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Parshat Bo: Shiur by Menachem Leibtag Presentation by Ronni Libson Pesach and Chag ha’Matzot.

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1 Parshat Bo: Shiur by Menachem Leibtag Presentation by Ronni Libson Pesach and Chag ha’Matzot

2 Mentions of Matzah: 1) Secondary Context: 2) Primary Context: 3) Incidental Context:

3 12:1-20 – One ParshiaTwo topics: 1) Korban Pesach – special sacrifice Bnei Yisrael must offer in their homes to save themselves from Makkat B’chorot (12:1-13) 2) Chag ha’Matzot – seven-day holiday for future generations (12:15-20) These two mitzvot were given at two separate times:  Korban Pesach – given and performed before leaving Egypt  Chag ha’Matzot – given after leaving Egypt  Torah presents reason for this holiday in past tense:  Matzah is to remind us of haste in which Bnei Yisrael left Egypt – mitzvah can only be given after event it commemorates Further proof: Next parshia (12:21-28) Moshe conveys God’s commandment of the previous parshia, but only of Korban Pesach

4 Two separate holidays Chag ha’Pesach – offering brought on 14 th of Nissan and eaten on the evening of the 15 th, thanking God for sparing us from Makkat B’chorot: Chag ha’Matzot – seven-day holiday during which we eat matzah and may not eat chametz to remember that God took us out of Egypt Proof:  Pesach Sheni: ‘Second chance’ for those who missed out on offering the Korban Pesach Must be eaten with matzah and marror Laws of Chag ha’Matzot do not apply (chametz may be owned)  Torah lists them as two separate holidays:

5 Why does the Torah 'prematurely' present the laws of Chag ha'Matzot by 'tacking' them onto the laws of Korban Pesach in Parshat ha'Chodesh?  Why is Chag ha’Matzot celebrated for seven days?  Why is the primary mitzvah on Chag Ha'matzot the prohibition not to eat chametz, rather than the obligation to eat matzah?  Why is the prohibition against chametz so stringent? One may not own or see it for seven days Leftover chametz must be burnt Punishment for eating chametz is "karet" - being cut off from the nation of Israel! Pesach and Chag ha’MatzotTwo separate holidays Issues regarding nature of Chag ha’Matzot:

6 Reason for eating matzah  To remember the matzah we ate when leaving Egypt  Explains eating matzah at Seder, but why not eat or own chametz seven days? Prohibition of chametz on “mizbayach” all year long: Chazal: Chametz symbolizes: “Ga’ava” (haughtiness) “Yetzer ha’ra” (evil inclination) “Avodah zara” (idol worship)

7 Similarities between prohibition of “avodah zara” and prohibition of eating chametz on Pesach:  “Issur karet” – punishment is being cut off from the nation  “Issur ha’naah” – one may not derive any benefit from it  Must be burned (totally destroyed) when discovered Requirement of ridding homes of chametz symbolizes the elimination of "avoda zara" God called upon Bnei Yisrael to rid themselves of their "avoda zara" (their Egyptian culture) before the redemption process began: Bnei Yisrael didn’t listen:

8 Korban Pesach God gives Bnei Yisrael one last chance to prove their loyalty by offering the Korban Pesach – a declaration of their readiness to listen and obey “Pesach” Connection between Korban Pesach and Chag ha‘Matzot: As we offer the korban Pesach and thank God for His salvation by remembering what happened, we must also remember the purpose for which we were saved and why we almost deserved to be destroyed! God must ‘pass over’ the houses of Bnei Yisrael specifically because they deserve to be punished

9 Process of ridding oneself of his "chametz" Korban Pesach - not just expression of thanksgiving, but also a declaration of loyalty, reflecting a willingness to obey and readiness to fulfill our Divine destiny It is meaningless to offer a korban Pesach if one did not first rid himself of his "chametz“ - "avoda zara" Symbolic of one's need to rid himself from those influences that corrode his spiritual existence Torah introduces commandment of Chag HaMatzot immediately after Korban Pesach Every year, we must not only thank God for our redemption, but also demonstrate our worthiness of redemption by eliminating our "chametz" - the symbol of our "avoda zara." Law of Korban Pesach:

10 Refraining from "chametz" for a full seven days Seven days of Chag Hamatzot - required to internalize that commitment which we reaffirm every Pesach on 'leil haSeder.' A complete “teshuva” process requires the establishment of a routine Seven days constitutes the basic unit of a routine (seven days of a week, seven days to cleanse oneself from "tumah", seven days of the Miluim, etc. ) Chag ha'Matzot commemorates both: Events of Yetziat Mitzraim Purpose of Yetziat Mitzraim

11 Matzah eaten with Korban Pesach Not related to Chag ha’Matzot Does not commemorate events of Yetziat Mitzrayim (it didn’t occur yet!)  “Lechem oni” – bread of affliction – to remind us of affliction in Egypt  Egyptians were renown for their expertise in baking all sorts of leavened bread Offering a lamb and eating it with unleavened bread may have been meant to reflect the people's rejection of Egyptian culture

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