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World Federation Bam Rehabilitation Project in conjunction with KSIMJ Dubai.

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1 World Federation Bam Rehabilitation Project in conjunction with KSIMJ Dubai

2 At first glance you might think this mother has just put her baby to sleep… ….in fact she is bidding a final farewell to her flower

3 In Bam, there are many such mothers….

4 And fathers too…

5 It is estimated that 15,000 more may still be under the rubble 33,000 bodies have been buried

6  The earthquake struck the city at Fajr time.  Some of the deceased were found in Sajda or with Qur’an, Tasbeeh in their hands.

7 It lasted for about 12 seconds; three times longer than most earthquakes and brought about wide scale destruction to one of the oldest cities

8 entire neighbourhoods were flattened

9 Almost 80% of the buildings in Bam were destroyed …………..many neighbourhoods

10 It generated $400,000 a month in tourism, before the earthquake CITADEL -The world renowned 2000 year old historical trading town.

11 Even new Buildings were not spared

12 More than 50 mosques & 30 Centres damaged

13 70 year old Hawza (Jamiatuz Zahra) for Ladies totally destroyed

14 Robbed of their houses the people now seek shelter in tents


16 Some semi-permanent housing is arriving

17 In the immediate aftermath a lot of relief goods were delivered; clothes, shoes, medicine

18 Imam Juma’a (Ayatullah Khameini’s representative in Bam) Governor of Bam & Mayor of Bam, Commander in Chief –Kirman Prov.

19 Syed Husayni Bushehri –Head of all Hawzas in Iran Syed A’lamul Huda –Chairman Bam Cultural Rehabilitation Agha Hassan Akhtari –Advisor to Ayatullah Khameini (Intl Affairs)

20 Action Taken Immediate: Condolence letters & relief aid of over US$80,000. Assessment Team: Fact finding visit to analyse needs. Output is this presentation and a more detailed report available on the World Federation website. Short-term: Semi-permanent structures to be used as multi purpose Centres. Most of the centres were destroyed & with the advent of Muharram, coupled with the fact that this unique need could not be addressed by the International relief agencies. Mid-term projects: Permanent Imambaras & Hawza.

21 Recommendation: Short term Needs 14 semi-permanent multi purpose centres to be used for Azadari, Masjid, Hawza, etc. Costing US$125,000. All weather Will be in use for atleast 2 years whilst re-construction of all Centres is completed 50% of the cost i.e. all ‘white goods’ will be transferred to new Centres & the Structures re- used in subsequent Muharams.

22 14 Centers Delivered in time Land being cleared Steel frame erected Completed Structure

23 Ashura in Bam; Muharram 1425

24 Recommendation: Mid term Final phase to provide permanent structures to replace the damaged/destroyed religious Centres as follows MosqueUS$140,000 Imambara/Religious CentreUSS200,000 HawzaUS$120,000 This is a unique need as only Communities like ours can understand and address the plight of our brothers in faith.

25 Current State of some of these Centres

26 To Donate please contact your Jamaat or alternatively visit the World Federation website on May the Almighty reward your generosity towards the people of Bam Remember these projects are Sawabe Jariah

27 The greatly expanded Bam graveyard Sura e Fateha

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