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University of Notre Dame

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1 University of Notre Dame
Ian Bentley University of Notre Dame

2 Wigner Energy E. Wigner’s work in the 1930’s indicated that the symmetry energy will proportional to T(T+X), where X=4, based on the supermultiplet formalism. More recently, work by Jänecke et al. has determined that X is typically 1 but in the region A>80 near N=Z, X is 4. We’ve done a different fit with a third order polynomial term, and found a few regions with different X values.

3 Semi-Empirical Mass Formula
Strong Energy Coulomb Energy Mirror Nuclei, have roughly the same Strong Components. Therefore, around N=Z one can fit the Coulomb Energy. LBNL Isotopes Project Nuclear Data Dissemination Home Page. Retrieved March 11, 2002, from

4 Experimental Analysis

5 Reconciling the BCS A) Using the two BCS self consistency equations one can solve for expectation value of the pure pairing Hamiltonian. B) Compare the energy levels with those from diagonalizing an exact pairing Hamiltonian in matrix form. Example: 3protons 3 neutrons in 3 levels

6 Also (particle, photon) cross sections

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