (space)  Intimate, personal, social, public Haptics (touching)  Greeting/departure, playful, ritual, avoidant, etc.

7 Nonverbal Communication  Categories, con’t Vocalics (paralanguage)  Rate, pitch, volume, etc.; laughter, accents, etc. Environment  Ojbectics (artifacts) Chronemics (time)  Dictated by values of a country, how we use time/values, etc. Olfactics (smell)  Smell and memory, moods, etc. Gustorics (taste)  Pleasure, displeasure, spicy, taste blindness, etc.

8 Nonverbal Communication  Gender  Culture  Silence  Physical Appearance Dress (levels: social, business casual, executive, etc.) Body type, skin color, hair, eye color, etc. Physical Attractiveness  Microexpressions  Handshakes

9 Nonverbal Communication  Color  Detecting Lies  Status  Seating  Media – its role in NV messages  Politics – NV role in politics

10 NV Assignment  Pick a NV topic approved by PAL – Only one person / pair per topic – Research & Cite! Define it & show it Give examples Scenario Positive/Negative (help/hurt, good/bad, etc.) Interesting Fact “Out of the Box” thinking Make the Connection: everything demonstrates, aka ties into, nonverbal communication

11 NV Assignment, con’t  Put it on a PowerPoint using PowerPoint Tips  Present / Teach  Graded based on Information Rubric PowerPoint Rubric Presentation Rubric


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