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1 Power Crisis in BD A leverage for Grappling by the Privates

2 Scenario of Energy consumption BD - Total Energy consumption 1402 trillion BTU (2005) where - 35 % come from non-commercial - 65 % come from commercial - Oil 15.5 % - Gas % - Coal 0.36 % - Hydro Power 0.29 %

3 Scenario of Energy consumption BD - Distribution Commercial Energy - Household 25.5% - Agriculture & Other 17.3 % - Industries 17.6 % - Commercial 2.2 % and - Transport 37.4 %

4 Demand growth prediction - Government committed to ensure 100% electricity by MW (Considering base case study) MW (Considering high case study) - Gas production to be reached 2.7 trillion cft - Importing Oil would be 7.0 million MT

5 Government Measures - No planned investment in power sector yet - Invited PPP (Public Private Partnership)

6 What’s impacting - Financial loss behind subsidy only petroleum product at least 2.5 billion US$ in last years - Govt. give loss on rental power purchase 688 million $ in last 10 years (Economic Review -2010) - Existing govt. made agreement with rental power purchase that would be created accumulated loss 01 billion $ in next three year period. - Government is indebted million US$ (ERD) taken in the name power sector reform

7 Privates snatching the Energy sector - Asia Energy perusing govt. to invest to coal extraction in northern part of the country - Schevron, Niko Tallo and other MNCs working in gas sectors - At least 16 no of private companies now active in power generation

8 Damage Country resources and Interest - People movement is being happened against Asia Energy considering the severe damage - Open pit mining would displace at least 70,000 people and hector land directly - Huge removal of ground water make desertification that also affect 1.5 million in peripheral. - Occidental and Niko made gas explosion in Magurchara which has damaged the gas resources of 01 billion $ along with environmental - Financial speculation and corruption is common phenomenon among the private sectors also

9 - Foreign Debt Stock Up to June, million US$ July-march, 2010 (Net borrowing) 1041 million US$ Plan (Net borrowing) 1547 million US$ Total Outstanding23419 million US$ Per Capita Debt 156 US$ - Domestic Debt Outstanding March, million US$ FY (Planned) 3383 million US$ Total Debt Outstanding in million US$ % of GDP38% DSL Expenditure15% of Revenue Source: ERD Scenario, Bangladesh existing Debt

10 How the govt. energy management system running? - National Energy Policy yet on process - Contradiction between policy priority and action - Insufficient budget allocation in power sector - Political speculation (different between manifesto and actions)

11 Thank You

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