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© 2006 Open Grid Forum Driving Progress: A possible “business model” for the Open Grid Forum Craig A. Lee, President, OGF September 15, 2008.

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1 © 2006 Open Grid Forum Driving Progress: A possible “business model” for the Open Grid Forum Craig A. Lee, President, OGF September 15, 2008

2 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 2 Why Standardize? Need for commonality and best practices across a significant user community Technical Requirements Feasible & appropriate to codify in the technical design Marketplace Drivers User community must have critical mass Major stakeholders will have no motivation to standardize otherwise Genuine standardization (with wide-scale adoption) will only occur when all of these conditions are met How can we drive this process?

3 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 3 A Case Study: HPC Basic Profile 2006 Key stakeholders decided to demonstrate interoperability between their existing job submission infrastructures November 2006 (SC06) Prototype implementations demonstrated 28-August-2007 HPC Basic Profile, Version 1.0, published November 2007 (SC07) Interoperability demonstrated by Altair, Microsoft, Platform, OMII-UK, OMII-Europe, EGEE, UVa 21-February-2008 Interoperability Experiences with HPCBP, Version 1.0, published Commercial adoption plans by Altair, Microsoft & Platform

4 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 4 How to “Bottle” this Process?? Build Critical Mass of Key Stakeholders Build Critical Mass of Key Stakeholders Continual polling and coordination across the communityContinual polling and coordination across the community They must agree on: They must agree on: Clear GoalsClear Goals Clear Schedule (“time-box” the process)Clear Schedule (“time-box” the process) Clear ResponsibilitiesClear Responsibilities Properly Provisioning the EffortProperly Provisioning the Effort

5 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 5 5 A General Process Model *RFQ/CFP = Request for Quotation/Call for Participation Develop & Test Task D Selection & Kick-off Task C RFQ/CFP*Development Task B ConceptDevelopment Task A Deploy & Persist Task E Clear Schedule, Deliverables and Project Responsibilities OGF Facilitates Stakeholders Manage

6 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 6 Return on Investment What are the “carrots” to build the critical mass of stakeholders? Get early influence in specification development, early skills building, visibility, and opportunity for early market deployment of standards, but just as important… Return on Investment (ROI)Return on Investment (ROI) Investment Time, Money & People Both Monetary and In-Kind (labor & materials) Timely Connection to Concrete Results Stakeholders benefit from collaboration Get more than they put in

7 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 7 Targeted Project Issues Can we find those key projects, build critical mass, and effectively execute? Can we “turn the crank” to make this happen on a routine basis? What resources must OGF invest to make this happen -- and can OGF get an ROI? Can we make this a feasible and desirable “business model” for OGF?

8 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 8 A Case Study: OWS The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Services (OWS) Testbed is a (roughly) annual effort whereby sponsors can define focused, near-term projects to achieve key technical developments OWS-5 Statistics (completed March 2008): Multiple technical “threads” around important topics 7 Sponsors, 35 participants 52 Components, 24 reports, 13 demonstrations $1.2M sponsorship, $4M in-kind contributions 3.3x ROI OWS-6 is in the planning stage OWS-6 is in the planning stage Key opportunity for the grid and geospatial communities to engage on critical topics of mutual interestKey opportunity for the grid and geospatial communities to engage on critical topics of mutual interest

9 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 9 OWS-5 Example: NASA Sensor Web Demo Satellite EO-1 tasked to collect imagery on Northern San Diego County Wildfires that was integrated with UAV track data (red lines) in Google Earth. Demo drove issues around sensor networks, data interoperability, and command & control.

10 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 10 A Possible “Business Model” for OGF This process could be used to drive: Best practices Standards Interoperability testing Compliance testing … anything that requires collaboration among stakeholders to drive progress Key Process Issues: Building critical mass of key stakeholders Clearly identified schedule, goals, and responsibilities Properly provisioning the effort 10

11 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 11 Update on OGC OWS-6 RFQ/CFP OWS-6 RFQ/CFP closed on Sept. 5 OGF and specific OGF standards were mentioned in Thread 2: GeoProcessing Workflows OGC leadership is reviewing response Briefing to Sponsors was Thursday, Sept. 11 Information on any possible grid or OGF involvement could be available soon thereafter Side note: S. Sekiguchi (AIST) representing OGF at first meeting of OGC’s Workflow Domain WG at Tech. Committee meeting Sept. 17 in Atlanta Thanks!

12 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 12 Update on Green VM project Effort to coordinate existing projects on virtualization, clouds and green IT under the OGF umbrella First telecon on Sept 4, 2008 7 attendees from 6 organizations Atos Origin, IBM Haifa, UCM, ENS Lyon, Platform Computing, Aerospace Possible next steps Development of a "reference model" for energy monitoring and policy enforcement engine Enable a "common framework" in which to coordinate projects, e.g., Reservoir, OpenNebula, Green-Net Three Main Issues Money, funding & support

13 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 13 An Energy Management Arch. Anne-Cecile Orgerie, Laurent Lefèvre, and Jean-Patrick Gelas, Save Watts in your Grid: Green Strategies for Energy-Aware Framework in Large Scale Distributed Systems. 14th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Melbourne, Australia, December 2008.

14 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 14 Key Engagement Issues How to engage business units? How to get visibility for this work? Targeted Projects “business model” Specific PR/Outreach campaigns? Speakers Bureau? NCOIC (Darema), OGC (Sekiguchi), Financial Services Tech Forum (Walter), NOAA (Lee) What segment of the "market" to go after? What are the "most natural" adjacencies for the current core constituency? Application domains that require HPC National projects, e.g., disaster recovery & mitigation, environmental, aviation, … Does HPC need green? A cluster rack that can be turned off is a cluster in need of more users

15 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 15 Potential Engagement Areas Clouds and virtualization Green IT Grid Sustainability Financial Services Life Sciences Geospatial Data, Digital Repositories, Digital Libraries Compliance Testing/Certification Public Administration & e-Government

16 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 16 Summary How to engage major stakeholders? Contact me:

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