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Foundation For Educational Administration (FEA) July 2013 Cohorts

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1 Foundation For Educational Administration (FEA) July 2013 Cohorts
Welcome to NJ-EXCEL A Non-traditional School Leader Certification Program Foundation For Educational Administration (FEA) July 2013 Cohorts

2 Organizational Background
Offered since 2003 by the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA); the non-profit affilliate of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA) NJPSA is the professional organization that represents more than 8,000 school administrators and supervisors across New Jersey.

3 Who Will Lead Our Schools ?
New Jersey is in need of courageous, informed and dedicated educational leaders more than ever before. Expectations are greater than ever before for school leaders who must establish and maintain school cultures conducive to teaching and learning, improve instructional and school practices, and produce gains in student achievement. New Jersey MUST increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of the school leader candidate pool.

4 Admissions and Application Process
Admissions Criteria Applicant credentials, interviews, portfolio/work samples, and writing samples are assessed using an Applicant Selection Rubric designed to ensure: Consistency and fairness in the admissions process Selection of applicants who demonstrate the potential to successfully complete the NJ-EXCEL Program requirements and become effective school leaders. To view the Applicant Selection Rubric: Download from

5 Admissions and Application Process
Applicant Selection and Notification Depending upon qualfications, applicants will be notified in writing of their program status at least days before the start date of the cohort or earlier. Status will be in one of the following categories: (1) Accepted (2) Accepted/Waiting List (admitted if space becomes available or automatically accepted for next scheduled cohort) (3) Not Accepted .

6 NJ-EXCEL Certifications
NJ Supervisor Certificate NJ Director for School Counseling Services Certificate (For counselors with at least three-years of counseling experience) NJ Certificate of Eligibility for Principal NJ Certificate of Eligibility for School Administrator (Model 4 Candidates for Superintendent)

7 NJ-EXCEL Models MODEL 1: Candidates who have been supervisors for more than 4 years MODEL 2: Candidates who have supervisory certification, but less than 5 years experience as a supervisor under NJ certification. MODEL 3: Teachers and educational specialists with at least 4 years full-time teaching experience

8 Standards-based Curriculum
NJ-EXCEL: Standards-based Curriculum Aligned with: State and national standards for school leaders NJ Professional Standards for School Leaders Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC ) Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA) Focused on four interrelated areas of school leadership development and performance: Organizational Leadership Community Leadership Instructional Leadership Strategic Management

9 NJ-EXCEL: Program Design
Professional Learning Community Collaboration, Networking, and Support Cohort Model Inquiry Groups Multiple Mentors Field-Based Experiences Project Based Learning Instructional Support System

10 NJ-EXCEL: Program Schedule
Generally one evening per week (5:30-8:30 PM) Central Site – Monday evenings; North Site – Tuesday evenings; South Site – Wednesday evenings (subject to schedule changes) Average one/tw0 Saturday sessions per month (9:30 AM-3 PM) Summer Institutes July and/or August Daytime or Evening Sessions Candidates May Customize Their Schedules Individually to Fit Their Needs

11 NJ-EXCEL: Curriculum and Instruction
Field Based Experiences Job-embedded learning experiences: projects; data collection; and other activities within or outside the candidate’s school or district Project based learning experiences: Action Research Project (All Models) Job-Embedded Project (All Models) School-Based Internship Project (All Models) Supervisory Project (Models #2 and #3 only)

12 NJ-EXCEL: Field Based Experiences
School-Based Internship Principal Mentor 90 on site hours + project (All Models) Supervisory Internship Supervisor Mentor(s) (Models 2 & 3) 30 on-site hours (Model 3 Only) 60 hour project (Model 2 & 3) School Administrator Internship Superintendent Mentor 150 on site hours (Model 4 Only)

13 NJ-EXCEL: Commitment to Enhancing Technology Proficiency
Technology Self-Assessment Individualized Technology Plans Membership in Online Learning Community Technology Support Independent/Customized Technology Projects Creating Leadership Electronic Portfolios

14 NJ-EXCEL: Performance-Based Assessment System
No traditional tests (All candidates must take and pass the SLLA for principal certification eligibility. Only Model 4 candidates must pass the SSA for school administrator certification eligibility) Performance based assessments aligned with State standards for school leaders Multiple performance based assessments by multiple assessors

15 NJ-EXCEL Special Sessions
SLLA & SSA Prep Sessions Scheduled before each test administration Test process, practice tests, test-taking tips No additional cost for these prep sessions Marketing Yourself Sessions Preparing your resume for school leadership positions Interviewing techniques Follow-up individual mock Interviews Contract negotiations No additional cost for these sessions

16 Upon Completion of NJ-EXCEL…
Candidates are eligible to receive graduate credits (depending on program model) through Thomas Edison State College. Credits are awarded periodically throughout the program. NOVA Southeastern University will grant 9.0 graduate credits from NJ-EXCEL to apply to their doctoral studies program. FEA processes all applications for certification to the NJDOE (approximate 4 week turnaround time). Candidates are well prepared for the State-required 2-year Residency for Standard Principal Certification when appointed to school leader positions through FEA’s State approved NJ-Leaders to Leaders Program (NJ L2L) .

Model #1 $7, (Tuition) *Plus $ I-Mentor Stipend *Plus $ Book Fees (Approximate Cost) Model #2 $7, (Tuition) *Plus $ I-Mentor Stipend *Plus $ S-Mentor Project Stipend Model #3 $9, (Tuition) *Plus $ I-Mentor Stipend *Plus $ S-Mentor Internship Stipend *Plus $ Book Fees (Approximate Cost) *All mentor stipends are paid directly to the mentors by the candidates. NOTE: Candidates who pay all tuition/book fees in full by June 14, 2013 are entitled to a 5% discount on tuition only. The discount does not apply to books or various mentor stipends. Tuition includes all fees except books and mentor stipends. Tuition also includes Aspiring NJPSA Membership Status with multiple benefits and discounts.

18 NJ-EXCEL Sites Northern NJ Parsippany-Troy Hills School District Offices 292 Parsippany Road, Parsippany, NJ (Morris County) Ms. Barbara Tedesco, Site Coordinator Central NJ NJPSA/FEA 12 Centre Drive, Monroe Township, NJ (Middlesex County) Mr. Frank W. Palatucci, Jr. – Director Dr. Jeffrey Graber – Associate Director Dr. Joseph Poedubicky – Coordinator Southern NJ Highland Regional High School 450 Erial Road, Blackwood, NJ (Camden County) Black Horse Pike Regional School District Dr. Brian Repici, Site Coordinator

19 Questions About NJ-EXCEL?

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