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In a cube in the office there lived an information worker…

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1 In a cube in the office there lived an information worker…

2 November 13, 2013 @PNWSQL Power BI Self-Service Information Management Power Query and Data Stewardship Matthew Roche @SQLAllFather Microsoft Corporation


4 Power BI Review

5 AnalyzeVisualizeShareFind Q&AQ&A MobileDiscover Scalable | Manageable | Trusted

6 Demo SSIM in Power BI 6

7 Challenges and Target Audiences Information Workers spend too much time searching for data, and preparing it for use instead of focusing on actually analyzing the data IT spends too much time and resources servicing data requests from the business while trying to secure and govern data access and use The lack of trust in information continues as a significant inhibitor to businesses “…only business users close to the content can evaluate information in its business context” -- Gartner

8 Power BI SSIM Main Modules Stores and processes metadata about data sources, users and their relationships Provides data & metadata search functionality across multiple sources Connects to corporate data through data integration layer

9 SSIM in Power BI – Hybrid Data Publishing

10 Enabling the Information Management Ecosystem Fostering a collaborative virtuous cycle for the Data Value Chain The organization’s data Discover Connect Web data Curated Public data The world’s data Refine Combine Annotate Share IT ADMIN Certify Categorize View usage analytics and feedback Secure Monitor Operationalize DATA STEWARDS DATA ANALYSTS (PRODUCERS) INFORMATION WORKERS (CONSUMERS) Provision Configure Discover Combine Clean Annotate Publish/Share

11 Delivering Tangible Benefits for Customers A self-service and collaborative way to: Seamlessly find and access relevant data Easily enrich and reshape data to make it useable Balance self-service data discovery for the business with IT need for visibility and control Reduce human and infrastructure resources required for data discovery and enrichment Improve quality, usefulness and discoverability of data Promote the correct usage of trusted data Foster a community of productive data users

12 Defining the Data Stewardship Experience The Data Steward Role The Virtuous Cycle of Data Stewardship Query sharing, management and telemetry

13 Stewart Data Steward Provisions & distributes high quality data I’m a business subject matter expert, sitting in IT or LOB as a liaison between the two. Depending on the size and type of the business, I may do part of someone else’s job (e.g. Anna or Vicki). “ ” Making data useful to the business Consistent use of data across the business Promoting and achieving high data quality standards Resolving data integrity issues across stakeholders Accountabilities 5+ years of industry experience Proficient with Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint). Can learn to use Power Pivot Understands data relationships, data process flows. May know SQL. Skills Analyzes data for quality (particularly as part of BI work), reconciles data issues Identifies and acquires new data sources Actively analyzes data for ‘semantic’ quality Drives resolution of data integrity issues across business and technical stakeholders. Leads and / or participates in MDM / EIM / DQ initiatives Creates and maintains business metadata, references data values and meanings, and / or master data values and meanings Work Activities Process and detail oriented with great organizational skills Prides himself on his creative resourcefulness, passion for quality and great interpersonal skills A ‘de facto’ steward because of deep industry expertise and understanding of his organization’s data sources Perspectives The Data Steward

14 Data Stewardship Experience Overview Stewart Identifies Data Curation Needs Stewart Creates and Annotates Queries Stewart Shares Queries Anna Searches for Data Anna Consumes Annotated Query Anna Creates Power Pivot / View / Map / Query Artifacts Stewart Analyzes Usage KPIs

15 Demo Stewart managing shared queries and analyzing usage telemetry data

16 Review One does not simply walk into data discovery…

17 Three Workbooks for the Analysts under the sky, Seven for the Report Writers in their halls of stone, Nine for Information Workers doomed to die, One for the Executive on his dark throne In the Land of Corporate where the Shadows lie. One Query to rule them all, One Query to find them, One Query to bring them all and in the meeting bind them In the Land of Corporate where the Shadows lie.

18 18 Sometimes you don’t need a king. Sometimes a Steward is exactly what you need.

19 Thank you for attending this session and supporting the MNW SQL User Group 19

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