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Application Server 10 g JDeveloper 10 g 10G Release 2 – New Features Overview Server Technologies Oracle Corporation.

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2 Application Server 10 g JDeveloper 10 g 10G Release 2 – New Features Overview Server Technologies Oracle Corporation

3 Product Strategy  Enable Service-Oriented Architecture – Modern Business Application Architecture  With Integrated Development Tools – To Develop Applications Productively  With an Application Platform Suite – Complete & Integrated Application Infrastructure  Exploiting Grid Computing – Low Cost, Flexible Hardware Architecture  Benefits – Greater I/T Flexibility at Lower Cost

4 Application Server 10 g

5 10 g R2 Overview  10 g R2 is Major Update Release – 432 New Features – Best Suite: Best Integrated APS Suite – Best of Breed: Individual Pieces – Best for Grid: Significant Grid Enhancements  Highest Quality Release Ever – 1820 Person Years of Development – 152 Configurations, 2240 Tests/Configuration Daily – 62,300+ Hours/Week, 2.98 Million Hours of Testing – Easy to Adopt: 100% Automated Upgrade  Two Parallel Release Trains – : Complete APS Suite – : Application Server & Identity Mgmt – SE-One: Targeted to Small Medium Enterprises

6 Service-Oriented Architecture Develop Orchestrate Deploy Secure Access Integrate Manage Analyze

7 Develop Services JDeveloper 10 g R2 Design Develop J2EE & XML Develop DBMS Test& Deploy Manage Class, Use Case, Activity ModelingClass, Use Case, Activity Modeling NEW Scenario ModelingNEW Scenario Modeling NEW XMI Import & Export (Rose, TJ)NEW XMI Import & Export (Rose, TJ) Java 1.5: Generics, Annotations, IteratorsJava 1.5: Generics, Annotations, Iterators J2EE 1.4: J2EE 1.4, Complete Web ServicesJ2EE 1.4: J2EE 1.4, Complete Web Services Re-Factoring, Code Templates, NavigationRe-Factoring, Code Templates, Navigation XML Schema Editor, XSLT Mapper, DebuggerXML Schema Editor, XSLT Mapper, Debugger Enhanced ANT SupportEnhanced ANT Support Integrated JUnit Test RunnerIntegrated JUnit Test Runner OC4J, BEA, IBM, JBOSSOC4J, BEA, IBM, JBOSS Native CVS, PVCS SupportNative CVS, PVCS Support New Shareable project file format Create, Edit, Generate DDLCreate, Edit, Generate DDL DB Modeling: Tables & ViewsDB Modeling: Tables & Views DB Browser: Tables, Views, Indexes,..DB Browser: Tables, Views, Indexes,.. SQL & PL/SQL DevelopmentSQL & PL/SQL Development

8 Develop Services Application Development Framework 10 g

9 Develop Services Application Development Framework ControllerModelView JSP, JSF Rich Clients Mobile Clients Struts JavaServer Faces Java Page Flow Bus. Components Web Services Data Binding Common Metadata Services XMLSchema, XPath, Xquery, XMI, MOF

10 Runtime Services J2EE Services Application Server ReliableMessagingTransactions ConnectorsNaming/Directory Data Services Management J2EE 1.4 PresentationServicesComponentServices Business Rules

11 Runtime Services SOA Services Application Server SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WS-I BP WS-Reliable Msg. WS-Reliability J2EE 1.4 (JAX-*, XML-*) WS-Transactions WS-CoordinationWS-Security WS-EventsWS-Notifications WS-InvocationFrameworkWS-Policy WS-AddressingManagementGateway

12 Runtime Services Event Services Sensors, RFID Applications BPM Application Server Web Services System Events Business Process Business Service Alerting BI/Portals/ BAM Filter (Rules) Process (Analytics) Distribute (ESB) Capture (Sensors) Visualize (BAM) Optimize (BPM)

13 Runtime Services Business Rules Services Application Server Rules Engine Rules Metadata (MDS) PortalIdentityMgmt. Rules Editor BPMBAM ADFESB

14 Integrate Services Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Warehouse Mgmt System FinanceSystem WSDLADAPTER Application Server Standards-basedConnectivity Transformation & Validation Ent. Service Bus Reliable Messaging, Routing, Transports Management,Security

15 Orchestrate Services BPEL Process Manager BPEL Logistics B2B Partners ADAPTER FinancialSystem WSDL Application Server Service Bus ManufacturingSystem WSDL Order Entry System ADAPTER Supply Chain System ADAPTER

16 Orchestrate Services BPEL Process Manager – Process Modeling

17 Orchestrate Services BPEL Process Manager – Transformation Mapping

18 Business to Business Integration B2B Integration Services

19 Business Activity Monitoring Business Event Monitoring Dashboard

20 Relational OLAP Analytic Services Business Intelligence Reports Discoverer BI Portal Data Mining Application Server Reporting Query & Analysis (Relational, OLAP) Data Mining MSFT Excel

21 Access Services Enterprise Portals Application Server JSR-168WSRPXHTMLJ2MESMSTelNet….. Presence Manager Resource Catalog ADF-Portal Runtime Virtual Content Repository JSR-170 MDS

22 Access Services RFID Services Application Server Service Bus Event Manager RFID Business Rules Alerts BI & BAM EdgeServer App Server 11 i SCM

23 Grid Computing Performance $ $ $ $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 $/TOP OAS10GBEAIBM TOPS OAS10GBEAIBM TOPS OAS10GBEA $150.67/ TOP $200.34/ TOP TOPS OAS10GBEA $138.01/ TOP $218.28/ TOP Best Price-Performance Best Performance Best on Intel64-Linux Best on Intel32

