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Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis District 2012-2013. Who’s in attendance?

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1 Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis District 2012-2013


3 Who’s in attendance?

4 Session Goals & Expectations Enhance your Kiwanis knowledge. Improve your Club Leader effectiveness. Review your Club Leader responsibilities. Prepare for a GREAT 2012-13 Club Year.

5 Section I - Kiwanis Organization Section II - Leadership & Communications Section III – Membership, Service and Growth Section IV - Keys for Successful Club Operations Section V - Club Bylaws & Officer Duties Section VI - Kiwanis Foundations Section VII - Discussion and Evaluation 5

6 Each Club CLE folder includes: Participant Guide Leadership Guide Kiwanis Facts Community Analysis Club Excellence Tool Planning Your Club’s Success Club Bylaws Format List of Available Resources One-Minute Speech

7 Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.


9 Kiwanis International Kiwanis Districts Kiwanis Divisions Kiwanis Clubs Kiwanis Members (One Can Make a Difference!) 9

10 The Kiwanis Family

11 Kiwanis Organization Kiwanis International Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN Clubs in 80 nations & geographic areas, 600,000 adult & youth members 2011-2012 Officers: Alan Penn, President Thomas DeJulio, President-elect

12 NE-IA Kiwanis District : (One of 47 Kiwanis Districts in the World) District Office: Williamsburg, Iowa Governor Marvel Dunaway Governor-elect Bob Mitchell Vice Governor Andy Bradley Past Governor Gus Dornbusch Secretary/Treasurer Frank Murphy

13 NE-IA Kiwanis District: 24 Divisions: Each Division led by a Lt. Governor 191 Kiwanis Clubs: Each Club headed by a President About 6,500 Adult Kiwanis Members: “One Can Make A Difference ”

14 “ When You Score One for Kiwanis: The Kids Win!” Service Delivers Membership and Membership Delivers Service!

15 1. Strengthen existing clubs & open new clubs. 2. Improve the quality of the Kiwanis Club experience. 3. Increase our commitment to service. 4. Implement our Global Campaign for Children: “The ELIMINATE Project.” 5. Successfully implement the Regional Trustees governance model.

16 NE-IA Kiwanis District Regions Region I - Divisions 21, 22, 23, 24 Region II- Divisions 17, 18, 19, 20 Region III- Divisions 3, 4, 5, 6 Region IV- Divisions 1, 2, 7, 8 Region V- Divisions 11, 12, 13, 16 Region VI- Divisions 9, 10, 14, 15

17 Region I Divisions 21, 22, 23, 24

18 Region II Divisions 17, 18, 19, 20

19 Region III Divisions 3, 4, 5, 6

20 Region IV Divisions 1, 2, 7, 8

21 Region V Divisions 11, 12, 13, 16

22 Region VI Divisions 9, 10, 14, 15

23 District Governance Consists Of: Approval of budgets Review of bylaws Policy changes Personnel management Strategic planning Addressing District level issues

24 District Organizational Structure Governor Regional TrusteesLt. Governors Club Presidents District Secretary/Treasurer Immediate Past Gov Governor Elect Vice Governor


26 Possess both hard and soft skills Leadership

27 Effective Leaders Need To Be: Familiar with Kiwanis organization & policies Effective communicator Possess organizational skills Work well with volunteers

28 Effective Leaders Realize: All volunteer teams Limited authority One-year terms Competition for time Experts are everywhere

29 Smooth Transition of Leadership Preparation of Club Leadership

30 Making Sure Your Message Gets Through! Making Sure Your Message Gets Through! Club Meeting Newsletters Board Meetings Club Website Social Media

31 KiwanisOne Reporting Club Websites Leadership Guide



34 Be concise, professional and emotionally neutral. Keep it simple. Never be negative or corrective. Don’t speak to one person by e-mailing everyone else. Remember – anything in an e-mail should be considered public.

