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U.S.A.S. Revenues and Expenditures SCHOOL YEAR 2010-11.

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1 U.S.A.S. Revenues and Expenditures SCHOOL YEAR 2010-11





6 School year 2010-11 Expenditures by Function all funds

7 Function: Describes the activity a person performs or the purpose for which an expenditures is made. Salaries, benefits, equipment, supplies, textbooks, property insurance….


9 Instruction $48.9 Million45% Regular Education$34.8 million Special Education$ 9.0 million Vocational Education$ 2.7 million Other Instruction$ 2.4 million (Tuition paid to other districts within the state)

10 Support-Pupils $7.9 Million7% Guidance Counselors Nurses Psychologists Speech/Hearing Attendance Adapted PE Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy

11 Support-Instruction $5.7 Million5% Curriculum Development (Instructional) Staff Training Classroom Aides Education Media (Library)

12 Administration $5.3 Million 5% Executive Administration (Superintendent) Building Principals (& Secretaries) Special Education administration/Supervisors

13 Support-Central $10.5 Million10% Information services (communicating with student, staff & the public) Staff placement, transfers, (non-instruction staff) training, tracking, MEDICAL/DENTAL SELF-INSURANCE FUND Data processing

14 Maintenance$9.0 million8% Debt (bonds)$7.9 million7% Food Service fund$2.9 million3% Transportation$3.5 million3%

15 Community (Auxiliary Schools) $1.9 million2% Alter Ascension St. Albert St. Charles Montessori schools Childcare fund

16 Extracurricular$1.8 million2% (Mostly Athletic Fund expenditures) Board/Fiscal/Business$2.4 million 2% Facility Acquisition/other$0.3 millionless than 1%


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