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Milford Haven FCCU flare system

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1 Milford Haven FCCU flare system - 1994
Process Safety Sharingtheexperience Process safety moment Lessons from past incidents Milford Haven FCCU flare system

2 Turn sound ON Picture credits: Dyfed County Fire Brigade; UK HSE report

3 Further reading Incidents that define Process Safety, CCPS, ISBN , (available from Wiley ) BP Process Safety Series: Safe Ups and Downs for process units, IChemE, ISBN (available from ) UK Health and Safety Executive: “The explosion and fires at the Texaco Refinery, Milford Haven, 24 July 1994: A report of the investigation by the Health and Safety Executive into the explosion and fires on the Pembroke Cracking Company Plant at the Texaco Refinery, Milford Haven on 24 July 1994”, ISBN , * Dyfed County Fire Brigade report and videos. * * Main information sources used for the animation development

4 Disclaimer The objective of this series of animations is not to replace investigation reports: each of the incidents described in this series led to hundreds, if not thousands, pages thick reports and many specialized books have been written by experts. However, it is felt that there is a need to disseminate more widely and with a simple, user-friendly tool, the main lessons from major past incidents. This animation’s only ambition is to be an awareness-raising tool and to give the useful references that may be needed for more detailed analysis. It was developed from articles published in the specialized press and is intended for educational purposes only. Some errors may appear, caused by lack of information, inaccurate information or necessary simplification of the hundreds of pages published on each incident by investigators. Their use must thus be limited to the promotion of safety awareness on the basis of general recommendations. It is sincerely hoped that the information presented in this document will lead to an even more impressive safety record for the entire industry; however, whilst the Institution of Chemical Engineers and BP have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this presentation, the Institution of Chemical Engineers and BP and their employees do not warrant or represent, expressly or by implication, the correctness or accuracy of the content of the information presented. As between (1) the Institution of Chemical Engineers and BP and their employees, and (2) the user of this animation, the user accepts any legal liability or responsibility whatsoever for the consequence of its use or misuse.

5 HELP 5

6 Content and use Content Examples of themes that it can be used for:
A Process Safety moment animation for a 5 minutes (minimum) discussion; References to learn more Examples of themes that it can be used for: • Safe Operations of Process Units • Start-up and shut down hazards • Overfilling • Flare system operations and design • Vapour Cloud Explosion • Major accident potential • Layers Of Protection concept • Hazard Identification • Maintenance and inspection 6

7 Preparation Equipment:
The key to a successful process safety moment/exercise will be the time that you can put aside for preparation. It is important that you are both familiar and comfortable with the material and structure of the presentation. These notes are provided to help you and should be used to complement your knowledge of the subjects to be discussed. They aren’t meant to be used in their totality, verbatim; but more as a reference. We would suggest that as a minimum: Read these notes; work through the detail of presentation and animation at least two or three times Print off the slides and notes It is essential that you identify examples within your operation. It would be even better if one of the examples was something that you are involved in. Prepare at least two examples of your site safeguards. Identify the human element associated with operations stages. Identify what will happen to the situations identified during the brainstorming that are not within the teams control e.g. they will be fed into the local HSE committee. Equipment: If this presentation is for more than 3-4 people, we strongly advise you use a video projector and speakers. 7

The animations should start automatically in slide show mode. If not, make sure you have a Flash Player program (this is usually installed on your machine if you browse the Web regularly). You can download the latest Flash Player Plugin by copying the following address in your Internet explorer: Follow the steps and install the player (you'll know when it's done when it shows you a little Flash label animation). It may not install at first, and may prompt you to select a small ActiveX title bar before installing. 2. I ALREADY HAVE FLASHPLAYER SOFTWARE BUT THE ANIMATIONS DON'T PLAY: or/and WHEN I OPEN THE POWERPOINT FILE, A WINDOW TELLS ME THAT SOME CONTROLS ARE NOT REGISTERED or/and I INSTALLED A NEW VERSION OF THE FLASHPLAYER SOFTWARE AND THE ANIMATIONS DON'T WORK ANYMORE: You will have to un-install FLASH PLAYER and re-install it again. This is due to a previous uploading of FLASH PLAYER software without 'cleaning' the older versions first. To un-install FLASH PLAYER, go to Then install it again (see question 1 above). 3. SOUND: Make sure the sound setting on your computer is ON. It is recommended to add external speakers to your computer to play this for a large audience. 4. I'VE DONE ALL THE ABOVE AND STILL HAVE TROUBLE: Please contact your local IT support. 8

9 Commercial terms This presentation is for use solely within the individual/company which has purchased it and for the number of users paid for. No further dissemination within or outside of the purchasing company is allowed. The presentation must not be altered or elements of it used to produce other training material without the express permission of IChemE and payment of an appropriate fee if deemed necessary.

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