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BD Section.

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1 BD Section

There are 89 sorting hubs. Time bound delivery (24 to 72 Hours) Letters, Parcels, Packets – up to 35 Kgs Money back guarantee Free pickup facility for booking

Franked articles accepted Book now pay later (credit facility) Special discount for bulk mailers; For monthly business of Rs.50,000 and above ranging from 5% to 20%

4 Domestic Speed Post tariff:-
Weight Local Rs. 200 kms 201 to 1000 kms 1001 to 2000 Above 2000 kms Upto to 50 gms *12 25* 51 to 200 20 25 30 50 60 201 to 500 40 45 70 80 Addl 500 gms 05 7.50 15 *Inclusive of Service Tax and Education Cess.  Service Tax has to be 10% and Education 3% on service tax. Fee for Proof of Delivery (POD) … Rs. 10

5 Express Parcel Post Only for Corporate Customers on Contract
Maximum weight 35 Kgs By surface transport Booking at Speed Post Centers Time bound delivery Delivery at the Door step If undelivered within norms, EPP charges refunded.

6 EPP Tariff Category In KMs Rate up to 2 Kg Every addl Kg (3 to 10 Kg)
Every addl Kg beyond 10 Kg Local 25 3 2 Up to 500 40 5 4 50 10 8 60 20 15 Above 2000 80

7 EPP - Retail All customers can book Not a contractual service
Service available in Speed post centers Maximum weight limit 35 Kgs Sent only by surface transport No credit facility Door to door delivery irrespective of weight

8 EPP- Retail Tariff Category In KMs Rate up to 2 Kg In Rs.
Every addl Kg in Rs. Local 35 5 Up to 500 50 8 60 12 70 25 Above 2000 90

9 Difference between parcel & EPP
Tariff on weight Tariff on weight and distance No time bound delivery Time bound delivery Maximum weight 20 kg Max.Wt 35 kg No service tax Service tax& EC Booked at all Pos Selected PO & SP centres No refund of postage Refund if not delivered with in norms

10 Business Post India Post provides pre mailing activity
Collection at the premises Inserting Gumming Labeling Addressing Franking

11 Business Post.. Nominal charges, in addition to usual Postage
Charges to be paid in advance Facility available at all Business Post centres Bulk customers, Banks, Corporate offices are benefited One stop solution to bulk Mailers.

12 Charges for premailing activities
Operation ordinary Regd Collection 0.20 0.30 Folding before insertion 0.40 Insertion 0.10 Gumming 0.03 Franking Manual addressing Sealing Pasting preprinted labels gummed 0.02

13 Bill Mail Service Financial statement, Bills without personal communication sent at least once in 90 days under BMS Advertisement allowed , not exclusive publicity Within the District only Minimum Number- 5000

14 Bill Mail Service.. Concessional tariff:
Upto 50 gms Rs.3.00 Additional 50 gms Rs.2.00 Service authorized by Divisions Mailer to present pre-sorted bundles.

15 National Bill Mail Service
For other Districts Minimum number 10,000 Would be treated as 1st class articles Tariff: Up to 50 grams Rs.5.00 Additional 50 grams Rs.2.00

16 Exercise – 3

17 e-Post Greetings, Messages sent electronically
Message (printed, hand written) any language can be sent in A-4 Size paper Messages are scanned and sent electronically (internet) by Post office Receiving office down loads, prints and sent out for delivery Just Rs.10/- per addressee, per page.

18 Direct Post Unaddressed Mails Any brochures, pamphlets or letters
Charges: Within city: 20 gms = Rs.1.50 per article Inter city : 20 gms = Rs.2.00 per article Generally minimum 1000 pieces Postman will deliver in the locality as desired by the Mailer

19 Retail Post Payment/Collection of bills Sale of application forms
Telephone/Electricity/Water Sale of application forms Passport application/University application etc Wage disbursement under NREGS Railway Ticket Reservation/Air ticketing

20 Retail Post Sale of Recharge Coupons Address verification
Sale of Foreign Exchange Pension payment Sale of Gold Coins

21 Logistic Post Available only between two fixed stations/cities
Any material other than prohibited one can be sent Minimum charge is Rs.50 plus docket charge of Rs.100/ Tariff based on weight and volume

22 MEDIA POST Product/Services advertised on postal stationery, postal vans, Letter Boxes etc Corporate customers/Govt Organizations/Private institutions Requisition for media post to be sent to CPMG of the area.

23 Exercise - 4

24 Miscellaneous work in BD
The targets in various BD products should be properly fixed among Divisional Heads Ensure prompt receipt of ‘Business Performance Report’ and keep watch over the achievement of targets periodically. Ensure that Marketing Executives in the Divisions are taking interest in marketing India Post products

25 Miscellaneous work in BD
Ensure after sale service is being extended to our customers and if there are any hurdles take remedial measures. Ensure maintenance of proper liaison with Directorate.

26 Thank You

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