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1 1. Evidence refresh: Housing Land (SHLAA/SHMA update) 2. Local Plan consultation update

2 2008 SHLAA Evidence, not policy Required for RSS to test whether Torbay had capacity for 15K homes Showed that more than 10K homes = environmental & infrastructure stress. Supported Council’s position that 10K homes right for the Bay.

3 Why refresh? Age – 5 years old Big changes since 2008 e.g. - Market decline - Less demand for flats, more for family homes (supported by policy) - Use of sites for jobs - Protection of tourism bed-spaces - NPPF / New Local Plan policy Need for SHLAA to be formally refreshed, to meet Local Plan requirements Need for more forensic analysis of capacity and delivery. Neighbourhood Forum suggest refresh (in response to Local Plan consultation)

4 2013 SHLAA Forensic review – essential for Local Plan Review all previous sites Add NP sites Add Council sites not previously included Workshops with NP reps and development industry Urban site emphasis Clarity re greenfield sites Traffic light approach: - Red = site not developable - Amber = site developable, subject to criteria - Green = site deliverable

5 Pool of sites / land (SHLAA & NP) 10 -15 year - developable sites (LP / NP) 5 – 10 year – viable, developable sites (LP / NP) 0 – 5 year land supply – marketable, deliverable sites (LP) ‘Lock gates’ controlled by Council and community Sites move downstream if sustainability criteria met, including need, infrastructure etc

6 A Landscape for Success – Consultation September – November 2012 Over 1000 comments from 120 separate organisations, groups or individual persons. Many comments channelled through Neighbourhood Forums Brief summary on website, detailed summary to follow later this week

7 Responses Support for style and general content Many comments can be taken on board as part of ‘minor’ amendments and editorial changes Further work: 1. Growth (housing and jobs) 2. Tourism policy 3. Balancing development viability with policy requirements and community needs

8 Torquay Neighbourhood Forum ‘Portmanteau’ of comments from Neighbourhood Forum members Many minor amendments which can be made to the next version Support for aims of plan and many general policies Objection to housing growth levels Support for town centre first approach Tourism – support reduction of PHAA’s but should go further Protect community greenspaces Reduction in HMO’s and poor quality accomodation Delivery mechanism for jobs

9 Moving forward - timetable Now until June - Update key evidence, agree amendments with Council, produce additional detail and reflect emerging Neighbourhood Plans (e.g. SHLAA update and proposals map) June/Summer 2013 - Consult on Local Plan (‘Submission version’) September/Autumn 2013 – Submit to Examiner December/Winter 2013 – Public Examination Early 2014 - Adopt


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