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Social Republic of Viet Nam

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1 Social Republic of Viet Nam
- Nguyen Tung ANH - Phan Tuan GIANG

2 Viet Nam It is bordered by People's Republic of China (PRC) to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea to the east. Population: 86 million. Insert a map of your country.

3 Infrastructure Insert a picture of one of the geographic features of your country.

4 Economy of VIETNAM (developing market economy)
Currency: Vietnamese dong Trade organizations: AFTA, WTO GDP: $ billion (PPP, 2009 est.)[ GDP growth: 5.3% (2009 est.) GDP per capital: 1040 USD GDP by sector: Agriculture: 19.0%, industry: 42.7%, services: 38.4% (2008 est.) Main industries: Food processing, garments, shoes, machine building, mining, cement, chemical fertilizer, glass, tires, oil, coal, steel, paper Exports: $63.73 billion (2008 est.) Export goods: Crude oil, marine products, rice, coffee, rubber, tea, garments, shoes , pepper Imports: $79.37 billion (2008 est.) Import goods: Machinery and equipment, petroleum products, fertilizer, steel products, raw cotton, grain, cement, motorcycles Insert a picture that illustrates some part of your country’s economy.

5 Tourism in Vietnam mountains sea beaches, modern cities traditional villages historical cities beach resorts. Insert a picture of one of the points of interest for your country.

6 Advantage of Viet Nam Human resources Stable society
Fast-growing economy Natural resources

7 Definition of SME in Viet Nam
                Size Sector Very small enterprises Small-sized enterprises Medium-si zed enterprises Number of laborers Total capital Number of laborers I. Agriculture, forestry and fishery 10 persons or fewer VND 20 billion or less Between over 10 persons and 200 persons Between over VND 20 billion and VND 100 billion Between over 200 persons and 300 persons II. Industry and construction III. Trade and service VND 10 billion or less Between over 10 persons and 50 persons Between over VND 10 billion and VND 50 billion Between over 50 persons and 100 persons

8 SME in Viet Nam 500.000 unit (2010); 96% Vietnam’s Enterprises
50% Vietnam’s GDP 50,13% Vietnam’s job Major challenging: Finance , technological capability and technical level, plan

9 Definition of business cluster
Business cluster relate to special territories 05 types: Industrial parks Exporting zones Economic zones High-tech zones Others (agricultral parks, urban and industrial parks). Insert a picture of an animal and or plant found in your country.

10 Definition of business cluster
Industrial zones means zones specializing in production of industrial goods and provision of services for industrial production, having fixed geographical boundaries. Export processing zones means industrial zones specializing in production of export goods and provision of services for production of export goods and export activities, having fixed geographical boundaries. Economic zones means zones having a separate economic space with an investment and business environment which is specially favorable for investors, and fixed geographical boundaries. Economic zones are organized into functional areas including: non-tariff areas, bonded warehouse areas, export processing zones, industrial zones, entertainment areas, resorts, urban areas, residential areas, administrative areas and other functional areas consistent with the characteristics of each economic zone Add key points in the history of your country to the timeline.

11 Contribution of industrial parks to economy
Turnover of enterprises in industrial parks take proportion of 30 % GDP. Create 1,3 millions job External Effect. Insert a picture illustrating a custom or tradition here.

12 Thank you very much!

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