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New York State Department of Transportation A Travel Information Service for New York State.

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1 New York State Department of Transportation A Travel Information Service for New York State

2 Purpose To share with you:  Background on 511  NYSDOT's Vision for 511 for New York State  Contents of 511 NY travel information service  Recent 511-related activities  Implementation  Information coordination  Operation and participation

3 What is 511?

4 National Deployment Status 511 is the number for getting travel information by phone  Designated by the FCC in 2000 for use by state DOTs  32 states with partial or complete statewide coverage  115-million-plus calls since inception  Available to 47% of population in 2007  65% of population in 2008 8 new states online by year-end 2008 Canada deploying 511 service In NY, 511 will be the brand for travel information via:  Telephone, Web site and e-notifications

5 Vision for 511 NY New York State’s 511 Travel Information System provides useful, high-quality, comprehensive, readily available and accessible travel information in a timely manner to its customers.  Customers include the traveling public, the commercial sector and transportation system operators.  The goal is to increase travel and transportation satisfaction through:  Increased mobility and reliability  Enhanced safety and security  Environmental sustainability  Economic competitiveness

6 Objectives Seek out and use the best information available  TRANSCOM Regional Architecture Database  Only database of its kind in existence nationally Ensure the integration of all travel modes 511 system provides consistent and up-to-date region-based information 511 is user friendly and seamless  Coordination and harmonization of telephone, Web offerings and e-notifications Regional interoperability  FHWA model deployment

7 Background NYSDOT began investigating 511 soon after the FCC designation Decided in late 2006 to advance 511 for NYS  Government service  External contractor to design, implement and operate  Complementary marketing and outreach effort Request for Proposals issued in July 2007 Responses evaluated in September 2007 Telvent Farradyne team the designated winner  Contract signed in February 2008

8 511 NY Deployment Status IVR phone system available in the New York City Metro Area is using TRANSCOM’s Regional Architecture database  511 NY will include all incident and event data in 29-county metro NYC/LI and northern NJ area TransAlert system introduced in May 2008  MTA e-notification system featured Rest of the state online by 2009

9 Travel Information Information about the surface transportation systems and services operating in NYS  Dynamic  Accident / congestion locations; work zones; weather  Transit status  Static  Facility and service information, including contact lists  Transit schedules and trip-planning services  CVO, bike/ped, human services Offered to help make travel:  Safer and more secure  More efficient, effective and productive  Flexible (choices) and reliable  Pleasant (quality of life)

10 IVR Phone System Nuance Speech Recognition Integrated Multimodal / Multiagency Database-driven IVR Menu Structure  Incident Reporting  Call transfer  Floodgate messages for ETO and special events Customized trees for each of nine calling regions Web site Traffic Conditions (Incidents, construction, traffic cameras, speed, weather) Transit Conditions (Incidents, construction) Statewide Multiagency Transit Trip Planner Ride-share opportunities Travel Links (CVO, Bicycling) 511 NY System Details

11 Implementation Roles and Responsibilities  NYSDOT Main Office  Development and implementation of 511 system policy and guidance, quality assurance, training and support  Telvent  System design, operation, maintenance and future enhancements  Transportation Management Centers  Quality and timely data gathering and dissemination

12 Outreach to Stakeholders Partner agencies: Provide transportation systems and services in the state:  Roadway Transit  Tourism Enforcement/first-responder  Rail Aviation  Bicycling Ride share Have information about their systems and services to publicize or key insights about customers’ needs. System Users: Traveling Public Commercial Vehicle Operators Transportation System Operators Partners in Information

13 Regional Issues Neighboring States and Provinces  Share lessons learned  Build on existing relationships and forge new ones Interoperability  Commonality of tools  Telephone menus  Mapping symbols  Terminology  Adherence to standards  Proper direction of calls  Cell phone calls  Transferring/redirecting calls  Coordination of content and ease of use  Access to databases and information

14 511 Added Value NYC- DOT Parking Info CARS/ RA Incident Info Trips123 Planner Transit Call Centers Ride-share Call Center 311 Ride-share Tools Clean Air NY Bike/ Ped TSIP 511 NYAlert/ E- Alerts IVR/Phone/ “My 511” 511 Web Portal Combined Marketing Harmonization of Content

15 Interfaces to Many Data Sources Already Exist

16 IVR/Telephony Data Flow Data Sources IVR Data Server IVR Database IVR Front End NYC Long Island Lower Hudson Valley Capital Region Niagara Finger Lakes Central Southern Tier Adirondack

17 511 NY Calling Regions

18 NYC IVR Phone Menu

19 Upstate IVR Menu





24 Transit Incidents Via Regional Architecture

25 Transit Itinerary Planning System  NYSDOT / TRANSCOM Transit Trip Planner


27 Park-and-Ride Information

28 Ride-share Integration


30 “Green” Opportunities “Green” elements and enhancements are being considered during system deployment  Prioritized for implementation, as information becomes available  Promotion of sustainability  Pushing information to travelers for more efficient trips with informed choices to better manage their lives  Dynamic routing capabilities based on incident and congestion information  Information on the availability of alternative fuel sources  Promotion of environmentally friendly travel mode choices with a reduced carbon footprint (bike/pedestrian, transit)

31 Eye to the Future Explore and pursue opportunities:  Promotion of state and regional travel and tourism  Advanced custom services such as “My 511”  Route-planning tools  Map- and video-based distribution of travel information to mobile devices  RSS and XML feeds  Premium services to defray operating costs  ISP Partnerships

32 Questions and Answers Contact Information: Todd Westhuis, P.E., Project Director NYSDOT Operations Division 518.485.0887 Mary Harding, Outreach Coordinator NYSDOT Office of External Relations 518.457.2345

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