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3 Agenda itemScheduled Time Socializing6:00 Introductions6:15 PTA and Executive Board Mission + Officer Roles and Responsibilities 6:30 2011-2012 Performance Review7:00 PTA Programs and Budget7:15 * Break *7:30 Calendar of meetings and events7:45 Open Discussion8:00 Adjournment8:30 3

4 NameTitle Abe SuleimanPresident Fabiana Carbo-Chavez & Jean ChanCo-First Vice President Judy Cohen & Michael DuddyCo-Vice President (College) Nancy Bruni & David BoehmCo-Vice President (High School) Lynette Bangaree & Andrew HamingsonCo-Treasurer Jerry ButlerBudget Officer Kit Kennedy & Tessa HuxleyCo-Recording Secretary Laura Langdon & Tereza Lopez-CantorCo-Corresponding Secretary 4

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6 The Parent Teacher Association of Bard High School Early College  Incorporated as a charitable nonprofit corporation in New York State since March 31st, 2003, DOS ID 2888586.  Is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization since March 29th, 2005, EIN 81-0612857, and required to file IRS for I-990.  Operates in accordance with the NYC Department of Education Chancellor’s Regulations A-660 as well as it’s own bylaws.  Is not allowed to contribute funds to causes different from its own.  Is not allowed to employ suppliers and vendors to perform its core duties.  All current BHSEC parents are automatically active Association members,  There are no membership dues.  All board and general PTA Meetings must be held at the school when it is open, are open to all members, and must be announced conspicuously at least 10 days before the meeting. 6

7 The PTA’s mission includes and is not limited to: 1. Engage parents with BHSEC via timely and useful communication. 2. Create sustainable students, faculty and School programs and provide them with financial support. 3. Plan and conduct fundraising and community events. 4. Enrich our children’s high school experience by supplementing BHSEC’s DOE budget. 5. Support the BHSEC College Program financially. Perform these activities efficiently, diligently with the help of volunteers, and raise funds from current parents and external supporters. 7

8 1. Help parents help their children succeed at BHSEC. 2. Support the School by organizing and utilizing the talents of the parent body and their connections. 3. Conduct business transparently and honestly. 4. Build upon the successes and improve upon the near successes of the previous PTA boards. 5. Develop sustainable solutions. 6. Help the next board succeed. 8

9 Position Responsibilities President (Core) Leads the board in conducting the Association’s business in accordance with the PTA Mission and Bylaws, and the Chancellor’s Regs A-660. Is Chief Executive Officer of the Association. Is ex-officio member of all committees, except Nominating Committee. Assists in management of budget and programs. Represents the PTA on the School Leadership Team and the Presidents’ High School Council. First Vice President Assists in conducting the duties of the President and carries out the President’s duties in his/her absence according to the Bylaws and A-660. Coordinates and oversees fundraising activities and events. Assists in the planning of the monthly general meeting topics, panels and speakers. Assists with communication including web, email, phone and mail. Coordinates the volunteer activities and maintains good public relations with supporters. 9

10 Position Responsibilities Vice President Coordinates the volunteer activities and maintains good public relations with supporters. Responsible for the planning of the monthly general meeting topics, panels and speakers. Establishes communication with constituents and facilitates effective parent engagement. Assists in communication including web, email, phone and mail. Enlists parents’ efforts, skills, talents and connections in support of the Association. Advocates on behalf of parents and helps bring about positive results and amicable solutions. 10

11 Position Responsibilities Treasurer (Core) Performs fiduciary duties that include: Recording of income from donations, grants, and fundraising events. Disbursement of the PTA’s operating expenses, and financial obligations to the school. Making all bank deposits, record keeping of same, and proper attribution of income. Reconciliation of bank accounts against QuickBooks, the PTA system of record. Preparation and sharing of financial reports at all Association meetings. Timely and organized bookkeeping to facilitate audits and reporting needs. Training the incoming treasurer to perform all duties according to the PTA methods. Transfer of records and authority over bank accounts to the incoming officers. 11