24 Grid Computing Scalability: Dynamic Resource Manager J2EE App OAS10 g Mod_OC4J J2EE App OAS10 g J2EE App OAS10 g DMS DMS DMS OPMN EnterpriseManager (Set Policies) Routing Process Management

25 Grid Computing App Server High Availability Solutions 100% Rolling Upgrade Online Operations Backup & Recovery Mgr. App Server Flashback App Server Clusters Clusterware Support App Server Guard Hot Deployment PlannedDowntime UnplannedDowntime GRID HA Deploy Apps Reconfigure Upgrade Backups HumanError SW Failure HW Failure DisasterRecovery

26 Grid Computing High Availability: Backup, Recovery, Flashback   Backup – – Automated – – Cross-Node – – Hot, Cold, Oracle Recommended – – Disk, Tape – – Synced with RDBMS   Point-in-Time Recovery – – Application Server – – Synced with RDBMS   Flashback Recovery – – Rewind Automatically – – A Cluster – – An Application Server – – An Application << Repository

27 Grid Computing High Availability: Application Server Guard J2EE App OAS10 g J2EE App OAS10 g J2EE App OAS10 g HTTPSvrHTTPSvrHTTPSvr J2EE App OAS10 g J2EE App OAS10 g J2EE App OAS10 g HTTPSvrHTTPSvrHTTPSvr Data Guard App Server Guard Primary Physical Standby HW LBR CreateCreate InstantiateInstantiate SynchronizeSynchronize Switch OverSwitch Over

28 Grid Computing Software Provisioning Software Maintenance & Patching Installation & Configuration Upgrade Integrity/Health Checking Deployment Migration (Test-Production) Software & Services Provisioning Base Lining & Cloning

29 Grid Computing Topology-based Management

30 Identity Management External Security Services Oracle Internet Directory Portal Oracle Identity Management OC4J JAAS, JACC WS Security Java2 Permissions.. Roles Privileges Groups WirelessBusinessIntelligence App Dev Framework BPEL Process Mgr Database Enterprise users, VPD, Encryption Label Security Certificate Authority Delegated Admin. Services Directory Integration Services Single Sign-On Services Federated Identity Services User Provisioning Services

31 Quality & Delivery Improvements  Highest Quality Release Ever – 100% Same Quality Standards as 10GR2 DBMS  New Grid Testing Framework – CPU Server Farm – 152 Complex Configurations Built & Tested Daily – 2,240 Tests Run in Each Configuration – 62,300+ Hours/Week, 2.98 Million Hours of Testing  Testing Improvements from 10GR1 – 31% Increase of Functional Test Volume – 4X More Stress Tests, 3X More Longevity Tests – 47% More High Availability Tests – 22% Increase in Cross-Product Testing  Real World Testing – 26 Real Customer Workloads; 13 Systems Live

32 Best App Server for Oracle DB  Oracle Application Server is Open – Works with Any DB: MSFT, Sybase, Informix, DB/2, Oracle  No App Server is better with Oracle DB – J2EE: Database Web Services – Bus. Intelligence: OLAP Integration – Integration: DB Events; Analytic Functions – Portal: XDB Content Repository – Scalability: DRM (JDBC Stats) – HA: Back-Up, Disaster Recovery, FaN – Clusters: OCFS, ASM, RAC, CRS – Security: Proxy User, Enterprise User Security – SW Provisioning: Installation, Patching, Cloning – Monitoring: Topology Mgmt, ASLM – Diagnosability: End to End Log Correlation  Customer Benefits – Exploit Database Features, Easier to Develop, Maintain

33 MSFT.NET Interoperability  Product Integration with MSFT.NET – VS.NET Web Services: WS-I Basic Profile, All Styles – WS Protocols: Dime, Custom Serializers – UDDI Support: MSFT UDDI Browser Support – Queuing: JMS Bridge to MSMQ – Legacy Support: C++ Web Services to J2EE Interop – Orchestration: Biztalk Interoperability – Human Workflow: MSFT WinForms Integration – Directory Services: Simpler Active Directory Sync – Windows Security: Simpler Windows Native Authentication – Clusterware: MS Cluster Services – Similar to FailSafe – Load Balancing: MSFT NLB Support  Customer Benefits – Easy to Adopt and Co-Exist with MSFT Applications

34 Move Existing Apps Forward Oracle Forms, Reports, Designer  Oracle Forms – JVM Pooling for Scalability: Calling Java from Forms – End-User Monitoring: Multi-Tier Performance Tracing – Webutil Production – Upgrade to RSFs  Oracle Reports – Output format for Spreadsheet: (e.g. MS Excel) – Formatting tags for in-line formatting of flowing text – PDF Enhancements: True Type Font Subsetting – HTML 3.2 and 4.01 Support – All Java Runtime: No C++ ORB  Oracle Designer – Generation for 10G DBMS – Generation for Forms, Reports, mod_PL/SQL 10GR2

35 D E M O N S T R A T I O N

36 APS Market Position Gartner Magic Quadrant – July 2004 “Oracle, IBM, and BEA are the 3 Leaders”

37 APS Technology Comparison Forrester Research – June 2004

38 10 g R2 Overview  10 g R2 is Major Update Release – 432 New Features – Best Suite: Best Integrated APS Suite – Best of Breed: Individual Pieces – Best for Grid: Significant Grid Enhancements  Highest Quality Release Ever – Same Quality Standards as DBMS, Very Stable – Easy to Adopt: 100% Automated Upgrade  10 g R2 Further Speeds Market Growth – Oracle’s Fastest Growing Business – World’s Fastest Growing: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004



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