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Limmud NY 2012 Survey evaluation February 21, 2012 1.

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1 Limmud NY 2012 Survey evaluation February 21, 2012 1

2 Highlights 248 started/ 206 finished survey. 48% first-timers, 25% presented, 11% attended w/kids. Good news: 94% satisfied with their LNY experience, 58% plan to return for LNY2012. Compare to 83%/66% last year. Quality of programming and social/community atmosphere were most common positives. Price and facility/heat issues most common negatives; facility/heat mentioned much more than last year. 2

3 Highlights II A number of people would like more mealtimes with no programming. Most first-timers answered “NA” to buddy program. Presenters were largely satisfied with their experience. Small set of respondents who brought children; mixed experiences but this area seems like a concern. There is some interest in having a quarterly e- newsletter, though some feel they already receive too many e-newsletters. 3

4 Overall satisfaction/ likelihood of return 4 Q. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Limmud NY 2012 conference? Q. Do you plan to attend Limmud NY in 2013?

5 Overall satisfaction: 2012 vs 2011 5 Q. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Limmud NY 2011 conference? + 16%

6 Specific likes Top likes: quality of sessions and social/community atmosphere  “The programming was fabulous, I appreciated its diversity, the vast number of offerings from which to choose and, in particular the art and cooking/demos. Also, the spirit of the conference was great. Friendly faces were the norm, which was lovely.”  “The Programming was extraordinary! The warmth of the community and environment which was created was also fabulous. It was amazing to see such a diverse but cohesive community created over such a short period.”  “I liked: smaller size (less chaotic and loud in dining area), saying communal kiddush with one voice Fri night, rocking Havdalah, the tacos, compostable take-out containers.”  “The diversity of people. That David Wolkin was involved and Sheridan Gayer was involved. That there was a big screen for the holy Giants game.” 6

7 Specific dislikes Top dislikes: price, facility/heat, want meals w/o classes, want more yoga, Shabbat service quality, better Israel programming  “The only thing I would like to see changed is the temperature in many of the meeting rooms. There were a few times I had to leave a meeting because of the freezing temperature. And they were meetings I was really enjoying!”  “The venue needs either a complete renovation or to change. The freezing presentation rooms were unacceptable. Also, affordability of the conference is a big issue for me and most of my peers..”  “I would have liked to eat lunch on Shabbat as a group instead of having another session. Formalizing the meal would create a more formalized way to meet more people. While I did meet many people mostly we were all on the go and that extra time would have been nice.” 7

8 “Selling” Limmud to Friends “It’s like a candy store of learning and fun.” “Rather than taking ten evenings out of your hectic life to locate and attend a myriad of lecture/discussions, Limmud is the quickest way to get your finger on the pulse of what's important in the Jewish community, meet respected thinkers, scholars and Jews of all kinds. And for professionals working in Jewish nonprofits: a must for their professional development and networking.” “I would tell the friend that Limmud was a truly meaningful positive experience. It was there that I first discovered that my own beliefs do not have the monopoly on Jewish meaning. Just by listening to others share their perspectives, I enhanced my appreciation for my Judaism.” “It's a wonderful family experience. It has ruach. It has great intellectual activities. You feel rejuvenated in your Jewish practices. You leave feeling inspired. It has a strong component of social action. It's fun.” “I would say that this conference is different from other Jewish conferences I've attended. People actually interact with strangers and everybody is very open. The workshops are fantastic. It is well organized. Never did I feel like I was wasting my time, or that it was just for people of an older generation.” 8

9 How well did Limmud meet expectations to.. 9 Q. To what extent did Limmud NY 2012 meet your expectations to... Note: above chart shows “a lot” answer.

10 Participants agree that.. 10 Q. How much do you agree (or disagree) with these statements about Limmud NY 2012? Note : above chart shows “agree a lot” answer

11 Why might not attend LNY2013? Not sure (37%) or definitely/probably not attend (5%)  Cost/budget/unsure what finances will be  Known scheduling issues/out of area  Venue is unappealing Satisfied with conference but not sure or probably/definitely not attend in 2013 (79 people)  Same reasons as above 11 Q. Why are you considering not attending Limmud NY 2013?