12 Position Responsibilities Budget Officer M onitors PTA spending and income against budget limits and targets. Provides the Executive Board detailed financial statements of income, expense and open payables before each monthly meeting. Assists the President in preparing written financial summaries in January and June for presentation to the general membership, the Principal and the DOE. Chairs the budget committee, and facilitates the development of a proposed budget for review by the general membership in April/May and vote in May/June. Coordinates the preparation and filing of the I-990 before the mid October deadline. 12

13 Position Responsibilities Recording Secretary (Core) Maintains the official record of the proceedings and actions of all Association meetings. Maintains the official record of all budget and key fundraising committee meetings. Maintains notices, agendas, sign-in sheets, and materials distributed. Prepares minutes in time for review and adoption at the next appropriate meeting. Makes minutes available for distribution, posting and archiving at the school. Assists other officers in planning and conducting PTA meetings. 13

14 Position Responsibilities Corres- ponding Secretary Prepares, distributes, and posts notices of all meetings and school activities. Coordinates the preparation of monthly meeting packets (i.e. agenda, minutes, reports, motions, notices) for timely distribution at every Association meeting. Maintains all Association records except those maintained by the Treasurer. Maintains current copy of the Association bylaws. Participates in editing Association content for the web, print and mail media. Assists other officers in planning and conducting PTA meetings. 14

15 Position Responsibilities Every PTA Officer Attends all board and general meetings for effective performance of duties. Is responsible for reporting status on work in progress in a timely manner when unable to attend. Communicates and collaborates with other board members and constituents to affect positive change. Conducts the Association business in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, and the US Government governing nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporations, Association Bylaws, NYC Department of Education, and BHSEC rules. Maintains confidentiality of parent and student information when conducts his/her duties in support of the members of the Association. Has a working knowledge of the Association bylaws and DOE A660 regulations. 15

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17 Streamlined operations & monthly planning processes. Engaged excellent speakers for the monthly meetings. Performed timely and useful communication with parents. Conducted efficient and successful fundraising events. Paid for new school theater advanced lighting equipment. Paid for all students’ sports uniforms and committed to do so annually. Contributed record-level funding to school & student programs including Third Street Music and a full time teacher salary. Contributed a yearend grant to the school to hire an additional teacher. 17

18 School Year Donations (Direct appeal, Phone- a-thon, gift matches, grants) Bardware (Includes Wine tasting, magazine and misc. fundraising) Knowledge College Gala & Auction Total (Excludes misc. fundraising) 2005-200619,4036,46811,872$38,109 2006-200730,3671,19121,316$33,421 2007-200840,926828513,155$65,744 2008-200956,69610,16032,993$101,390 2009-201066,9925,1927,41528,531$111,261 2010-2011144,65310,3936,25539,970$219,345 2011-2012*163,9845,5876,13746,775$229,000 2012-2013 ????? Total funds raised by the PTA for the school $797,521 *Pending final accounting of June payables & receivables 18

19 Volunteer organization, engagement, & tracking required more data organization and communication. Engaging representative cross-section of the parent body in PTA events and meetings continued to be a challenge. Event committee formation & operation was slow. Monthly review of budget accounts with school did not take place until very late in the year. Website content to help guide parents to resources is still limited. 19

20 1. Welcome-Back Pot Luck …………..…………..September 2. Breakfast with the Principal..………….….. September 3. Direct Appeal Letter.………….………………..October 4. Phone-a-thon …………………………….……November 5. Faculty Appreciation Dinners ….….November +April 6. Knowledge College …………………February/March 7. Spring Gala and Auction ………………………… April 8. General membership meeting panels and speakers Monthly 20

21 Sep-Meet & greet, PTA Executive Board - Introduction to BHSEC PTA roles & activities + volunteer signup Oct-How to succeed at BHSEC + Emotional and Physical health in Adolescent Years, Dr. Lerner+Sean Grover, LCSW - Deadline for Filing of I-990 tax forms with IRS Nov-International Exchange & Study, Students Jan -Early College, Leon Botstein - Midyear Financial Update to BHSEC and DOE Feb -Risk & Resilience, Jess Shatkin/ NYU Child Study Center - Form Nominating Committee Mar -Academic Integrity Policy, SLT + Faculty Apr -Parents’ Guide to Writing at BHSEC, Faculty - Close nominations period, Begin Budget planning May-Year 2 College Debrief, Student + Parent panel - PTA and SLT Election + Propose new Budget Jun-What to expect next year, Faculty - Vote on Budget + Begin handover process. 21

