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1 SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Wright Stuff – B 2009-2010
Matthew Chalker & CeAnn Chalker

2 Wright Stuff Basics Allowed 2 Ultra light aircraft built and tested prior to competition Flown indoors Timed for duration aloft No Impound Aircraft to be labeled with team’s identification name & number Must be a monoplane with single propeller assembly

3 Wright Stuff Basics Allowable Materials
Wood, paper, plastic film covering, carbon fiber, and glue Thread, wire, plastic tubes & rubber bands may be used to attach major components Any dense material for ballast Flight log for 10 previous flights before beginning their test flights at competition

4 Power for Plane Plane launched from hand
Plane powered by wound rubber band Uses a propeller

5 Building Specifications -
Total mass of plane must be at least 7.0 grams (without rubber motor) 40.0 cm max horizontal projected wing span maximum wing chord – no limit 28.0 cm max horizontal projected stabilizer span maximum stabilizer chord – no limit

6 Building Specifications
Propeller Single two-bladed commercially made plastic propeller Maximum diameter of 20.0 cm Trimming, shaving, twisting allowed Rubber Motor 1.5 grams maximum mass (includes O-rings) Only 1 motor per flight allowed

7 Flight Log 6 parameters for 10 previous flights prior to competition
3 required parameters Motor size before windup Winds on the motor at launch Flight time 3 Additional parameter examples Turns remaining at landing Estimated peak flight height Estimated flight path diameter Torque at launch

8 Competition 8 minutes to launch their 2nd flight after their 1st declared official flight begins Motors impounded after check-in, are available only for official flights Teams must declare before any launches during the 8 minutes if it is an official flight or a trim flight. If not declared any launch will be considered official.

9 Competition During 8 minute Flight Period teams may:
Make adjustments & repairs Launch trim flights Qualify additional motors Timing will be to the hundredth of a second Timing ends when any part of plane touches the ground or comes to rest on any obstructions (even if prop continues to rotate)

10 Competition – Competitors only allowed in testing/flight area
Test flights allowed throughout competition at the discretion of the Event Supervisor, ending at least by the last 30 mins. of the tournament Test flights will yield to official flights Multiple aircraft may test fly at once

11 Scoring - Winner is team with the longest flight time for any single flight Ties broken by second flight time

12 Bonus – WS State – 30% of the flight time will be added if the plane’s wing chord measures less than 7.0 cm Nationals – 40% of the flight time will be added if the plane’s wing chord measures less than 6.0 cm

13 Deductions & Violations –
Flight Log discrepancies Incomplete flight logs will have 10% of the flight time deducted from each flight No flight log will have 30% of the flight time deducted from each flight Rule Violations without a specific penalty will be ranked after all teams that do not violate the rules

14 Resources & Supplies Resources Supplies on line Yahoo Groups – Wright Stuff SO website Supplies on line

15 Additional Resource Matthew Chalker

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