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Florida CRD Updates April 1, 2011 Telamon Corporation.

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1 Florida CRD Updates April 1, 2011 Telamon Corporation

2 Updated login page

3 User logins and privileges User login IDs and passwords have been set Implemented the basic security privileges at login Four security levels deployed: ◦WEBADMIN -- has access rights to customers in all states and offices (i.e. NC99 development team) ◦STATEADMIN -- have access right to customers in all Agencies within state (i.e. Tampa Program Office) ◦MANAGER -- has access rights to customers in each Agency they oversee (ex. Daniel Byrd, caseloads in all Indian River locations) ◦ENDUSER -- has access rights to his / her own customers only Login via SQL membership, and change/retrieve password page added Agency Names added

4 Password Reset Page

5 Help with forgotten passwords

6 Data migration updates Developed a SSIS application package for the migration, and successfully migrated data from program years 2007, 2008, and 2009. Created a clean database and SQL scripts for stored procedure changes and schema changes Waiting on program year 2010 for upload

7 Items in development 1. Testing and fixing bugs of existing codes, making improvements. 2. Modifying business logic as needed, for example, can add family members without incomes. 3. Add new fields with Application, Family Income and Retention tables to the web site front end. 4. Add reports. 5. Add “Back” button during enrollment. 6. Implement additional user’s security role and rights such as editing or updating records according to user’s security level. 7. Add Administrator level web pages. 8. Add Employee Manager to admin to manage their staff and rights.

8 Next steps – CRD Prepare databases and backups, and associated migration scripts, and test security. Work on development items.

9 Manual and policy questions Form corrections Manual edits

10 Chat Questions & Answers Technical Support Email: Managers will be able to add usernames for new staff using the Employee Manager function Target date for going live: April 18, 2011 Case notes should be typed into a Word document prior to upload into the CRD Managers may assign Employee #1’s caseload to Employee #2, as long as they change it back when Employee #1 returns New web address for the database:

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