35 Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere Organized Agenda Efficient Meeting—stick to the agenda Informative and interesting program Kiwanis Education “Education Minute” Fun – -

36 Agenda is a must Involve members in meeting & activities “SELL” your club at every meeting Share success of recent service events Education time for guests and members Be cautious with jokes so they are not at the expense of someone else!


38 Finding new members and keeping those that you have as to meet new and old project needs. Recruitment Recognition Retention

39 Meets under-served needs of communities. Enhances the visibility of Kiwanis. Re-energizes the sponsoring clubs. Adds new hands for increasing service.

40 Obtain Board approval Involve the club membership Set goals and expectations Provide the tools and resources Invite and ASK!

41 Prepare yourself to explain your passion for Kiwanis Tell your Kiwanis story (Kiwanis Moments) Develop different versions of your speech Sign up members The One-Minute Speech

42 Key to Retention is “Involvement” Conduct New & Old Member Orientation/Update Have an Active Mentoring Program Involve New Members in: Service Projects Club Committees Fundraising Projects Nurturing Relationships Recognize Member Accomplishments 42 Retention

43 Informal – personal recognition Public – newsletter, newspaper, media Formal – plaque, pin, token of appreciation Give it frequently Give it via a variety of methods Give it honestly Give it appropriately for the achievement

44 Growth: SLPs Service Leadership Programs need to grow!! Every effective Kiwanis club should sponsor or co-sponsor one or more Service Leadership Programs. Retention Through SLPs


46 What Makes a Successful Club?

47 S pecific M easurable A ction oriented R ealistic T ime bound 47 Club Goals

48 Effective Leadership Advanced Planning Implementation of Plans Complete and Timely Reporting 48

49 49 Elected Club Leader Responsibilities: Conduct Community Analysis Conduct Club Assessment Effective Committee Appointments Retreat for Incoming Officers/Appointees Establish Club Planning Calendar Establish Club Goals & Action Plans Utilize Kiwanis Distinguished Criteria Club Fundamentals

50 Community Analysis Meet with community leaders Needs Needs for Children and Community Projects Develop Projects to meet Needs Members and Support Generate need for Volunteers & Dollars With Passion Community Analysis: Each club will conduct a Community Analysis every two years.

51 Club Assessment District Goal: Each club will do a club assessment Annually. The Club Excellence Tool How good is our club? How can it improve? How can it better serve your community?? Club Fundamentals

52 52 Club Fundamentals and in the right seats serving as committee chairs!... and in the right seats serving as committee chairs!

53 Committee Appointments: Select committee chairs carefully – When? Select committee members to their strengths and interests Remember: Committees are where the work gets done! Club Fundamentals

54 Club Leadership “Retreat” “Plan and Organize for the Coming Year” “Plan and Organize for the Coming Year” Involve Club Officers, Club Directors, and Committee Chairs in the planning Develop plan for the new club year based upon: Community Analysis priorities Club Assessment results Club Fundamentals

55 Club Planning Calendar: Prior to New Club Year: Analyze & Organize Planning & Budget October: (Start of New Club Year) Get Ready to Go! Review Progress

56 Club’s Key Calendar Events: April/May: (Prior to start of new club year!) Conduct Community Analysis Hold Club Annual Meeting (1 st week April—2 nd week May) May/June: Attend CLE Training Session Priority for incoming Club and Presidents & Club Presidents-Elect All other club leaders & members welcome

57 Club’s Key Calendar Events: June/July: (Prior to start of new club year!) Conduct Club Assessment Appoint Committee Chairs Attend Kiwanis International Convention July/August: Hold Club Leadership Planning Retreat Attend NE-IA District Convention

58 Club’s Key Calendar Events: September: (Prior to start of new club year!) Develop proposed club year budget. Conduct Installation of club officers and directors. New committees meet.

