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2 Overview  Values / Beliefs Inventory  Employee Marketability Mix Matrix  BA Career Growth Plan

3 Values and Beliefs Inventory  Do you know who you are?  How does this pertain to getting that next BA Job?  My Values and Beliefs  You get what you focus on (positive or negative, financial or non-financial, long term or short term…)  Think Big; Start Small  Give more than you take (within reason)  The solution is already there. You just have to find it.  The first step in solving a problem is deciding that you can.  Live each moment like you chose it. Because you did.  The best is yet to come!  No matter where you work, there will be “those days” and “those people”, so just roll with it.

4 BA Career Growth Plan  Motivations  Personality Traits  Career Strategy  Recruiters  Mentorship  Salary Surveys  BA Resources  Your Personalized Plan

5 Motivations  Why do you want to be promoted?  Money should NOT be the number one reason. (In the top-5 is OK)

6 Ants in your pants  Be patient. The work you do today to make yourself more marketable will not pay off instantly.  Use your “down time” to keep your skills sharp and develop new ones.  Down Time: A period where your work load is not at 100%  Down Time: A period where your motivation and efficiency is not at 100%

7 Personality Traits  Developing Talents vs. Existing Talents  Find where you are uncomfortable, and then go there.  Figure out what you are good at, then decide how hard you want to work.

8 Get Skills!     

9 Toolbox  Context Diagram  SIPOC  ERD  Swimlane  Flow Chart  User Story

10 Self Evaluation  The next few slides will describe the changing face of the BA role as it pertains to getting a job.  You must get crystal clear on who you are and what your skills are. If you can’t sum up your skills quickly and succinctly, then how will you do so for a potential employer?  If you do what you have always done, then you will get what you have always gotten.

11 The two-hat BA: Which of these combinations resonate with you?  Project Manager with Requirements Skills  Business Analyst with PM skills  Business Analyst with Agile skills  Systems Analyst with Requirements Skills  System Administrator with Agile skills

12 Introducing the three-hat BA (don’t worry, you’re already doing it) BA RoleTechnical SkillIndustry Vertical Business AnalystSystem AdministratorMedical Products Document SpecialistIVRHealthcare CRM AnalystSalesforce.comReal Estate Financial AnalystExcel, Access, SQLFinance, Loans, Credit UX AnalystMobile App Development Field Service Business Intelligence Analyst Oracle, Business ObjectsTelcom Do any of these combinations speak to you?

13 Evaluate your unique combination for MARKETABILITY.  My Old Combination (Adequate, but decreasing value)  My New Combination (Increasing value) BA RoleTechnical SkillIndustry Vertical Sr. Business Analyst -Prototyping -Process (re)engineering SQL Real Estate Self Storage Mortgage Loans BA RoleTechnical SkillsIndustry Verticals Sr. Consultant -Requirements -Project Management -Team Building -SFDC Communities -SFDC Visualforce -SFDC Apex HTML & CSS3 Medical Products Field Service

14 Skills Gap Analysis - Tech  The technology test:  Design, Build, Use a simple system that allows you to:  Design Ideas  Organize your recipes  Organize your media collection  Solve a simple real-world problem  Build Ideas  Access  Excel with macros / VB  Website builder like google sites

15 Skills Gap Analysis - Requirements  The Requirements Test: For Discussion  Name 3-5 Requirements Elicitation Techniques that you consider to be “good practices”.  Describe the general purpose and nature of the BABOK.  Name 3 Industry Leaders.  What is the difference between a Use Case Scenario and a User Story?  What is the difference between a Functional Requirement and a non- Functional Requirement?  Why do some people say “Requirements Gathering” and other people say “Requirements Elicitation”?

16 Industry Evaluation  What industry do you work in today?  What industry do you have the most experience or education?  Is your industry currently experiencing growth?


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