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An Initiative of the NY Farm Viability Institute USDA-AIC Final Report Mike Hoffmann Bill Lesser Kris Park.

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1 An Initiative of the NY Farm Viability Institute USDA-AIC Final Report Mike Hoffmann Bill Lesser Kris Park

2 IPM3 IPM growers126-TracApple ’0450 IPM growers 943 Trac ’04307-TracGrape ’04450 633 Trac ’05 433 in '04 total Trac users 301 in '05 total Value-Added Dairy10N/AN/A Business Plans2105125 Business Structure381210 Crop Value-Enh.1,4112620 Ec. & Env. Manure Sol.3455 Value-Added Hort.1471610 Summary # Contacts # Client # Client by PotentialProjects Project Project Component ClientsCompletedDeliverables

3 Return on Investment Approx. cost per unit “produced”:  Business plan - $3,248 Includes resource materials, outreach development, and training  Product developed (FVC) - $19,190  Marketing/feasibility plan - $2,212 Includes costs of development of 5 educational modules  Structure consulting - $7,628 Includes resource development, publications, outreach  Software to participating growers - $205 Includes traceability assistance, resource materials  Manure feasibility study per grower - $31,350 Includes cost of developing financial model

4 Producer Assistance by Industry and Activity Completed Producer Projects Value-Added Projects 2 89 Fruits & Vegetables40 Marketing23 Dairy19 Organic16 Livestock5 Small Livestock6 Cheese3 Specialty9 Field Crops3 Green4 Miscellaneous8.

5 Centralized Database Producer contact information; farm type, structure, commodities, activities; referral information; project activities; and consultant contacts with the producer via telephone or farm visits.

6 9 5 2 2 11 47 1 1 10 15 1 9 11 2 1 1 5 2 2 10 1 1 24 1 8 8 5 11 5 1 2 14 10 1 5 15 1 11 36 1 3 64 3 3 19 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 NY AIC producer projects by county

7 NY AIC Website

8 Opportunities/Growth Increased Partnering – internally and externally Common accountability and common goals Interdisciplinary approach Discerning “new” program needs  Business plans—5-fold increase by NY FarmNet/FarmLink  Appropriate business structures for producers evaluating renewable energy opportunities

9 CHALLENGES Evaluation of impacts Time and cost to recruit and develop new, itinerant staff Confusion as to who and what AIC is Seasonality of most agricultural production Grant writing to aid producer projects

10 AIC Components Business Plan Assistance Business Structure Development Crop Value-Enhancement Economic & Environmental Manure Solutions IPM Labeling & TracApple Value-Added Dairy Value-Added Horticulture Businesses

11 Business Plan Assistance GOAL: Assist producers in the creation of business plans

12 Business Plan Assistance COMPLETED DELIVERABLES: 210 contacts requested assistance; 90 producer clients agreements; 51 completed plans 500 workbook hard copies distributed, available at: Developed worksheets and computerized tools for outreach consultants Provided training for 44 consultants

13 Business Structure Development GOALS: Assist groups/firms select business structures Assist them to acquire capital & management necessary Assist design of governance & decision-making structures

14 Business Structure COMPLETED DELIVERABLES: 38 growers &/or groups requested assistance; 17 client agreements; 12 client projects completed Presentations and workshop - CCE staff statewide, NY FarmNet volunteers, CCE Farm management educators Bibliography of current publications and developing business structure tools

15 Business Structure COMPLETED DELIVERABLES, cont. Published and distributed:  “Doing Business in New York State: Structures and Strategies”  “Considerations in Establishing a New Business Structure for Farm Energy Enterprises”  “Wind Energy Development in NYS: Issues for Landowners”  Webpage - business structure information and tools Held “Strengthening Cooperation - A workshop for new and emerging farmer-owned business”

16 Crop Value-Enhancement GOALS: Provide direct technical services to producers resulting in implementation of value-added businesses focused on fruits and vegetables through processing Develop strategic alliances to facilitate implementation

17 Crop Value-Enhancement  fruit wines  gourmet jarred peaches  fresh-peeled onions  apple products  peeled potatoes  roasted soybeans  black currant beverage  gourmet pickled vegetables  fruit vinegars  grape products  fermented and sweet cider  beach plum products  granola  refrigerated cider blends 1411 requests for assistance; 26 projects completed

18 Crop Value-Enhancement COMPLETED DELIVERABLES, cont. Identification of technical services for successful implementation Advice on processing and packaging equipment Food safety evaluations Support for quality control and assurance procedures Assistance in developing HACCP plans Identification of distribution and market opportunities Assistance with business plans Identification of manufacturing space and co-packing arrangements Production and evaluation of product prototypes and procedures Process development for new products based on targeted specifications

19 Economic & Environmental Manure Solutions GOAL: Identify & analyze current technologies as options to convert manure into a value added enterprise

20 Economic & Environmental Manure Solutions COMPLETED DELIVERABLES: 4 business/financial plans completed; 10 plans ongoing; 2 projects under construction Financial Analysis Model to assist in business planning completed and on WWW - currently being utilized in business planning Wrote 6 grant applications with farmers for their project funding

21 IPM Labeling and TracApple© GOAL: Assist farmers in capturing consumer demand for environmentally healthy and sustainable foods, and for increasing the market availability of those foods.

22 IPM Labeling and TracApple© COMPLETED DELIVERABLES: Users - 100 TracApple, 300 TracGrape, 25 TracStoneFruit, and 25 TracBerry TracSoftware developed for 13 crops including grape, pear, stone fruits, cherries, and berries & secured grant to develop TracTurf IPM Elements finalized for potatoes, onions, juice grapes, and apples - see WWW.

23 IPM Labeling and TracApple© COMPLETED DELIVERABLES, cont. Refocus from retail IPM label development to SYSCO and wholesale distribution – aiding in development of traceability standards

24 Value-Added Dairy GOAL: To enhance on-farm returns to New York State producers initiating value-added dairy food processing ventures

25 Value-Added Dairy COMPLETED DELIVERABLES: Market research report containing  The NY Specialty Cheese Market – Demand Considerations ( Survey of restaurant trade, specialty shops, & wineries)  The New York Specialty Cheese Market – Supply Considerations  Key Marketing Points Identified multiple cheeses as suitable for each channel

26 Value-Added Horticulture Businesses GOAL : Develop tools and provide services to assist emerging and existing horticultural operations in adopting value-added business and marketing practices

27 Value-Added Horticulture COMPLETED DELIVERABLES: 16 producer projects completed  i.e. marketing strategy studies, pricing information, feasibility studies, market potential Developing 5 educational modules:  “Market/Marketing Research”  “Pricing Strategies”, “Product Development”, “Retail Food Channel”, and “Marketing to the Foodservice Channel”

28 Impact NYFVI/NY AIC: Over $25 million in ag. investments Increased first year sales of $676,000, on farms Over 30 jobs created (potential for 76 more) Calculated decisions prevented losses of over $290,000 Over 900 NY farms assisted (incl. coop. members and growers working collaboratively)

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