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Strategy2014 New Beginning & Moving Forward Social & Information Evening 27 March 2014.

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1 Strategy2014 New Beginning & Moving Forward Social & Information Evening 27 March 2014

2 What is Strategy2014 ? A Parish Plan Rejuvenation of the Parish Target date end-2014 Strategy2014 = for all parishioners & by all parishioners

3 Aim of Strategy2014 1.A dynamic & inclusive parish community 2. All age groups 3. Encourage participation 4.An active and financially sustainable parish

4 This evening New Beginning and Moving Forward 1.TOPICS a)Achievements and Our Future 2.PRESENTATIONS a)Community Development Team b)Finance Team c)Strategy Team 3.LAUNCH - 3.LAUNCH - Welcome Pack 4.Q & A & D

5 Community Development Team

6 Terms of Reference Responsible for the management of parish community development. Members Debbie Kelly - Chair Bill Nicholson & Judith Gleeson Shirley Dunlop & Brendan Sheahan

7 Achievements (Oct12-Mar14) Social & Information Evenings – November 2012, May 2013, March 2014 Parish Community Survey – Feb 2013 – also available on Parish Website Parish Database updated

8 Achievements cont’d Communications – Database – Welcome Card – Information Pack – Parish Newsletter (over 300 printed every 2 months) – Website Outreach - Giving Tree Initiative/Christmas Hampers Next Generation – Safeguarding Trust process – Increase youth involvement D & G information circulated Appeal for volunteer to drive youth initiatives School Involve children in Services (e.g. Giving tree) Confirmation 2014

9 Moving Forward (2014-2016) Communications – Welcome and Information Pack – Database updates & use – Newsletter Outreach Next Generation – more involvement – Volunteer Youth initiatives, liaison with School, Diocese D&G – Young Families

10 Welcome Pack - Launch

11 Finance Team

12 Terms of Reference 1.Responsible for the Management Parish Finances and make recommendations to the Select Vestry; 2.Set up Management Structure to optimise all Parish Financial affairs Members Gordon Bass - Chair Judith Quinn - Treasurer Dorothy Evertsen & Basil Blakeney

13 Moving Forward 2014 - 2016 Parish Aspirations………or. Direct GivingFOR Fundraising+ Special Events The Choice is Ours. ………..Realistic Goals ?? Parish General Running costs Church-Building(s) Halls – Maintenance & Upgrades Rectory Maintenance Charitable Purposes Emergencies

14 Strategy Team

15 Terms of Reference Develop and coordinate a Parish Vision through Strategy2014 Members Jos Evertsen - Chair Debbie Kelly & Gordon Bass Linda Daly & Stu Hayes

16 Achievements (Oct12-Mar14) FOCUS Developing our Community FOCUS - Developing our Community Strategy2014 – Vision for Parish – Community Development – Finance Management Parish Groups – New groups – Parish Activities Communications Ministry Team

17 Achievements cont’d (Oct12-Mar14) IMPACT IMPACT of developing our Community Progressed without an active rector Strengthened the Parish Community Celbridge, Newcastle & Straffan Increased Activities - new groups and projects (C&C, Bowls, Outreach, Lower Hall, Hall mgt, Finance mgt) Introduced new spheres – Collaborative Ministry Collaborative Ministry – Heritage & Restoration Heritage & Restoration

18 Collaborative Ministry The Collaborative Team in Parish Ministry will need 1.The Clergy - Specialist knowledge on Liturgy & Pastoral Ministry; 2.The People - Knowledge about Communications, Publicity, Finance, Property mgt, = Strategy2014 Principles of Collaborative Ministry – Working collaboratively with people rather than for people; – To create the desire and potential ability to work together; – To generate a sense of community; – To feel that all are equal partners; – To talk in terms of ‘we’ instead of ‘them and us’; and – To take ownership.

19 Heritage & Buildings Parish Hall - good condition Slip House 2 – Pending Lower Hall – Early planning Slip House 1 - Potential

20 Moving Forward (2014-2016) FOCUS Developing our Parish Identity FOCUS – Developing our Parish Identity Giving ourselves a head start on other parishes 2 year Plan 2014 - 2016 1.Process to find a new Rector 2.Collaborative Ministry Strategy & Vision our Future Community Development (Next Generation, Outreach) Finance Management Property Management Team 3.Heritage Heritage week 2014 Slip Houses No. 1 & 2 Lower Hall

21 Your Input Your Skills – E VERYBODY can contribute Your Time – Some of your time – 1 Year only – Signup sheets Your Contribution – Continue current regular giving – Loan option – Church Review - Vision & Mission

22 THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION Strategy2014 27 March 2014

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