12 Programming Sessions/presenters especially enjoyed:  J. Wittenberg, T. Wasserman, L. Ferrante, L. Nord, H. Harchol, A. Lau-Lavie, S. Held, D. Ingber, S. Boteach, S. Klein, E. Tucker, Wolkins, L. Kaye. Sessions/presenters especially disappointing:  S. Boteach, Y. Buxbaum, W. Berkson, M. Gersch Sessions/presenters for next year:  A. Kurzweil, D. Solomon, A. Diament, P. Beinart, D. Brooks, G. Tucker  Yoga  Everyone on the “enjoyed” list 12

13 Presenter experience (presenters, 26%) 13 Q. As a presenter, how satisfied were you with.. Note: above chart shows “very satisfied” answer

14 Presenter comments “No improvement here: Schmulie was very responsive to my e mails; answered my questions, and was helpful and very positive during the conference.” “It was great, specifically on the aspect of personal relations - the organizers really made me feel at home..” “The Master Agenda system was kind of tricky. Perhaps it would be easier if it was all on one page.” “There might be a more formal checkin with presenters during a conference call prior to limmud, discussing what to expect, suggestions for making good presentations, reminders of possible audience.” 14

15 Family/camp experience(11%) 15 Q. Overall, how satisfied were you with… Note: above chart shows “very satisfied” answer

16 Family/camp comments “My kids did not enjoy the Camp experience. They both felt it was too young for them and the environment was too controlling. My 13 year old son did not meet any other kids his age, besides the friend he already knew. Where were the kids in 7th grade and beyond?” “Carefully selected sessions were of more interest to our middle schooler than the middle school program.” “Have more babysitters available. They seemed a bit overwhelmed. I was also not happy they let the kids watch TV without asking the parents if that was okay.” “Camp Limmud was awesome. Jory's yoga was outstanding and kiddie kirtan was a delight!” 16

17 Newsletter: content 17 Q. How interested would you be in these newsletter features? Note: only “very interested” answers are displayed

18 Newsletter: frequency and comments Spotlights on past presenters/ attendees and how Limmud has shaped their lives. Who has been recruited as presenters for the following conference I'm not sure I'd actually READ another e-newsletter, I get so much e-junkmail already, I'm e- newslettered out Maybe a section like we have at my temple with S'machot (and possibly obituaries) so we can celebrate/mourn with each other. Also, maybe games, like Jewish sudoku or themed crossword puzzles or word games or even cartoons Announcements about concerts, lectures and events where past or future Limmudniks will be performing / presenting. 18 Q. How often would you be interested in receiving an e-newsletter from Limmud NY?

19 Limmud moments I “Sitting in the class with Jonathan Wittenberg watching his film, welling with tears, feeling moved to see this very brilliant, down to earth man exploring his heritage. I felt my true self, whole and more connected and less alone. I could soar!” “Unexpectedly, meeting an author whose book is by our bedside and whose material has brought us great joy and inspiration for years. “The world premier of Hanan Harchol's film Gratitude moved much of the room near tears. The way in which he and Leora framed the process was moving and beautiful. “I was leading a workshop called "Queer Risings in the Torah." Many of the people who attended were Orthodox. They were totally open and asked great questions. At the end of the session, one Orthodox young woman stayed after and told me how unfair she had long thought it was that only gay people could be "queer," and she was grateful that I had opened up the possibility for her, as a heterosexual woman, to be queer, too. Then she said to, "Wanna make change in the Orthodox world?" Now, we are in communication.” 19

20 Limmud moments II “I told the Israeli security guards that I think Israel is the most goyish state in the world while we smoked cigarettes in the smoking lounge and we proceeded to have a reasonable, good-humored, and deep conversation about ourselves and our world.” “Staying up late after the tisch swapping stories of a class with a friend - we both wanted to hear both Jill Hammer and Ebn Leader, but couldn't - so he went to Jill and I went to Ebn, then we shared how it went with each other.” “The Friday evening Tish with an Orthodox rabbi, a Conservative women rabbi and a Renewal rabbi all sitting at the same table singing. That only happens at Limmud!” “Playing with Ebn Lieder's daughter. I need to become best friends with her.” “Louis Ferrante at the end of his session hugging Arthur Kurzweil!” 20

21 Respondent demographics 21 2012 survey Male34% Female66% 18-2412% 25-3430% 35-4919% 50-6427% 65+11% 2012 survey Single44% Married44% D/W/S12% First timer47% Attended at least 1 LNY 53% Received scholarship 50%

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