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NJ ASK 2012 Parent Workshop Mrs. Regina Haley – Vice Principal

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1 NJ ASK 2012 Parent Workshop Mrs. Regina Haley – Vice Principal
Dr. Lana Garris-Sha – Guidance Head Cluster Mrs. Rose Capitano – Special Education Head Cluster Mr. Ryan Winkelspecht – Math Head Cluster Ms. Laura Stegmuller – Language Arts Head Cluster Mrs. Diane Zamensky – Science Head Cluster

2 Make up- April 30th – May 4th
Dates: 7th & 8th – April 23rd – 26th Make up- April 30th – May 4th 6th – April 30th – May 3rd Make up- May 7th – May 11th, 2012

3 Why do students take the NJ ASK?
Gives feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses. Tests the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJ CCCS). Identifies strengths and weakness in school programs. Evaluates how a student will do on the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) -11th grade graduation test. CCCS determines what students should know and be able to do after each grade Recall in 2003 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was enacted, requires all states to provide a system of assessment for every students in grades 3 to 8.

4 Who is tested? General Education
Limited English Proficient (LEP) students Special Education (SE) students: (IEP accommodations, such as large print) Section 504: accommodations based on students’ needs. Small group setting, large print books,

5 IEP/504 Accommodations As a parent,
Review your child’s accommodations for state assessments. Talk to your child about the accommodations and explain the importance of taking advantage of them. Answer questions your child may have about his/her accommodations. Contact your child’s case manager or 504 coordinator with any questions.

6 How to prepare… Support your child in all academic work.
Help find your child an appropriate time and quiet place to do homework. Provide a well-balanced diet and an opportunity for plenty of sleep. Read to each other and engage in learning activities throughout the year. Set realistic goals for the academic year. Work closely with the school and the teachers.

7 Math NJ Ask Tips Read the problem carefully.
Draw a picture or diagram. Look for a pattern. Write a number sentence. Simplify the problem. Make a list or table. Check your answers to see if they are reasonable. Know your math terms and definitions.

8 Sample Questions Short-Constructed Response, Multiple Choice, & Extended Constructed Response
1) What is the result when you multiply the Short-Constructed Response numbers below? 10-2 × 101 × 10-3 2) Jill's lawnmower uses about 2 gallons of Multiple Choice gasoline in three hours. About how much gasoline is used in 2 hours? A. 1 B C D

9 Extended-Constructed Response
A traffic light on a busy north-south street is programmed according to this pattern: green for 4 minutes followed by red for 2 minutes. Mr. Gomez goes through this intersection on his way to and from work every day. Last week, he kept a record of the number of times the light was green (G) as he approached the intersection and the number of times he had to stop because the light was red (R). His record is shown below. G G R G G G G G G G Part A What is the theoretical probability that the light will be green each time Mr. Gomez approaches the intersection? Part B Does the number of times Mr. Gomez got a green light match what you would expect for the way the light is programmed? Explain your reasoning.

10 Math NJ Ask Resource: The Study Island New Jersey Standards Mastery and NJ ASK Preparation Programs are specifically designed to help students master the content specified in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Study Island's focus on the NJ CCCS enables students to improve their performance in all skill areas tested on the NJ ASK . Take the following steps to complete the login process into Study Island: Go to Username = (example: Password = btfalcons Upon 1st login, you will be prompted to choose a new password. Please pick a password you will remember or you may keep it btfalcons. You do not need to enter your address when typing in and conforming new password. Any class assignments will be the first item you see upon login. To access other topics, click on NJ Programs on the left hand side of the screen. Then proceed to click respective grade to access grade level topics. You will earn a blue ribbon for a specific topic if you are able to achieve a 70% or better. If you do not, you will have to complete and pass a “building block” topic before going back to the original.

11 Language Arts New Jersey ASK Tasks
Speculative Writing Prompt: In thirty minutes, students are to develop a story based upon a speculative prompt. Narrative/Persuasive Text: Students are to read narrative and persuasive texts and answer multiple-choice questions.

12 LA New Jersey ASK Tasks Open-Ended Questions:
Students answer one or two questions about the text in paragraph form. Persuasive Writing: In forty-five minutes, students write on a persuasive topic using a five-paragraph essay format.

13 NJ ASK Sample Persuasive Writing Prompt
Your principal is asking students to think about all the school rules. She would like students to identify any school rule that should be changed. Is there a school rule that you would like to have changed? Identify the school rule and write a letter to the principal persuading her that this rule should be changed. Writing Task: Write a letter to your principal stating your opinion on a school rule that should be changed. Be sure to use reasons, examples, and other evident to support your position.

14 NJASK 8th Grade Science Test Taking Tips
Tip 1—Read each question carefully Tip 2—Take a close look at any visual information. Tip 3—Use your understanding of science to eliminate wrong choices. Tip 4—Answer every question, even if you have to guess. Tip 5—Carefully examine the diagrams and graphs that are given.

15 Science Sample Multiple Choice
Amanda is not sick, but she is the carrier of a disease allele. What is another way to describe her condition? a. Homozygous dominant for the disease gene. b. Heterozygous for the disease gene. c. Recessive for the disease gene d. Homozygous recessive for the disease gene. The answer is “B.” (Dd)

16 Sample Essay for 8th Grade Science
In your area of New Jersey, how do abiotic factors change as the seasons change from summer to winter. Answer— As the seasons move from summer to winter, New Jersey gets fewer hours of daylight, the amount of cloud cover per day tends to increase and the average temperatures drop. Additional sample questions can be found at

17 What happens when there is an emergency situation?
Evacuation procedure – safety of the student comes first, students will close their test books and exit the room. Return & resume testing with the same amount of time. If a student is sick during testing, the student will be escorted to the nurse. The student will complete the sections during make-up week. Student is disruptive or attempts to cheat – Student will be escorted to the Main Office. Student will not return to the testing room that day. Student will not receive credit for that section.

18 Thank you for joining us!
Q & A Thank you for joining us!

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