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Out of this World Figurative Language Review

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1 Out of this World Figurative Language Review

2 Figurative Language Review
Similes – compare two UNLIKE things using the words like or as Her skin was soft as cotton. He ran like the wind. The night was black as coal. My mother was mad as a raging bull last night. The dancers were like swans on a lake. Video

3 Figurative Language Review
Metaphors – compare two UNLIKE things but do not use the words like or as - they often use forms of the verb “be” is, are, was, or were. The moon is a diamond in the sky. The children were little monsters yesterday. My little cousins are angels. She was a chicken, and wouldn’t go in the haunted house. Video

4 Figurative Language Review
Video Onomatopoeia – sound words Alex loves to bang on the drum. My cell-phone beeped during the movie. Those clucking chickens drove me crazy. The cat meowed loudly. BAM! The thunder sounded across the night sky. “Ribbit, ribbit” croaked the frog.

5 Figurative Language Review
Personification – things that are not alive are given human qualities The sun smiled down on the children playing in the field. The cold wind slapped my face. Her teddy bear is her best friend and goes with her everywhere. The poor little puppy’s stomach was screaming to be fed. The clouds danced merrily across the sky. Video

6 Figurative Language Review
Alliteration – same beginning sounds Mickey and Minnie munched merrily on mangoes. Wee Willy Winky went west to Washington. Tiny Tina takes trips to Tennessee. Poppy Pumpernickel pressed pretty posies on a poster. Two terrible teenagers teased tiny toddlers. Video

7 Figurative Language Review
Idiom – a group of words that do not literally mean what they say Hold your horses, I’m coming! It’s raining cats and dogs. That broke my heart. Break a leg in the show tonight. I ran into my friend at the mall. He let the cat out of the bag. Video

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