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U.S.-CHINA RELATIONS Security Issues & China’s Role in the World.

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1 U.S.-CHINA RELATIONS Security Issues & China’s Role in the World

2 China’s Military Budget Will economic growth in China translate to increased military strength? Military budget (estimate) 2002: $20 billion 2011: $120 billion China could surpass the U.S. in military spending by 2035 (Washington Post)

3 Military Modernization Commitment to long-term military modernization China buys Russian military warplanes, submarines & longer-range missile tech. It’s nuclear arsenal in the 4 th largest; increasing secrecy (“underground Great Wall”)

4 International Arms Sales U.S. concern about China’s role in the int’l arms market. China is a major seller of weapons, military vehicles & communications equipment to dev. countries. Helped Pakistan produce long-range missiles with a range of 185 miles


6 Cyber Attacks & Security Increase in cyber attacks, many originating in China 2011-phishing effort against Gmail accounts of senior U.S. gov’t officials & military personnel U.S. intelligence officials have publicly accused China of stealing high-tech data

7 China’s Role in East Asia China’s government is more assertive in int’l relations, especially SE & East Asia Build-up of its navy; greater presence in the South China Sea Claims to resource-rich territory in the sea disputed by other countries in the region (Vietnam, Malaysia)

8 North Korea’s Nuclear Program North Korea has developed nuclear weapons in violation of the1994 nuclear NPT Since 2003, the “Six-Party Talks” have tried to end the program China is important in getting North Korea to negotiations; acts as a mediator between N.K. & the U.S.

9 The Challenge of Taiwan In 1949, after Communist victory, Nationalists formed a government on Taiwan. A democracy, Taiwan is also an economic power & one of the world’s top exporters. Its int’l political status is a long-term issue in East Asia affairs/U.S.-China relations.

10 Two Governments; One State Though Taiwan and China have distinct governments, they are officially one state. Taiwan lost its UN seat to China in 1971; forced from int’l orgs (IMF, World Bank) China firmly holds to a “one China” position; has a goal of reunification


12 The United States & Taiwan After the Korean War, the U.S. was an ally of Taiwan; billions in military aid. In 1978, the U.S. broke ties with Taiwan & recognized China (PRC). Taiwan Relations Act (1979) guaranteed continued trade & cultural relations; assured security for the island

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