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ANNOUNCEMENTS Please any technical issues to CHANGE OF LOCATION: – Days 1 and 2 will now BOTH be held at the Washington DC.

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2 ANNOUNCEMENTS Please email any technical issues to CHANGE OF LOCATION: – Days 1 and 2 will now BOTH be held at the Washington DC location of the US Environmental Protection Agency (East Building). – Day 1 room numbers are correct as in the agenda. – Day 2 room numbers will be announced

3 OBJECTIVES We are asking you to Consider presentations and discuss the findings of the project so far Evaluate practical steps to methods development in light of the findings, and Propose key elements that would go into a Workplan for Methods Development And this is all to inform the project Steering Committee, who will be making the final decisions of what to carry forward. Please note that the workshop is science-focused, interested in methods development and standardization, and will not focus on regulatory actions. In addition to the presentations, the expected workshop outputs are the reports from the charges of Breakout Sessions on Day 1 and Day 2 and a set of responses from the Steering Committee to elements of the Workplan.

4 What is the Steering Committee deciding? The Steering Committee is choosing elements of a workplan for pilot testing and then later development of methods. The methods development would be done in an inter-laboratory approach by laboratories volunteering their resources. “Methods” includes -Generating released material in a way informative to a real release scenario -Sampling that material in a way informative to decision needs -Measuring characteristics of the sampled material -Summarizing or extracting and reporting data from the measurements 4

5 SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS Provided on electronic drives and on the password protected project web site (ask for access if you need it) TG1 “Methods for the Release of MWCNTs from MWCNT-Polymer Composites” DRAFT TG2 “Release Characteristics of Selected Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites” DRAFT TG3 “Potential Release Scenarios for Carbon Nanotubes used in Composites” final white paper. Phase 2.5 Report “Comparison of existing studies of release measurement for MWCNT-polymer composites: Report to the Steering Committee” DRAFT Phase 2.5 Question Matrix (Excel worksheet with detailed information on studies and interviews) Example of a Phase 3 Workplan Protocol (a rough example of the level of detail we need in terms of workplan elements)

6 Agenda (summary) Thursday 8:45AM – coffee Review of the Task Group efforts to give context of what is known – TG2 – materials – TG3 – scenarios – TG1 – methods – Brief statement of the “State of the Science” report Between coffee and lunch Provide context of 1) what has been studied and 2) what the project is thinking of in terms of initial approach to methods development – Phase 2.5 report (review of existing studies in light of the expert task reports) – Initial thoughts of Inter-laboratory Testing Group (ITG) as to how we can best proceed for methods development Thursday afternoon Breakout sessions to narrow down the scope and choose key elements of the methods development workplan. (more on this in following slides Friday morning Finish breakout reports Friday mid-morning to afternoon Convene a Steering Committee decision session to determine what will go forward to the ITG as a charge to develop the workplan

7 How the breakout sessions will inform the Steering Committee The Breakout Sessions will make recommendations on how to frame and address specific elements of a Workplan to further the development of widely accepted methods for nanomaterial release measurement. The recommendations should consider both a)What is well known (and so has established practice to build on) and b)What is needed most (for example, to assure we have methods to address key needs) The project Steering Committee will use the recommendations to make decisions about how to proceed in methods development. 7

8 Breakout Session and Group Structure 8 Breakout Groups 1 Breakout Sessions 23 Select Materials: CNT(s) and polymer (s) Methods for Release and Sampling Methods for Measurement B. Weathering/ Environmental B. Weathering/ Environmental A. Abrasion/ Consumer & Sanding/ Occupational A. Abrasion/ Consumer & Sanding/ Occupational ThursdayFriday

9 Questions?

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