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End-of-Year (EOY) for NC Rosalyn Galloway June 18, 2014.

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1 End-of-Year (EOY) for NC Rosalyn Galloway June 18, 2014

2 Audience Charter NC-SIS PowerSchool Coordinators Charter NC-SIS PowerSchool Data Managers Tech Directors

3 Purpose Describe End of Year (EOY) Define LEA, DPI and Pearson responsibilities Identify NC Specific Needs for EOY Demo procedures Discuss resources and support Answer questions

4 What is End of Year (EOY)? Function similar to NC WISE that promotes students to the next year school and next year grade at the end of a school year Run at each LEA for all schools Shut-down window similar to NC WISE YET – All PowerSchool instances will be shut-down prior to running EOY in late June and remain unavailable through first week in July

5 More About EOY Three processes that occur at the LEA level – Validation: most reports and clean up can be executed by school staff – EOY: performed on all schools in the LEA at the same time – Post-EOY: most tasks may be completed by school staff Current year (SY 13/14) data must be corrected prior to EOY – EOY will not complete if validation fails If using PowerScheduler, SY 14/15 schedules must be committed prior to EOY (HS, MS) but after the last day of school EOY must be run during shut-down window

6 Who Does What? - Responsibility 1.Charter– Validate data 2.Charter– Communicate completion 3.DPI – Verify validation is complete for all LEAs 4.DPI / Pearson – Shut-down (Pearson back-up systems in place) 5.Charter or DPI – Run EOY (this part’s easy) during shut-down 6.DPI / Pearson – Re-connect and initiate PowerSchool Instances (ODS) 7.DPI – Complete year end processes for state’s integrated/dependent systems 8.DPI – Communicate systems up 9.Charter– Begin Post-EOY (SIS review, updates and local system integration)

7 Charter - Validate Begin now Run validations on End-of-Year Process screen – DPI has turned off the Perform EOY and Promote Student option – DPI will turn the option on and inform those Charters executing EOY Corrections at LEA and school level

8 Read Everything First – End-of-year process Screen Path

9 Validation Processes DPI will provide the appropriate entry and exit codes

10 Lather, Rinse, Repeat Begin validation and correction now Continue to run validation and correct data until DPI shut-down window EOY validation tools can be used all year long

11 Validation Support Home Base Support Center (HBSC) available to answer validation questions NC Specific Documentation on NC-SIS site Articles on PowerSource – Some articles only accessible to LEA Technical contact

12 Charter- Communicate EOY requires 24/7 LEA contact – Contact list located: – Call the Support Center if you have not provided contact information First and Last name Home and Cell number Last day of school Who is running EOY? (DPI or Charter) Be prepared to run EOY by 6/27/2014 5pm

13 Integration and Dependency Integrated systems* are dependent on the completion of EOY for all LEAs, however; no LEA may begin EOY function before DPI shut-down communication – ODS (Repository) – CFNC – CECAS – SchoolNet – Open Class – Test Nav – TNL – NCEES *Examples

14 DPI – Verify Validation EOY will not be run until all LEAs/Charters have completed validations Staff have been assigned and will be available to assist Charters – contact HBSC LEAs/Charters are encouraged to run EOY – a.k.a. ‘Push the button’

15 Charter / DPI – Run EOY Wait…You want me to ‘Push the Button’? EOY is run after DPI shut-down is communicated Charter encouraged to run EOY – ‘Pushing the button’ starts with a drop-down and ends with Submit If data is correct EOY function will run If process does halt, DPI 24/7 resource available

16 DPI - Shut-down Window Back-ups taken by Pearson Hosting 24/7 support for DPI from Pearson 24/7 support for LEAs/Charters from DPI More detail pending on when to ‘push the button’

17 DPI – Connect, Complete, Communicate Pearson to re-connect ODS DPI / vendors complete end of year processes for integrated systems Post-EOY validation tasks – Individual contact with Charters as needed Communicate completion to state

18 Charter– Begin Post-EOY Post EOY- tasks – System and data review – Integrate local systems if needed First day of SY 14/15 is 07/07/2014

19 NC Specific Needs

20 NC Specific - EDDIE Authoritative Source for school Demographic information – Cannot be updated during current year in preparation of EOY 1.Make changes to PowerSchool 2.Update EDDIE after 7/7/2014 If changes are made to PowerSchool they must be made in EDDIE If updates are not made in both places, EDDIE will overwrite PowerSchool.

