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The Board – Executive Partnership: Essential for Success

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1 The Board – Executive Partnership: Essential for Success

2 The Board – Executive Partnership: Essential for Success Invest in the relationship with each other Setting goals with each other Communicating regularly with each other Requiring accountability of each other Coaching and feedback with one another Rewarding for job well done with each other

3 Invest in the relationship to build trust Meeting regularly with executive to build a atmosphere of support and teamwork. Listening and support are important elements of trust on both parties. Establish an atmosphere of openness and sharing that results in learning. What if trust is broken?

4 Plan together and agree upon strategic goals Are these the goals that will make the organization stronger for the future? Are these goals measureable? Tie goals to agenda. What are the boards goals?

5 Communicate and spend time together Board should get involved to understand the program of service Executive should establish a regular short informative tool for board Packets for board should contain “knowledge” and not “data” Encourage questions and reflection

6 Hold each other accountable Require management to have systems of accountability for all departments Executive and Board Chair holding board members accountable for attendance, chairing task forces, fulfilling their responsibilities How do you know if you are meeting these goals: –Mission Effectiveness –Financial Solvency –Resident Satisfaction –Employee Satisfaction –Building and Equipment Replacement –Fund Raising Effectiveness –Social Accountability

7 Coaching and feedback: Don’t wait until end of year Everyone wants and needs feedback Agree upon a coaching and feedback process with Executive Keep process focused on business goals and outcomes

8 Rewarding for a job well done Establish agreed upon salary increases or bonuses before hand Gather comparative benchmarking data regularly Make goals measureable Celebrating your achievements

9 Board should plan and evaluate self Spend time establishing your own social capital Approve an annual set of plans and goals Reflect and evaluate your performance Establish appropriate thank you’s for board contributions.


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