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Dedicated to Bella who made us glad to go to school.

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3 Dedicated to Bella who made us glad to go to school.

4 Once upon a time there was a Mama frog named Sarah and Dada frog named Tony. They laid a hundred and one eggs. One sunny day the eggs hatched into tadpoles.

5 Soon after a man named Phil swooped a net Into the water and caught a bunch of tadpoles. He put him in a zip lock bag and went back in to his store. The tadpoles were dumped into a big white container. They were full with fear. What's going to happen to us they wondered.

6 The next day a woman came to the store. The tadpoles had a bad feeling about the lady looking into their tank. She bought the tadpoles and took them to her home.

7 When she got home her son Joe kicked the tank over and her daughter Grace screamed, “Oh no!” Their dad plucked all of the tadpoles up off the ground. Sadly several of the tadpoles did not survive the weekend.

8 Soon Bella's body began to change. She grew back legs first and then her front legs popped out. All of a sudden Bella jumped onto the rock inside of her habitat. Everyone was so excited! She breathed oxygen for the first time. We knew that her lungs had started working.

9 Time went by and Bella grew bigger. It was time to release her because her tank was too small for her needs. Everyone was so sad to see Bella leave.

10 Bella hopped for three long, tiring days. Finally she found a clean pond with still water. There was also a waterfall near by.

11 One night Bella was sitting on a lily pad wishing she could croak at the moon. Only boy frogs can croak. No fair! Suddenly she heard a rustle in the bushes. A male frog hopped onto her lily pad when he was trying to catch a fly. It was love at first sight! Bella and her new husband lived happily ever after. The end.

12 Froggy Facts Tadpoles grow back legs first. Some tadpoles have to be separated from each other. Some poisonous frogs have bright colors. Frogs are amphibians. One type of frog can jump 20 feet. Tadpoles grow back legs first.

13 Credits Pictures created in Tux Paint Typing and Story created by Brenden B. Mason T. Alec B. Ashtyn A.

14 We hope you liked our story. This is what really happened. It started when Mrs. Collins bought tadpoles. Many of them died. They hatched before we got them. One of tadpoles survived. She changed colors. She was dark green and she became light green. Another fact was Bella grew back legs first and front legs last. Bella died because Mrs.Collins put too much water in the tank. The dirty water mixed with clean water. Maybe there was too much dirt. Also the rock might have been slippery and she could not get out of the water. Then she would have drowned. Having a tadpole in class was cool because we got to watch part of its life cycle.

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