21 NC Specific – EDDIE … EDDIE will feed data to PowerSchool beginning SY 14/15 For school year 2014-2015, until the integration is complete, please contact the Service Desk after EDDIE has been updated to initiate the feed to PowerSchool. More information: unting/eddie/ unting/eddie/

22 NC Specific – Schools Below 300 All Charters have ‘below 300’ schools Uses : – students not included in state compliance reporting – federal reporting – created with a specific NC requirement – charter specific needs

23 NC Specific – Schools Below 300.. Examples – 292 – CECAS (program school – federal reporting) – 293 – LEP (program school – federal reporting) – 294 – Migrant (program school – federal reporting) – 295 – Neglected and Delinquent (program school – federal reporting) – 296 – FTE (NC specific requirement – allows updates to re-enrollment records) – 297 – Homeless (program school – federal reporting) – 123 – Happy Sunshine Daycare (completely made up as an LEA example)

24 NC Specific – Schools Below 300.. All schools must be validated All schools must have Pre-EOY set-up tasks completed Program schools must have all NC grade levels defined through grade 12 FTE School must have all NC grade levels defined through grade 13

25 NC Specific – Schools Below 300.. If you are unable to see these schools in your drop-down list and should have access, follow the steps for adding a school to your security set-up DPI will update the Admission Status to N1 for active students in school numbers below 300 after EOY – N1 will ensure the PMR is not negatively impacted when the student record is transferred to a traditional school

26 NC Specific – Promotion/Retention/Graduation Exit Codes specific to EOY will be added to PowerSchool based on NC requirements  W6 (W6 High school Graduate)  PRN (Promoted New School)  PR (PR Promoted)  RT (RT Retained)  RACD (Retention-Local Stds-Acad) *default code for retentions  RADM (Retention-Admin decision)  RATN (Retention-Local Stds-Atten)  RSTA (Retention-State Standards)  DEM (Demotion) *special circumstances – example: student’ s grade changes from one numeric grade to a lower grade When retaining students, select the default retention code. Keep a list of students whose retention record will need to be updated to the appropriate retention code after EOY.

27 NC Specific – Transfers out of Charter Set the Default Next School to school number 296 (FTE School) FTE school must have all grade levels defined Students must be placed in a Transfer Out status after EOY by a member of the Charter School

28 NC Specific – Graduating Students Promoted with Exit Code W6 Must have next grade as 99 Must have next school as 999999 / Graduate School During the school year 2013-2014 some early graduates were mistakenly placed in the Graduated school – DPI will move these students back to the original school of record for reporting purposes and then move them back to the Graduated school – More information on this process will be forthcoming

29 NC Specific – Program Schools - LEP Student records may be transferred to another school in the district during the EOY Students who transfer out of the program or LEA should be promoted or retained during the EOY – The Next School should = 293. – After EOY place the student record in a Transfer Out state Must have all NC grade levels through grade 12 defined

30 NC Specific – Program Schools - CECAS Must be promoted to next grade and school or retained in the program school May be transferred out to another school in LEA If student has reached grade 12 and is still receiving services, set the Next Grade to 12 – Student will appear retained – After EOY, make a note in the comment section of the student’s Transfer record indicating the student has achieved the highest grade level and still receiving services

31 NC Specific – Program Schools – CECAS.. Graduates should be promoted with the exit code of W6 Must have Next School set to 999999 / Graduate Students who transfer out of the program or LEA should be promoted or retained during the EOY – Next School should = 292. – After EOY is complete, place the student record in a Transfer Out state Must have all NC grade levels through grade 12 defined

32 NC Specific – Program Schools Detailed information on Program Schools is located in the End of Year User Guide: und3_final.pdf

33 Pre-EOY Tasks Complete in order – Validate School Enrollments (recommended) – Validate Section Enrollments (recommended) – Print Reports (recommended) (see Appendix B for a complete list) Print PowerSchool ‘canned’ reports that cannot produce student data from prior years Any object reports the LEA has created Report Cards DPI Transcripts Export State Reports

34 Pre-EOY Tasks… – Create Years and Terms (required) – Assign Next School Indicators (required) – Assign Next Year Grade Values (required) – Clear Activities (optional/recommended) – Configure Default Grade Level for FTEs (required) – Configure Fees (optional/recommended) – Complete Scheduling (required) – Print Meal Transactions and PowerLunch Reports (optional/recommended) – Export Historical Grades (optional)

35 Other Tasks Prior to EOY Complete State Reports Complete CTE Concentrator Survey Process Enroll New Students

36 Demo – School Level Field Review Key fields to review: – Next_School The school will the student be attending in the 2014-15 school year – Sched_Nextyeargrade The grade will the student be enrolled in during the 2014-2015 school year – Grade_Level The student’s current grade level – Schoolid The student’s current school Detailed examples located in End of Year User Guide:

37 Thank you! Home Base Support Center Available: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM Phone: 919-807-4357 Email: (Please do not send an email to this address unless you are a designated school official authorized to submit service desk tickets to Home Base Support Center)

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