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Proposed 3 Year Strategic Plan The American Legion Department of North Dakota November 2012.

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1 Proposed 3 Year Strategic Plan The American Legion Department of North Dakota November 2012

2 Mission Statement We serve our country, veterans and their families, we support our current military, and we inspire patriotism in our youth and communities.

3 Four Main Areas of Concern 1.Membership Recruiting & Retention 2.Public Relations 3.Finance 4.Programs & Activities

4 First Year; February 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 Second Year; July 1, 2014 - June 30th, 2015 Third Year; July 1, 2015 - June 30th, 2016 Three Year Period

5 Bob Krause; DEC Chair, Gwinner, ND - East Dave Rice; Department Commander, Harwood, ND - East Eugene Kachena; Dept. Commander-Elect, Pisek, ND - East Dave Rolfson; West Dept. Vice CMDR, Watford City, ND - West Don Weible; Dept. Membership Chair, Washburn, ND - Central Harvey Peterson; Chair of NDAL Foundation, Beach, ND – West DJ Meberg; Dist. 7 Commander, Hebron, ND - West Wayne Satrom, NDAL Foundation Director, Galesburg, ND - East Brad Aune; Post #2, CMDR; ND Job Service, Fargo, ND – East Brian Kalk; Public Relations Com. Chair, Bottineau, ND - Central Arlon Falcon; Native American Veteran, Belcourt, ND - Central Jennifer Schwind; ND ARNG, Female Veteran, Fargo, ND - East Dale Roth; 2014 Candidate for CMDR-Elect, Elgin, ND – West David Johnson; NDAL Dept. Adjutant & Facilitator Teri Bryant; NDAL Programs Coordinator Sarah Kim; NDAL Administrative Assistant Task Force Members

6 Membership Develop Marketing Plan “What’s in it for me” phamphlet Reach out to Generation X, Y & Z Reach out to Oil Patch veterans Increase membership by 3%/year Develop new Campus Posts –NDSU, UND, Minot & Bismarck State

7 Improve Membership Retention Review awards program – incentives Develop post enthusiasm Improve relations within AL Family Revitalize posts FY2014 –Dickinson, Devils Lake, Grafton/Fordville Revitalize posts FY2015 –Hoople, St. John, Dunseith, Reynolds, Rugby Seek 98% net retention rate Obtain 100 year goal in 2018

8 Financial Expand non-dues revenue sources Grant writing/fund raising committee Promote NDAL Foundation donations Increase corporate sponsorship

9 Public Relations Embrace Change – survival Promote NDAL Programs –Press release kits Update display – multiple customers Create baseline - program participation Utilize more technology, interactivity Create department specific brochures Boys & Girls State PSA Increase District Meeting attendance

10 Public Relations (cont.) Work with NDEA, SBA, NDHSAA Mentor a Legionnaire program Advertising/Information Campaign NDAL Marketing/PR Plan Identify Deployed Troops Work with Family Support Groups Promote programs to state officials

11 Programs Promote “Value” of NDAL Programs Grow Boys State by 10% per year FY2014: 40 Oratorical Participants FY2015: 50 Oratorical Participants FY2016: 60 Oratorical Participants Reconnect with AL Baseball Review participation to baseline data

12 Post Service Officers Promote Post Service Officers A “referral service” to Dept VSO Provide contact information Create job description for posts

13 Concerns The plan is written and printed –We can not let it sit on our desks We need to follow-through with it The 19 member committee can not accomplish these goals It will take all Posts, all Members to make it happen

14 NDAL Stategic Plan Questions Comments Suggestions

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