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Ecology Interactions.

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1 Ecology Interactions

2 Types of ecological interactions
competition predation parasitism mutualism commensalism symbiosis


4 Competition – two species share a requirement for a
limited resource  reduces fitness of one or both species

5 Predation – one species feeds on another  enhances
fitness of predator but reduces fitness of prey herbivory is a form of predation

6 Parasitism – one species feeds on another  enhances
fitness of parasite but reduces fitness of host

7 Mutualism – two species provide resources or services
to each other  enhances fitness of both species

8 Commensalism – one species receives a benefit from
another species  enhances fitness of one species; no effect on fitness of the other species

9 Symbiosis – two species live together  can include
parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism

10 Organizing ecological interactions
effect on species 1 predation herbivory parasitism + - commensalism mutualism effect on species 2 competition

11 Video Elements of Biology: Ecosystems: Organisms and Their Environment
Assignment: Ecological Interactions Quiz

12 13.2 Research Questions Name two ways in which members of the same species interact. In what ways do members of different species interact? Think of a biological community near you, and give an example of how population has affected another. Explain how symbiotic relationships are similar to and different from predator-prey interactions.

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