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Solar Energy: A Sustainable Source of Income for the Nitzana Rural Educational Community.

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1 Solar Energy: A Sustainable Source of Income for the Nitzana Rural Educational Community

2 “ It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested.” David Ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel

3 Strengthening the Negev – A National Priority for Israel’s Survival The Negev desert in southern Israel comprises 66% of Israel’s land mass. It is home to only 7% of the population. The potential for developing the Negev is largely untapped. Attracting young people to the region and making it economically viable is a national priority. This priority is being carried out in cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel.

4 Nitzana Rural Educational Community A Pearl in the Negev Located deep in the desert, along the peace border with Egypt. First home for young new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. A pioneering ecological village. Environmental education programs for Israeli and Jewish youth worldwide. Attracts over 15,000 young people each year to its Negev Desert Seminars. Is building a community of educators passionate about living in the Negev and protecting the environment.

5 Harnessing the Power of the Sun Nitzana’s state-of-the-art Solar Science Park showcases environmental technologies powered by the desert’s abundant solar energy, such as: An evaporative cooling tower that serves as a natural air conditioner Desalination by evaporation A heat exchanger that heats and cools water Concentrating solar radiation and using it for energy.

6 New Incentive for Producing Solar Energy In June 2008, the Israeli Public Utility Authority announced a new government incentive program for the production and use of solar energy. The program gives individuals and institutions the opportunity to establish their own solar panel system to generate clean electricity. The feed-in tariff sets a guaranteed, above-market rate at which owners of the solar power systems can sell their excess renewable power back to the utility company.

7 Leveraging the Feed-In Tariff Nitzana has ideal natural conditions for establishing the solar panel system: 1. 90% sunshine throughout the year 2. a large rooftop surface to support the system instead of using valuable land The government is giving priority to the southern region. The feed-in tariff is guaranteed for 20 years. Revenue is tax-free.

8 Solar Energy as a Sustainable Source of Income for Nitzana Nitzana commissioned a professional study that found: 1. With an initial investment of $400,000 for start-up costs Nitzana can create a 800 sq.m. micro solar plant for electricity production. 2. If Nitzana raises the $400,000 from donors, and avoids taking a loan, the stream of recurring revenue will reach $60,0000 per annum. 3. Over a period of 20 years, Nitzana will see a $1.2 million ROI for advancing its vital environment and education initiatives.

9 Solar Electricity Production

10 With Your Support, We Can Take the Lead Producing electricity from solar power allows Nitzana to become a national leader in education for renewable energy. This project will generate much-needed income that will ensure Nitzana’s ability to operate, especially in difficult financial times.

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