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Bureau Zuidema Jolanda Botke Postbus 127 3830 AC Leusden 033 – 434 58 00 Pauline Hupkes

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1 Bureau Zuidema Jolanda Botke Postbus AC Leusden 033 – Pauline Hupkes september th meeting MASS-project

2 Purpose of this presentation Share and exchange thoughts and concrete ideas on pilot set-up.

3 In Holland young people without qualifications are twice as likely to be un-employed then young people that do have qualifications (Source: december 2009, Central Bureau of Statistics)

4 Step 1: Agree on evaluation criteria, aspects and method. The MASS pilotmatrix shows that there is no agreement yet on the evaluation process. The aimed evaluation outcomes have impact on the approach of the pilot. Witch evaluation criteria do we want to use to evaluate MASS? On witch moments do we want to evaluate and what? How do we want to evaluate (method)?

5 Different aspects of levels for evaluating The impact of the MASS materials Findings of the teachers and students (Source: MASS-website; Qualitative data will be collated through ongoing feedback from teachers and students via the relevant work package blog and focus groups at the beginning, middle and end of the pilot phase.)

6 Step 2: Select the pilotgroup The discription of the target group for the project on the MASS website says; “disadvantaged young people who find it difficult to fit into mainstream education will be involved in the pilot process in order to ensure of the relevance of the innovation being transferred.” Who is the target group and do they fit in the criteria? How does the target group develop there social skills in the current education? How do these skills get assessed in the current qualification framework? What do they need to learn concerning social skills?

7 Step 3: Select MASS-material Select the MASS materials that you want to use in the pilot that fit in the qualification framework. It is possible that you have to adapt the materials to the pilot group. Kuijper, F. Meijers & J. Bakker in Krachtige loopbaangerichte leeromgevingen in het (v)mbo (2006) say there are four aproaches to develop competences: 1. Condition: reward and praise 2. Make them aware of there behavior and their improvements; 3. Develop knowledge about social values 4. Involve the feelings of the students in their learning proces

8 Step 4: Instruction for the teachers Need analysis for teachers; what do they need in order to work with the MASS- materials? How can we support the teachers in the pilot? How can you ensure that the pilots in the different pilotgroups and teachers are similar?

9 What questions, concerns or ideas do you want to discuss about the set-up for a pilot?

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