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Active XL Results Training 2010 Engagement Survey 1.

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1 Active XL Results Training 2010 Engagement Survey 1

2 Objectives Learn how to download reports Understand how to use Active XL file Be able to review engagement results Begin preparing for 2010 engagement results 2

3 Agenda Overview Active XL Results Reports Group Discussion 3

4 Overview 2010 Engagement Survey 4

5 BJC HealthCare Engagement Index CREDIBILITY I believe strongly in the goals and objectives of this organization. I fully support the values for which this organization stands. CONTRIBUTION - EXTRA EFFORT This organization energizes me to go the extra mile. I work beyond what is required to help this organization succeed. CONNECTION I would recommend this organization as a good place to work. I am proud to be associated with this organization. CONTRIBUTION - STAY It would take a lot to make me look for another employer. At the present time, are you seriously considering leaving this organization? CREDIBILITY CONNECTION CONTRIBUTION

6 Survey Process Overview Receive and Understand Clarify and Prioritize Create Action Plans Monitor and Share Progress Communicate with Our Employees

7 Survey Logistics 7 Survey contains 60 items measuring 12 categories Development & OpportunityAdequate training, development opportunities, recruiting & retaining talent DiversitySupport for diversity Employee EngagementConnection, contribution, credibility Immediate ManagerClear, effective communication and performance feedback Integrity and Patient SafetyHigh ethical standards, safety ensured LeadershipEncouraging style, effective communication, clear vision Operating EfficiencyTools and resources, timely decisions, effective work practices Service ExcellenceResponsive to patient needs, high regard by patients Teamwork / Working Relationships Cooperation, competence, and respect Total RewardsPay, benefits, managing performance Work / Life BalanceFlexible schedule, sufficient staff PERSProactive Employee Relations

8 Engagement Survey Definitions Engagement: Engagement refers to employees’ belief in and support for the organization’s goals and values, pride in working for the organization, willingness to work beyond expectations to help the organization success, and intent to stay for long tenure. Category: Items with common themes are grouped into categories. There are 12 categories in the 2010 survey. Item: Any question or statement in the opinion section of the survey. There are 60 items in the 2010 survey. Engagement Score: Percentage of favorable responses on the engagement category ranging from 0 to 100. Active XL Report: Microsoft Excel file that contains the engagement results for your area(s). 8

9 Engagement Survey Definitions Favorable Response: Employee opinion rating that is positive or complimentary. For most items, this includes those who chose the “Agree” and the “Tend to Agree” responses. ? Response: Employee opinion rating that indicates a lack of knowledge on a particular topic or issue, ambivalence, or irrelevancy to the employee. These responses can be meaningful themselves and should not be ignored when reviewing results. Unfavorable Response: Employee opinion rating that is not positive or complimentary. For most items, this includes those who chose the “Disagree” and the “Tend to Disagree” responses. Statistical Significance: Measure of confidence in the difference between two scores that are being compared. Statistically significant differences represent real differences that are not likely due to chance. Response Rate: The number of employees that completed a survey compared to the total number of employees in the particular area. 9

10 Engagement Survey Definitions Key Drivers of Engagement: Categories and items that have the strongest impact on employee engagement. Top box : The highest positive response choice offered for a question. Benchmark: 2010 survey result compared to another population. The number of benchmarks will vary depending on your particular area. Towers Watson High Performance Norm: Weighted average of employee survey results from a cross-section of organizations with high engagement and strong financial performance. Towers Watson Healthcare Norm: Weighted average of employee survey results from healthcare companies in the U.S. Towers Watson National Norm: Weighted average of employee survey results from a cross-section of industry sectors in the U.S. 10

11 Active XL Results Report 2010 Engagement Survey * 11 * Note that the screen shots contain 2009 survey data. The final 2010 active excel files may differ slightly from these screen shots.

12 Downloading Reports Users will receive an email from Towers Watson with the URL link and password information. HR will be responsible for distributing reports to the necessary leaders. 12 User Name Password New User section is not relevant for BJC All Users will sign in as existing users Enter Email and Password

13 Downloading Reports 13 Select “2010 Your Opinion Our Future”

14 Downloading Reports 14 Click save to download the report

15 Opening Active XL 15 Click “Options” to Display Security Alerts Click “Enable this Content” to Enable Macros

16 Opening Active XL 16 Click “Continue” to Open the File Note: The file will flash through the various screens when opening.

17 Opening Active XL 17 First click “Exit” to View Data Second click “Continue” to view options

18 Beginning to View Results 18

19 Beginning to View Results 19 Main menu bar available in 2003 Excel only

20 Introduction and User Guide 20 Click “Introduction and User Guide” for directions and information about the active excel file

21 Introduction and User Guide 21

22 Summary Category Scores 22 Click “Summary Category Scores”

23 Summary Category Scores 23 Click “Primary Group Scores Only”

24 Summary Category Scores 24 Click “Difference from Benchmark”

25 Benchmark Grid 25 Click “Benchmark Grid”

26 Benchmark Grid 26 First, choose your Benchmark Comparisons Next click “Update Display”

27 Benchmark Grid 27 Click here to include values in your chart

28 Top or Bottom Items 28 Click “Top or Bottom Items”

29 Top or Bottom Items 29 Choose” 5” and “Top”

30 Top or Bottom Items 30 Click “5” and “Bottom”

31 Top or Bottom Items 31 Click “Difference From Benchmark”

32 Items By Category 32 Click “Items By Category”

33 Items By Category 33 Click to select a category

34 Items By Category 34 Click “Compare to Benchmarks”

35 Items By Category 35 Benchmark Data provided here

36 Items By Category 36 Click “Breakdown By”

37 Items By Category 37 Double click the item to view detailed responses A screen will appear with the full set of responses for the item

38 Items By Category 38 Click “Favorable Bar”

39 Benchmark Summary for Items 39 Click “Benchmark Summary for Items”

40 Benchmark Summary for Items 40 Click “Select Benchmarks”

41 Benchmark Summary for Items 41 Click “Select Benchmarks”

42 Benchmark Summary for Items 42 Click “Go To Breakdown By”

43 Single Item Slide Maker 43 Click “Single Item Slide Maker”

44 Single Item Slide-Maker 44

45 Category Breakdown Matrix 45 Click “Category Breakdown Matrix”

46 Category Breakdown Matrix 46

47 Category Breakdown Matrix 47

48 Item Breakdown Matrix 48 Click “Item Breakdown Matrix”

49 Item Breakdown Matrix 49

50 Item Breakdown Matrix 50

51 Key Drivers of Engagement 51 Click “Key Drivers of Engagement”

52 Key Drivers of Engagement

53 Summary Report 53 Click “Summary Report”

54 Summary Report 54

55 Group Discussion Now that we have reviewed the functionality… How do you plan to utilize the active excel file in 2010? Which views would you analyze first? Which areas would you emphasize? 55

56 Pop Quiz! When will results be available? How do I access my results? What is a benchmark? Which benchmarks are most relevant? What does the favorable score represent? How can I view my highest item scores? 56

57 Pop Quiz! How can I view categories in comparison to benchmarks? How do I view the items that had the greatest improvement from the previous year? Why do the scores not always add up to 100? Why do my category scores change when I compare to a benchmark? 57

58 Begin Preparing for 2010 Results Use your 2009 active excel files to practice Become familiar with the file and your 2009 results 58

59 Review/ Summary Active excel results files available by November 5 th HR will distribute results to necessary leaders HSOs communicate results Action Planning Tool available December 9 th Engage leaders and employees with engagement! 59

60 Group Feedback We want your feedback! Please fill out the feedback sheet and provide suggestions for improvement

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