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1 Brief History & Accomplishments of People First of New Hampshire 1992 ~ 2011.

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1 1 Brief History & Accomplishments of People First of New Hampshire 1992 ~ 2011

2 2 The first self-advocacy group started in the Lakes Region in 1984 Other groups started soon after in Salem, Dover, Keene, Concord.

3 3 A steering committee was formed in 1990 and by 1991, People First of NH was established. It became incorporated with a board of directors by 1992.

4 4 The First conference was held in Manchester in 1991. Senator Tom Harkin joined us and encouraged us

5 5 We attended our first international self- advocacy conference in 1993 in Toronto, Canada. We have attended National Conferences every other year in: Alaska, Oklahoma, Virginia, Rhode Island, New York, California Georgia, Indiana, Missouri. In 2001 we participated in an International Conference in England. We have been key presenters at these conferences and are national self-advocacy leaders!

6 6 Large Pepperoni Pizza With An Advisor On The Side A book for self-advocates to hire, supervise and train their advisor, 1998 “I Got That Right” A Video about rights produced by People First of New Hampshire, 1994 “It’s My Life” - A Video Where Self- Advocates Discuss the Importance of Self- Determination, 1997 “Ten Years of Self-Advocacy in NH” – A video about the history of People First of NH, 2002 Now, we have a You Tube Channel with over 20 videos!

7 7 We have had reading/discussion groups about Roland Johnson—A National Self-Advocacy Leader. From this is the creation of a presentation done across the country titled: “Find Your Passion & Voice”

8 8 In 1997, 2001 and 2010, Self-Advocates in NH join others throughout the country to March For Freedom to Close Institutions!

9 9 Whose Life Is It Anyway? Self-Advocates Survey Peers Using the “Who Decides?” Survey Who makes the decisions in your life? Then, based on the TV hit-show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” - we show audiences across the country that: We make decisions about driving, about getting married, living on our own, traveling, running our own meetings about our lives...and much more…

10 10 We speak often to others about our lives—and encourage everyone to be leaders

11 11 Drumming Performance Singing Exhibiting Our Painting Toasting Our Ten Years Together In 2002, People First of New Hampshire Celebrated Ten Years By Hosting a Harmony Through Arts Event

12 12 We’ve worked on issues such as: Changing the MR word in all of NH’s laws (Senate Bill 153) Getting Self-Advocacy Training Centers in the DD Act Participating on the Waitlist Committee to help improve the way our staff are hired and trained and paid. (Senate Bill 138) Planning a Presidential Candidate Forum with other state and national organizations Developing a plan to start putting stories together of people who lived at Laconia State School – to put in a book and a movie MR

13 13 We offer training & discussion events on the following topics: Voter Education Employment & Careers Find Your Passion & Voice Relationships Dreaming Of A Future Board Leadership Budgets Emergency Preparedness First Aid Sharing Stories Closing Institutions We promote our work through our website, blogs, chat rooms, Facebook, videos, email listserves, e-newsletters

14 14 We are People First of New Hampshire!

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