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January 1967 -- January 1968 1 1 st Bde (Sep) 101 st Abn Div.

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1 January January st Bde (Sep) 101 st Abn Div

2 January January Forward Random views of a unit, chiefly B/ th (Abn) Inf, its activities, areas of operation, and most importantly, its soldiers. Included as well are glimpses of a people and country we were trying to help.

3 January January Perspective This collection of photos may give the viewer the impression that 1 st Bde troopers spent considerable care-free time in base camp, stand-down, at the beach, with tents, cold drinks, clean uniforms, normal personal hygiene and hot meals. This incorrect impression results from the virtual impossibility of taking photographs while engaged in ground combat.

4 January January Sequence The photographs generally follow the progress of the 1 st Brigade northward from Phan Rang, through “middle” and “northern” areas of operation in the Central Highlands to southern I Corps. By Christmas of 1967 the Brigade had returned south to Bao Loc west of Phan Rang. The photos record selected events occurring from January 1967 to early January 1968.

5 January January We were a world away…and so were you.

6 January January Map of SE Asia

7 January January Map of Indochina Phan Rang

8 January January Central Highlands AO (Southern) Phan Rang Bao Loc

9 January January nd Bn (Airborne) 327 th Inf

10 January January /327 th Cmdr LTC Don Rosenblum surveys AO

11 January January CPT Dick Schonberger, Cmdr. HHC

12 January January LTG Beach presents Silver Star to CPT Tom Furgeson for action while he commanded Alpha Company

13 January January Co A/2-327, May 1967 L-R: Bn Cmd SGM, 1SGT Benson, LTC D. Rosenblum. 1SGT Benson died in a helicopter crash shortly after this birthday photo was taken.

14 January January Joe Rafferty, Opns Officer and Don Rosenblum sort out business on the ground with Fred Hillyard, CO of Co. C/2- 327th

15 January January While the Cat (Thunderball ) was away…the mice played

16 January January Three Grads of Washington University in St. Louis L-R: Harry Cole, MD. Rip Porter MD, Ray Millard, Grunt

17 January January Lt Bob Crosby

18 January January John Lawton does his laundry

19 January January Bravo Company

20 January January Co B prepares to travel National Route 1

21 January January Bravo Company’s recon element “Spider 6 Bravo” as seen in March 1967 standing L-R:Jim Wilson, “Doc” Whitteken, Kenny Claypoole, Paul Ludtke, George Young and John Sherwood. Kneeling L-R: Co. Supply Clk, Co. Clk, Joe Long, SP/4 Wright

22 January January Typical market scene in coastal Vietnam

23 January January Lt Larry Boecklen, B Co. XO, chats with local youngsters

24 January January Central Highlands AO (Middle) Tuy Hoa Khanh Duong Cam Ranh Bay Vung Ro Bay

25 January January Administering first aid and interrogating VC near Khanh Doung

26 January January Gen. Matt inspects VC equipment captured by Co. B near Khanh Doung

27 January January VC weapons liberated by Bravo Co. near Khanh Doung

28 January January Montagnard Village east of Khanh Doung

29 January January Minority (Montagnard) kids living in a war zone

30 January January R. Millard, Vietnamese interpreter, S. Stepanovitch

31 January January Pollution free urban transport

32 January January Typical Central Highland Forest

33 January January Quang Ngai Coastline

34 January January Central Highlands AO (North) Khanh Duong Duc Pho Quang Ngai 75 Km North

35 January January

36 January January LTC Ed Abood, CO th contemplates the situation while flying over the Duc Pho AO

37 January January Duc Pho coastline

38 January January Co B moves to Duc Pho

39 January January B/2-327 th change of command May 23, 1967 near Duc Pho. L-R: R. Millard, E. Abood, R. Davis, Bn Cmd SMAJ

40 January January Bravo Co Officers L-R: Wm. Hughes, C. Boswell, R. Millard, Wm. Oberli, L. Boecklen, C. Beltran

41 January January Larry Boecklen, Co. B XO

42 January January SFC Parsons, R. Millard, Cork Boswell

43 January January Bill Hughes relaxes during stand down in Duc Pho

44 January January Children selling warm pop at base camp

45 January January Doctor Porter making house calls to Co. B., L. Boecklen on left.

46 January January John Cong, Co. B Vietnamese language interpreter.

47 January January One of our comrades from the 42 nd Scout Dog Platoon

48 January January Paul Ludtke, Bravo Co. CO’s RTO performs his duties faithfully despite monsoon weather

49 January January Bravo Co. troopers fill canteens for fellow soldiers

50 January January L. Boecklen preparing supper

51 January January Lt. Chico Beltran, WIHA Duc Pho July 17, 1967

52 January January Ray Millard, Rip Porter

53 January January I Corps Area of Opns Tam Ky AO UDEN Oct 1967 Chu Lai

54 January January B/2-327 Inf, PZ-LZ Oct 27, 1967 Operation Wheeler, AO UDEN, 22 Km northwest of Tam Ky Landing Zone Pickup Zone

55 January January Bravo Company takes another LZ

56 January January Enjoying a refreshing break during resupply, L-R: L. Boecklen, R. Millard, D. Coglin, FO 2/320 Arty

57 January January Lt. Bill Hughes “Fox” and SSG Sigler “Big Daddy” and the 4 th Plat. hump their 60mm mortar and a whole bunch of 60mm ammo

58 January January SSG Sigler “Big Daddy” gives a “show and tell” to the 4 th Plat on 60mm mortar management

59 January January th Platoon gets the 60 “ready to talk”

60 January January Discussing the next move during Operation Wheeler, L-R: R. Millard, LTC R. Yerks Bn Cmdr, B. Jagears, and th Bn CSM

61 January January Spooky (AC130 Gunship) during long night of Oct 27-28

62 January January Bill Porter, CO’s Company RTO, WIHA, Operation Wheeler, West of Tam Ky, Oct 27, 1967

63 January January Bill Hughes silhouetted at sunset near Tam Ky

64 January January Bravo Co. CO relaxing after a long night

65 January January Dustoff Helo at the ready at Chu Lai

66 January January LTC Yerks presents Purple Heart at Chu Lai hospital to Lt. Mike Mc Dermott

67 January January Jess Myers and Rip Porter share some quite time at Chu Lai base camp

68 January January B/2-327 th Change of Command Nov 11, 1967, near Tam Ky, L-R: J. Miller, R. Millard

69 January January officers prepare for LOOM gathering in Bao Loc, Dec L-R : L. Boecklen,J. Miller,J. Finnucan,R. Porter,A. Jonsen, Wm. Hughes (holding 60mm Mortar) R. Millard,Wm. Oberli, kneeling: H. Franklin, Wm. Lopez

70 January January Bravo Company in rare formation

71 January January Christmas 1967, Bao Loc

72 January January End

73 January January No Slack, Sir !

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