59 Each committee submits a preliminary budget by September 1 st Budget developed by October 1 st Board of Directors approves budget by October 15 th 59

60 The club maintains a minimum of two budget accounts: Administrative Service

61 Dues Membership fees Meals Assessments International and district dues Conventions & Conferences Magazine subscriptions Meals Club Newsletters Club Program Expenses Liability insurance

62 SERVICE ACCOUNTS RECEIVE INCOME FROM: SERVICE ACCOUNTS COVER EXPENSES FOR: Public fundraising projects. Member fundraising projects but proceeds designated by the Board as a service fundraising project. Club service activities. Club charitable and educational activities. Sponsored Kiwanis Service Leadership Program (SLP) activity expenses. Liability Insurance


64 Are Your Legal Documents Current? Bylaws Approved by Kiwanis International. Club Incorporated within your state as not-for-profit organization.

65 Club President Duties: Serves as Club CEO Sets club’s vision and image Implements goals to: Improve club members’ experience Increase club’s service to community Motivates and inspires members Facilitates internal and external collaboration

66 President Elect’s Duties: Serve as backup for President Serve as Club Executive Committee member Attend Club, Division, & District Activities Actively make plans for next club year Facilitate a smooth transition of leadership

67 Vice President’s Duties: Serve as member of Club’s Executive Committee Assess all aspects of club activities and operations Participate in Committee Meetings Attend Club, Division and District activities Prepare for smooth transition in club leadership

68 Club Secretary’s Duties: Ensure club operations run smoothly Serve as communication hub for the Club Maintain close communications with club leaders and members Report club activities accurately and timely on KiwanisOne (Extremely Important!) Maintain accurate membership records

69 Club Treasurer’s Duties: Coordinate collection and disbursal of funds Maintain accurate records and reports Keep Board of Directors informed as to status of club budget on monthly basis File required legal documents on behalf of the club Prepare for annual financial audit

70 Board of Directors Duties: Determine policies and activities of club Elect club members and discipline members Approve club budget Approve expenditures & pay bills Counsel committees as needed Oversee management aspects of the club Participate in long range club planning

71 Committee Chair Duties: Schedule committee meeting during August to plan program for new club year: Evaluate current program Consider new activities and approaches Develop a draft committee program Solicit input from club members Determine committee budget needs Schedule monthly committee meetings Attending Club Board meetings

72 Where to Get the Answers? Contact other experienced club members Consult the Kiwanis Leadership Guide Browse Club, District and KiwanisOne Websites Attend CLE Training Session Participate in Webinars & online training Visit other club meetings Contact Division Lt. Governor

73 Available Kiwanis Resources: Leadership Guide – your “Bible!” KiwanisOne Website NE-IA Kiwanis Website Division meetings and training sessions Kiwanis International Webinars District MidYear Conference & Annual Convention Kiwanis International Convention


75 Charitable fund raising entity of Kiwanis International Funds grants for District and Division activities and programs Provides Worldwide assistance Remind your club to donate to the Annual Club Gift Campaign with a gift of $5 per member Remind your club to donate to the Annual Club Gift Campaign with a gift of $5 per member

76 Current KI Foundation Worldwide Project: Eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus Goal: Immunize129 million moms and future babies. Cost: US $110,000,000

77 Charitable fundraising entity of NE-IA District Some examples of programs and activities funded:  Scholarships for Key Club & Circle K  $250,000 towards Pediatric Trauma Kit Project  Emergency Backpack Program  Camp OK Remind your club to donate to the Annual Club Gift Campaign with a gift of $5 per member Remind your club to donate to the Annual Club Gift Campaign with a gift of $5 per member

78 Provides funds for club projects not in club budget Opportunity for memorial gifts Contributions are tax deductible

79 Club Goal: Strive to reach distinguished status based on: Service Leadership Education Growth

80 Sponsor new members Attend Kiwanis events International Convention District Convention, conferences & events Division meetings Participate in Kiwanis service projects Personal contribution to Kiwanis Foundations Distinguished Member Criteria


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