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23 23 ProgramAnnual Cost to PTA Reason to have it Students Programs Sports, Theater, Planners, Yearbook, Graduation, Travel, Clubs & Activities, Scholarship $26,800Student life enrichment Teachers/Principal College books, Library, Teaching Supplies, College Transfer Office. $118,350Defray cost of full time faculty. School Facilities$8,000Student life enrichment Third Street Music$45,000Defray cost of full time faculty. Teacher Grants$5,000Student life enrichment Total$203,150

24 School Year Student Program s Teachers / Principal Programs PTA Sponsored Programs* PTA Admin School Facilities Total Budget2010-201123,55092,70048,05017,1503,000183,840 2011-201220,600103,200 52,59015,0005,000194,000 2012-201326,800118,35053,75018,7008,000225,600 *Includes $45,000 for Third Street Music Settlement 24

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28 28 MeetingDateMeetingDate Executive BoardJuly 25, 2012Executive BoardJan 3, 2013 Executive BoardAugGeneralJan 17, 2013 Executive BoardSept 6, 2012Executive BoardFeb 7, 2013 GeneralSept 20, 2012GeneralFeb 14, 2013 Executive BoardOct 4, 2012Executive BoardMar 7, 2013 GeneralOct 18, 2012GeneralMar 21, 2013 Executive BoardNov 1, 2012Executive BoardApr 4, 2013 GeneralNov 29, 2012GeneralApr 25, 2013 Executive BoardDec 6, 2012Executive BoardMay 2, 2013 GeneralDec 13, 2012GeneralMay 16, 2013 Principal's Breakfast Sept 24 a.m. Leon Botstein - Nov 19, 2012 meeting with Parents 6:30 pm Wu fund dinner February 8, 2013 Executive BoardJun 6, 2013 GeneralJun 13, 2013

29 29 Topic Date Welcome Back Pot Luck and PTA meet & greet Sept 20, 2012 How to Succeed at BHSEC, with Dr. Lerner Oct 18, 2012 Sean Grover on Teen’s Adolescent Years Nov 29, 2012 * No general meeting * Dec 13, 2012 Parents’ Guide to Writing at BHSEC Jan 17, 2013 Dr. Jess Shatkin/NYU Child Study Center on Sleep Feb 14, 2013 Science Curriculum at BHSEC Mar 21, 2013 School Safety Presentation Apr 25, 2013 Year 2 College Search Debrief May 16, 2013 What to Expect next Year Jun 13, 2013 College Writing guide for parents - Adolescent Physical and Mental Health - Sean Grover International Student Exchange program - Science & Mathematics curriculum night Risk & Resilience, Jess Shatkin/NYU -

30 1. Welcome-Back Pot Luck …………..…………..September 2. Breakfast with the Principal..………….….. September 3. Direct Appeal Letter.………….………………..October 4. Wine & Scotch Tasting...………………..October 5. Phone-a-thon …………………………….……November 6. Faculty Appreciation Dinners ….….November +April 7. Spring Gala and Auction ………………………… April 8. General membership meeting panels and speakers Monthly 30

31 31 JulyHandover and transition meeting #1 Transfer of Accounts, Duties, etc. Plan the upcoming year meeting and event dates Finalizing and closing the books for the prior fiscal year AugustHandover and transition meeting #2 Finalize the calendar, assign monthly responsibilities Committee formation and interim chairmanships Plan the Welcome Back Pot Luck SeptemberGive Final Quickbooks P&L to accountant for 990 filing Introduction to BHSEC PTA roles & activities Volunteer signup for Committees Accept nominations for open PTA positions + 9 th Grade SLT OctoberDeadline to sign and file of I-990 tax forms with IRS Close nominations. Conduct Elections for open PTA positions + 9 th Grade SLT

32 32 January Submit Midyear Financial Update to BHSEC and DOE February Form Nominating Committee for 2013-2014 PTA elections March Form Budget Committee April Close nominations period Begin Budget planning MayConduct PTA and SLT Elections Present the PTA Proposed 2013-2014 Budget JuneVote on PTA Proposed Budget Begin handover process.

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